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  1. In order to get below about 2.75, you need to lighten the trigger return spring. I put a small screwdriver under the legs of the double torsion spring and bend them a little. 2.25 is pretty doable with a 17lb mainspring. The word of caution here is that it is easy to over bend these legs. If that happens, you have to take it out completely to straighten them back out. The right amount of crispiness is my assessment.
  2. I own a few and like them. It's a relatively cost effective way to have the exact same trigger pull in multiple guns. IMO, the weight can be taken down to competition level. You just have to know what to do to get there. It's not for everyone but was simple to do and didn't require constant tweaking or disassembly & reassembly to get where I wanted it to be.
  3. I was thrilled how mine turned out...yeah, it took a little longer than expected but still way shorter than others and they put a nice little note in the box which will keep me coming back.
  4. What about temp sensitive powder in your ammo that could run slower/lower PF in cold weather?
  5. He clearly wipes his lenses after the first stage...
  6. So, I saw a video a while back for the Nighthawk drop in modular trigger unit. I gotta say, it's a pretty slick concept and it turns out that the guy who came up with the idea is local to me and shoots some of the same matches I do. I bought one prior to this COVID mess, however, I haven't had a chance to mess with it until recently. I decided to stick it in a .45 ACP single stack that a local guy put together from Fusion parts several years ago. It wasn't a great trigger, so I installed the Nighthawk parts, which was way easier than expected. I had to do very minor fitting of the thumb safet
  7. The one I posted pics of is a 512C. I'll post a pic of the side shortly so you can see the model # on it. The 512C is the aluminum model, the 512T is the titanium model. Not much difference otherwise.
  8. It's my understanding your exact scenario formulated the 512 and the 509.
  9. Coupled with the 509, it may be the perfect short distance carbine optics combo.
  10. My apologies for the poor quality phone pics. Trust me when I say it's clearer than the 510 because it's sealed and purged. 3 reticle choices; 65 MOA Circle, 65 MOA Circle + 2 MOA dot, 2 MOA dot.
  11. PM me an email address and I'll send you a pic of a prototype that I'll be shooting at the Noveske carbine match next week.
  12. If you like that style, wait a few months for the 512c (aluminum) or 512t (titanium). They're sick!
  13. If you haven't taken the battery out, wiped down the inside, then put it back in, try that. Worked for one of mine which was an early version.
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