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  1. Thanks, I have the 360s for double stack they are awesome. I didn't know if the racer single stacks would be also highly recommended. It seems i will likely go that dirrection
  2. I would like to get into single stack USPSA. I would like to know what are the options/suggestions for mag pouches. I wanna hear what people think is the best, whats most popular, whats most cost effective (not exactly cheap).
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I will need to get me some of that Federal and Winchester brass. It is too much of a hassle if 1 round is a little off it messes it up for the other 7 rounds its clipped to.
  4. I am glad you were able to solve your issues. Thanks for sharing your problem and fix.
  5. I wanted to share my experience loading 9mm for revolver: When I first using my reloads in my 929 with moon clips, there were problems were the something was hanging it my cylinder from rotating. Some times I had found a primer not fully seated, and other times I had thought my moon clips may be slightly bent. After testing my loads and moonclip with the TK custom moonclip case gauge, I had realized some of my loads were not fitting into the gauge. Process for reloading: I pick up my brass from the local indoor range. Then I go through the process of reloading on my Dillon SDB. I use 125 grain FMJ, winchester powder and, winchester primers as components. I find that around 10% of my loaded rounds do not fit into my cause gauge for 9mm. I had found in some forum posts and videos that some firearms do not have a fully supported chamber, and that this may cause bulge in the unsupported area. I assume this is the problem I was facing since I had got my brass from random pickups at the range. The sizing die is incapable of resizing the brass all the way down the full case of the brass. To resize down the entire case length I had seen videos online using the Lee Bulge Buster, so I bought one and a singe stage press to use it. I then fed my loads that did not fit the case gauge through a Lee Bulge buster with a 9mm makarov crimp die, and then the rounds chambered. Yay. I tested them loaded into moon clips and I currently dont have problems hanging up the cylinder due to some friction. I was wondering what kind of problems, difficulties or challenges other revolver users are going through when reloading their own ammo?
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