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  1. 100% huh? Is that more of a, "I think he'll 100% shoot a Shadow2" or a "I'm 100% positive he'll shoot a Shadow 2."
  2. I heard it’ll probably be a little more than the msrp of the Romeo 3. $450-$475
  3. It's not often this happens, but every single post in this thread is correct.
  4. I've found that tuning the extractor for 9major can be a little tedious to get running 100%. But it's worth it when you finally get it dialed in. Don't go crazy tuning the "hook". The less you fiddle with the EGW HD the better. Just break the sharp edge on the lead in. Also, barely round the bottom edge of the hook. It comes from EGW pretty square. You just want to BARELY round it. A good needle file is the perfect tool for both of these tasks. I've made the mistake of taking too much off this corner and then run into extraction issues. When the barrel unlocks, the case is pulled down slightly on the breach face and it seems the more of that corner surface area you have, the better. You just want to break the sharp corner from digging into the case. I've gotten away with not having to file down the pad at all a couple of times. On a couple others, I had to file the pad down a few thousandths at a time to get more tension. Every slide is slightly different.
  5. File down the pad a little bit at a time to add more tension. I love the EGW HD extractor. Aftecs seem to work good for most guns but I got tired of the retaining cup breaking at inopportune times and paying $25 for them. Running 9 major, I've had the best luck with running the extractor with as much tension as possible that will still allow reliable feeding with a 7# spring and then run an 8#. On one of my 9major guns, I simply could not get enough tension with the Aftec.
  6. For those that don't have a FB account.
  7. If someone only commits a felony once every 2-3 years, are they hardly a felon?
  8. This... If any primer is missing when I'm sorting brass, that piece gets scrapped. Also, loading on a 650 allows you to feel the primer seat. If it feels like nothing was seated, as in the same feeling as no primer in station 2 from either forgetting to load primers or from a misfeed, That case gets pulled and scrapped.
  9. I hope it will actually be available for purchase in July but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
  10. I wondered this as well. My Dawson Ice insert is banged up pretty good after a season with my sloppy reloads.
  11. That foam sure looks like a handguard to me. Even being sold as such. https://taccom3g.com/product/foam-handguard/
  12. Good question. I've never seen PCC without some sort of handguard/forestock. What does such a thing look like?
  13. Like many on here, I've always thought that the Hodgdon burn rate chart was incorrect in its listing of HS6 being faster than Autocomp and CFE. It's easy to assume that since the charge weights of HS6 are much higher than AC and CFE, it had to be slower. I spoke with Chris Hodgdon recently about this. He told me that the burn rate charts ARE correct. He said that HS6 was developed in the 1960's and is much older "technology" than AC and CFE. HS6 does not burn as efficiently as CFE. So while CFE takes less powder to make the same PF as HS6, it actually is slightly slower burning. CFE was developed using modern technology and burns very efficiently. Another interesting fact he shared with me is that CFE and AC are different powders. He said while the burn rate is very close, they are definitely different powders. CFE is not simply AC with the special copper fouling coating. Like many, I always thought they were the same powders. Just thought I would share.
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