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  1. There is 1 slot left in a USPSA Fundamentals class October 7/8 in Augusta Wisconsin General Class description " This is the flagship class. We work on fundamental USPSA skills and apply them in a stage environment. We shoot a mix of drills and stages. We also work on hitting small targets, moving around through stages, and breaking down stages. Don’t let the “Fundamentals” in the title for this class mislead you. This isn’t a class for new shooters. This is geared towards people that already shoot USPSA, understand scoring and safety rules, and want to improve. Students should leave class with an idea about how to dry practice more efficiently and how to improve the foundation skills for USPSA. " Email Lori@casperracing.com for more info or to register.
  2. That's why I am taking the time to explain what the match was actually like, based on first hand experience at the match paired with more than a decade of shooting USPSA and 5 years of shooting IPSC in Europe.
  3. Just to clarify (because not everyone shot the world shoot) There was NOTHING abusive about the stages. There were not any unmakeable shots. They didn't have no shoots all over the place. The movers were hittable. There was a bit more physicality in a couple of the stages. I think I put a knee pad on 5 times in 30 stages (that's more than normal). I had to shoot strong hand only for one 8 round stage. I had to fire 4 shots strong hand only on another stage. I fired a 6 round stage weak hand only. One target shot through a low port lasered out to 44 meters, there were 2 other long targets on the same stage. That's it... in 30 stages. Penalties came from trying aggressive plans, timing things, or not shooting safety shots on the tougher movers. Pretty much any shooter will tell you that they made mistakes, it wasn't that the stages were abusive.
  4. I will be doing a USPSA Fundamentals class in the Austin area Feb 25/ 26 Go to http://www.krtraining.com/ for registration or information. Email be at Benstoeger@gmail.com if you have any other questions.
  5. ​Yeah.. right now they do it by gov ID. ​Personally I would make it so only people born as women could sign up as females, but then again it only directly effects about 4 people in USPSA. That's funny! ​It isn't a joke. They had this discussion in MMA fighting awhile back when a dude that transitioned to a woman (but retained the male bone structure) pounded the snot out of actual women.
  6. ​Yeah.. right now they do it by gov ID. ​Personally I would make it so only people born as women could sign up as females, but then again it only directly effects about 4 people in USPSA.
  7. Instructor: Ben Stoeger is a USPSA Production Grand Master, having numerous Section, Area, and National Championship wins. Ben finished the 2011–2015 seasons as the USPSA Production National Champion. Date: 26–27 March 2016 Location: South River Gun Club Time: 0900–1700 both days Description: The class consists of alternating between shooting a variety of drills and USPSA stages with Ben teaching techniques, assessing each student's performance, and providing personalized feedback and guidance. Students will have an opportunity to re-shoot the stages and drills with this feedback in mind. The class is geared toward USPSA shooting, but the vast majority of the concepts apply equally well to IDPA. The goal is for each student to leave the course understanding what they need to do to develop their shooting. Ammo: Expect to shoot 500 rounds per day. Bring extra. Class Size: Maximum of 12 students, and we need at least 8 to hold the class. Payment: $400 ($350 tuition + $50 range/materials), payable by check or money order. Full balance must be paid to hold your spot. No refunds after 26 February unless there's someone to take your spot. Class POC: Andreas Yankopolus (andreas@yank.to)
  8. Practical Shooting Fundamentals Class May 14-15, 2016 Napoleon ND Email this dude for info or to register: ricochetgunworks@gmail.com
  9. Small Skills and Drills classes at Austin Rifle Club. Feb 29-March 1 and March 3/4 Email full Timmy at timaustintx@gmail.com for more information.
  10. I wrote a policy also. Here it is: This proposal is designed to help USPSA determine which teams to officially support with slots/funding as those things become available. This policy would be in addition to the already official USPSA Team selection policy. This policy also would need to come in to effect after USPSA determines a slot award policy for individual USPSA (non team) members. This proposal would be a supplement to those policies. USPSA is already committed to supporting the following teams: Open Standard Production Classic Open Junior Open Lady Based on participation data, it seems that Open has seen a real decline in participation. If a new policy were being crafted today I suspect that Open Junior and Open Lady would not be the first two categories that USPSA would support. In any event, that commitment has been made publicly, and it seems difficult and unfair for USPSA to back away from it. Moving forward, USPSA needs an objective way to determine what categories to offer support for and what categories not to. Obviously this is depending on two many factors: 1. Slots USPSA will of course only be allocated a certain number of slots. There will likely be a policy in place soon for individuals to earn slots (non-team) based on performance and perhaps even a block of slots saved for a random draw lottery style system. Some slots will also likely be set aside for the RD to use his own discretion and award them as he sees fit. 2. Money USPSA is not bound to offer any support to anyone that it has not already committed to. However, in the event that funds are available and the organization sees fit, it may offer to support additional teams. In the event that USPSA has both slots and money available to support additional teams, I don't think anyone would object to supporting additional category teams. Using an objective system to determine where that support goes seems sensible, so I propose the following scheme. We look at team participation data from the World Shoot in Florida. We then rank every category in terms of participation. The most heavily attended categories by teams will take first priority. For example, if one category had 8 teams and another had 6 teams, the category with 8 teams would be a priority for USPSA to support as it's own team. In the even of a tie, we will look not only to the Florida World Shoot, but also to Greece. We will analyze the trend. If one category is flat or declining and another is growing, the growing category will break the tie and take priority. Using this scheme I have ranked all the IPSC categories: Team participation is shown in parenthesis. Open Senior (12) Production Senior (9) Standard Senior (9) Standard Lady (6) Production Lady (5) Open Lady (5) Junior Production (3) Junior Open (3) It should be noted that junior production and junior open are a true tie using this system, with identical data for both of the World Shoots we are looking at.
  11. 1. Tanfo 2. Glock 3. Glock 4. Tanfo 5. Tanfo 6. CZ 7. XD 8. Sig 320 9. CZ 10. CZ 11. Glock 12. Tanfo 13. XD 14. CZ 15. CZ 16. CZ
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