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  1. Sliv2

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    It already did break hearts (I zeroed the stage by shooting a beautiful 2" group about 1" into the hardcover on the tuxedo... *tiny violin playing*). However, I can definitely see myself revisiting it in practice. Did anybody happen to pace that stage off? I intended to and forgot. Going from memory, I'd say it was ~20 yards.
  2. Sliv2

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Ditto. I'm mildly disappointed, to be honest.
  3. I keep an old pair of shorts with the inner belt threaded through it in my dryfire area. It's fast and easy to change. I can't imagine a battle belt working well for such purposes. They're quite bulky and will change the way your gear sits on your hips.
  4. Loaded mags with dummy rounds. I can't imagine any good reason to use empty mags, save the instances where I practice dropping empty mags. I keep dedicated dryfire mags, but CZ mags are cheap. I'd recommend it if you can.
  5. I need to buy new luggage, regardless, to fly with firearms for this year's Nationals. A friend recommend the 1615 as a convenient option that - in theory - also prevents TSA from messing with any of my gear after the initial check-in. Has anybody used one of these for flying to matches? If so, can you provide any additional information with regards to the convenience of flying with all of your stuff to matches?
  6. 135.1, according to Practiscore
  7. Shot around 400 rounds of 150g Syntech at Area 5 this past weekend. Had no issues. But, I did notice scuffs in the coating near the base of the shoulder where the bullets met the rifling.
  8. Sliv2

    Faster reloading?

    To offer another over-simplified answer: set your PAR time to 1.0s and get to work.
  9. Sliv2

    10k thru the shadow 2/ breakdown?

    I only do a scheduled detail strip once per year, at the end of the season (roughly 25-30k for the practice gun). Other than springs, I'm pretty lazy about replacing parts if they're not broken. Examine your extractor, firing pin, and slide stop for signs of failure. Beyond that, just clean it well, lube it up, and return to shooting. I break out some picks to really dig out any built up carbon during the deep clean.
  10. Sliv2

    Henning Grips

    If the Hennings were just a touch wider, or perhaps shaped like the VZs, they'd be perfect. But I'm sticking with my VZs. I'm not willing to drop that kind of coin for grips that are thinner. The VZ shape/width is perfect; the Henning texture is perfect. Maybe somebody will get the two to intersect. If texture is more important to you, and price doesn't matter, you will probably want the Hennings.
  11. Sliv2

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    I've subscribed to most major retailers that stock it, and order it as it becomes available.
  12. Sliv2

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    I tried the Federal Syntech 150gr stuff for the first time today at a local match. It was excellent. I will be buying a case for major match ammo.
  13. Sliv2

    New to CZ. Any recommendations...

    I kept the factory rear and added a .240 x .09 Dawson front. I don't switch ammo so I've felt zero need for a more adjustable rear. ETA: +1 for the Lucas oil bottle (just for application ease). Any oil is fine. I use slide glide during the warmer months on the rails.
  14. Sliv2

    New to CZ. Any recommendations...

    I own a full custom from Automatic Accuracy, and a factory S2 with minor changes. I can safely say skip the kits and all the extra parts. The difference is minor for a lot of money. Change the springs and firing pin. Switch sights and grips to fit your preferences. Lightly polish contact points. It will be ready to go.
  15. Sliv2

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    Yes, 147s here.