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  1. What if it's a target against the side berm that's available and safe from one spot but can be engaged beyond the 180 if you take a couple more steps downrange? Or a target that can be engaged from right side of a 24" port but not the left side?
  2. This is the first I've heard of the XL. Looks like it's 1x35. Can only find one picture and it's from the side.
  3. It really should come down to this. I don’t know why some people make this harder than it should be. Multiple targets that are placed out in the open along a side berm are going to be shot on the move while advancing downrange. Scenarios such as, “you can shoot this target here but not if your foot is beyond this point,” or “you can shoot this target through the left side of the port but if you’re on the right side, it’s a dq,” are ridiculous and are what this rule is intended to prevent. People should know better on targets that you have to break 200+ to engage.
  4. Nevermind. I think we're talking about two different things. You're talking about the slide cuts on the Sig pistols, right? I was referring to the mounting pattern of the R3Max optic.
  5. Everything I've heard said that the new Sig Romeo3Max is going to be the same mounting pattern as old Romeo3 which is the RTS2 pattern. I haven't heard anything about a DPP cut on the R3Max.
  6. Is the R3Max really retailing for $719??? Someone posted a screen shot of an Instagram post from Max in the SRO thread. Edit-Looking through Max's IG feed, I don't see any reference to $719.
  7. Agreed on the marketing aspect. However, if I am searching for the dot on a hard lean or SHO/WHO, it's always either right or left. Not vertical. I think the 30mm wide will make a noticeable difference over 25mm. Since I shoot these on a frame mounted Open gun, the dot never leaves the top of the glass. Could be a different story for a slide mounted dot. If I was shooting a slide mounted dot, I would lean more towards durability which only time will tell.
  8. SRO is pretty much same as RTS2. Romeo Max3 is saying 30mm lens. C-More slide ride is 29mm. IMO, a C-More slide ride is much bigger than an RTS2 so I wouldn't say the SRO and Max3 are similar at all.
  9. Interesting. It looks like the smaller footprint of the SRO creates the illusion of the glass being bigger than it really is.
  10. Thank you. I've only done them the second way. I have a "grave yard" of extractors that maybe I'll try to fit the first way and see how it works.
  11. Great write up! Do you setup your extractors for 9mm the same way with regard to the edge of the claw not contacting case?
  12. I wasn’t referring to you specifically being salty. And it’s not an ad hominem attack when you think about the real reasons people would advocate changing divisions they don’t shoot. To put it nicely, yes it boils down to being salty and ego.
  13. Open division is the Formula 1 in our game. Major is major regardless of whatever go fast parts one has on their gun....Hence the name "OPEN." Again, this argument is only made by people that are salty enough to care about what is allowed in other divisions, even though it doesn't affect them directly. Let’s be honest here. If we’re talking about people with fragile egos wanting to finish higher than Open shooters, they should really just strap on an Open gun and get it done that way. That would make way more sense than arguing for changing a division that they don’t even shoot.
  14. Recoil in Open major and minor is drastically different. There are a multitude of variables that will affect this next point, but with my setup, dot movement between 170PF and 150PF loads is about the same even though recoil in the 170PF load is much firmer in the hands. Also, even though the vertical dot movement is roughly the same distance, the speed at which the dot moves is different. "Driving" the gun is different between these two loads even though dot movement/distance is about the same. Swapping the lightest recoil and mainspring possible and running 120-125PF Steel Challenge loads is completely different than both above loads. Less than half the dot movement as above and recoil like a .22. I could probably hold the dot in the center of the A zone at 40 yards with this load, and rip a .16 split with two in the A zone. Not so much with the 170PF and 150PF load. To say that recoil is the same between Minor and Major in Open is a flat out false statement. Whether or not Open should be scored minor is a moot point because it'll never happen. Just sounds like some grumbling from people that want to finish closer to Open division. A good analogy would be Nascar drivers trying to neuter Formula 1 to boost their egos. Who cares? They are totally different divisions. A better argument would be to eliminate major and minor and just run one power factor for ALL divisions. Perhaps 145-150 since most self defense 9mm ammo is around there. If we were to do this, Open shooters would still be beating other divisions by roughly the same margin. Open shooters still have the frame mounted dot, comp, and big stick.
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