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  1. Can any one help me i just got a bunch of parts from hbi for my evo and the damn screw is so damn tight it stripped... it is not the welded trigger pack this was the one sent from factory as a replacement.
  2. Nope, im like you. i like this wayy more than the s2 set up
  3. Is this carry optics legal? Picking up a shadow tac 2 and thinking about possibly getting a longer slide
  4. God i cant wait to get her back just a couple of weeks left. Should of never sold her lol
  5. Hey guys so im thinking of getting into carry optics and have ran the cz czechmate, shadow, shadow 2, and tac sport. But have since sold them so Im rebuilding my arsenal. What tanfo do you recommend for CO and why? Or should i go back to cz? Need some help if you guys have the time.
  6. So there is a significant amount of weight difference between the shadow and shadow 2, how do they compare in price? After said and done?
  7. Oh sweet I may just get a shadow then once I get the funds swap the bushings out. I appreciate all of your guys help
  8. Notice any accuracy changes from 1 to 2, if I get the shadow I want to do the 10x or accu bushing but dont know if that is carry optics legal.
  9. Are they the same mags? I'm a smaller guy, I've had the shadow 2 but sold it so I dont remember how exactly it felt
  10. Hey guys getting back into uspsa, and was wondering which do you prefer for carry optics, shadow 2 or sp01, I've owned the cm, tac sport, and shadow 2, but due to recent event I had to get rid of them.... so starting off fresh. Thank you in advance yall
  11. I took the plunge and went dpp 7.5 i think itll do me good this season. Thank you all for your responses helped me alot in decideing
  12. You are freaking awesome going to order it today
  13. awesome I'll have to check that out any idea on a slide racker?
  14. Are there any aftermarket gas pedals or slide rackers that you guys like that you were able to use without modifying you're pistol
  15. Did a great job with the s2 pad did you get a screw with it if so what size? I know I know I'm asking alot lol
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