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  1. Practicing hard leans in dryfire and livefire will help a lot. In dryfire, play with different methods of setting up your feet and how you load your weight. Physical fitness helps a lot, especially core and lower body strength.
  2. Even if that were done, the TSO would not be legal for Carry Optics because it is not on the approved list. See Appendix D7, Special Conditions, Section 1
  3. Very common with S2 owners. It's really not a dramatic difference, visually. I can add photos later.
  4. In my experience, most of the big name shooters will answer your questions directly. I realize that takes the fun out of the guessing game.
  5. Sliv2

    S2 Hammer Spring

    13# Hammer spring + XFP in my guns. My previous 11.5# springs ran into issues with my practice ammo (Win primers loaded via LNL). The heavier spring brought it back to complete reliability.
  6. I add lube frequently, but don't do any sort of cleaning before 3-5k rounds. At that point, it's a quick wipe down. I do a detail strip and cleaning once per year. If I tear the guns down for any sort of repair, I'll also clean at that point.
  7. Absolutely. The excellent QC and reliability of CZ has kept me around (and very well may continue to do so). However, I'm so impressed by the handling of this Stock II that it's hard for me to continue to write them off. With regards to hand fit and personal preferences, this gun does certain things better than my Shadows.
  8. I owned two Mink SP01 Shadows. I loved them. The practice gun surpassed 100,00 rounds. I own three Shadow 2s. I love them. The main practice gun has surpassed 60,000 rounds. I just bought my first Stock II. My intent was to shoot it for fun. But, now I'm considering selling my CZs and replacing them with Tanfos.
  9. Sliv2

    Production legal?

    Just send an email. They'll make it production legal.
  10. Nobody in a leadership role saw an issue with a swinger only available at the top of the arc, through a small window, behind an opaque vision barrier? That's neat.
  11. I didn't know CZ was making Atlas guns now
  12. Schultz Gun Club, Muskego, WI Northern Illinois Shooters Association, also Muskego, WI (shared range) Oconomowoc Sportsmans Club, Oconomowoc, WI A little further north: Ripon Gun Club, Ripon, WI Fox Valley Practical Shooters, also Ripon, WI (shared range)
  13. I should also note that if you live far enough east of the metro area, Eau Claire (WI) may be a viable option. They have several good ranges.
  14. Pine Island is about 45 minutes south of the Cities and well worth the drive. I was a member there during my undergrad. Membership was very affordable, no hassle signing up, and a great facility. https://www.piwpsc.org/
  15. Another vote for Ben's materials.
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