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  1. Me thinks it's sad that we have to create an unsafe environment to fix this. The only thing you can do is run over or past the RO. As for Arbs. It's really really important that you word them correctly. Though in this case, this should have been handled by the RM at the stage. As for a conversation on the clock, that is not wise on the part of the shooter, but if the RO says anything other than "stop" or "if" then it's interference.
  2. This is what I used: Camry 200 Lbs / 90 Kgs Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement Meter Auto Capturing Hand Grip Power
  3. Impossible test to perform. One GM open shooter had a "shooting grip" strength of 26# whereas mine was 80# others tested between 40-90. I don't think anyone could duplicate the actual grip strength used while shooting. I did find some guys who were skinny runts had very strong total grip strength compared to others. I maxed out at 94, one dude was a 168. Amazing.
  4. I got me a digital grip tester, I'm at 90# on the weak hand and 86# on the strong hand. according to the charts that came with the device, that's an average grip. I'm only a M class shooter, I will take this thing to the match tomorrow and get the GM's to squeeze one out. Will there be an over/under wager for this test, on whether they have stronger grips?
  5. I learned everything I needed to know from Matt Burkett.
  6. Please post a photo of this! None of my SV's are staked anywhere.
  7. a quad load on the shotgun would have been the shiz! Hard to keep up with the body count.
  8. I work in a kitchen and have "manly" hands and still found the aggressive to be more than I can handle. I like the micropockets on my open gun and use the skateboard tape on my carry gun.
  9. VS set the bar for magazine reliability.
  10. It's a personal preference. This isn't an open gun. Carry optics can go either way. The designers of the CORE and MOS designed the gun to co-witness. Obviously the optic mounted will dictate the need for irons or not. I have 3 M&P with dots, two are co-witness. One is a bastard child for 3 gun.
  11. to each their own. but for some the co-witness with the iron sights is a plus.
  12. I have a SV with interchangable breachface. 9 bushing for IDPA and 40 bull for USPSA, I don't mess with the sights. been working great for 10 years. I also have 2 barrels for my open gun, one is full on 38SC with comp and the other is a 9 with vent rib for steel. SV rocks!
  13. They make their own springs as far as i know. They also cut the skater terrain gripc in house.
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