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  1. Same here I follow his videos religiously. I can see people paying that for the branding like my self im a big zev guy I just buy the slides instead of sending it out youd besuprised at how cheap people sell the zev slides on armslist
  2. Very true but for competition uses most people just put grip tape in those areas
  3. To be honest I'd look into getting a new slide and have that milled that way if you do end up wanting to sell it you can have a complete gun with all matching numbers incase someone wanted to shoot production. Then if you happen to come across an s2 lower boom now you've got yourself another s2 or have others said do the rds cut from czc that way if you do sell it it would up the resale seeing as how now the s2 can have multiple optics utilized with just different plates
  4. This would be nice i liked having the tooless guide rod in my sti. Made it so much easier to clean.
  5. You know with a little elbow grease and YouTube you can do all the mods your self? Johnny glock is an excellent channel to further your knowledge on glocks (not saying you don’t have any) and it would cost you a fraction of the cost.
  6. This... you could transform the 75 to a cz cts google it it’s amazing
  7. Excuse my lack of knowledge but whats milled holes like porting your barrel?
  8. Was thinking the exact same thing lol it looks so sweet
  9. Isn’t slide lightening and milling for an optic legal in carry optics division although I don’t think it matters anymore since they changed the weight but I could be wrong
  10. This is gorgeous is this from primary or f4e?
  11. That’s true you can do anything with more practice
  12. I understand I've been trying what you said with the tape on my g19 its kind of were getting used to it
  13. Heck yea I never like the rmr if I'm being honest the window for me was too small
  14. Thats not bad at all for some reason I was under the impression it would be alot bigger
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