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  1. Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! I can't make nationals this year so I will be tuning in as well.
  2. I shoot 124/125gr blue bullets, gallant bullets and black bullets through my SF with no issues. Great accuracy out of all 3, a little smoke with vvn320 but not much.
  3. Yes the canik mags work fine.
  4. The match is currently full for the weekend but there are still plenty of spots available for all-day Thursday or Friday shooting. Remember Thursday is STAFF shooting day, so only choose that day if you absolutely have to. You can get on the waiting list for the weekend if you want to by emailing me, Area4@uspsa.org, and ask to be put on it. The current waitlist is 0. Hope you'll come and shoot with us this year!
  5. That's an interesting observation from someone I have never heard from, know anything about or have ever been in contact with. Have you ever contacted your Area Director about anything? If so I bet they were happy to discuss it with you, if not, let me know and I can discuss it with them. But I guess since you're on the internet you know how it really is.... Chad - A4
  6. The 2021 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship will be held at The United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK September 23rd - 26th. Registration will open in mid-march and all of the details can be found here https://practiscore.com/2021-walther-arms-area-4-championship/register More info to follow... Hope to see you there!
  7. I don't have part numbers, just order the Kieth White spring for simplicity. The 6# glock striker spring will allow the gun to stay in battery better when you lighten the recoil spring.
  8. zr tactical, a 15# flat wire wilson combat 1911 spring and a 6# glock striker spring.
  9. I shoot for Team Walther, I was having the same type of malfunctions at about 1/200+ rounds. I changed the guide rod, extractor spring and to the new walther extractor spring (I also bought the keith white spring just in case) and I haven't had a malfunction sense. That was about 7000+ rounds ago. I do not clean my gun very often and it still runs. I hate to hear that you are experiencing these issues but try what others and I have suggested. If that doesn't work send it back, they will get it taken care of one way or another.
  10. Thanks everyone.....I hope you all enjoyed the match, stage designs and the awesome prize table after the awards. The BBQ truck that we had come out to the match seemed to be a big hit and they pretty much sold out every day of the match. Scores have been uploaded and paid for to uspsa so if you had enough GMs in your division it will count for your classification. Please thank all of our sponsors for their tremendous support! Walther Arms, GLOCK, ELEY, CZ-USA, Gallant Group, Hunters HD Gold, Springer Precision, FFL licensed, Henning Group, JP Enterprises
  11. Reminder that the Area 4 Championship match is coming up in just 3 short weeks! The match is a level 3 match and all applicable rules per division and class will be followed. Make sure you check your membership status and update it if needed. You cannot shoot a level 2 or 3 match without being a member of USPSA.
  12. The Walther Arms, Inc. Area 4 Championship is just a month out and everything is coming together nicely. The stages have been finalized and the matchbook is just about finished. Stages will be released a week or so prior to the match . Stages will be a mix of medium courses and long courses of fire, loaded and unloaded starts and lots of fun. Shooting will begin at 0800 every morning and there will not be any formal shooters meeting. You will report to the appropriate bay, ready to shoot at 0800. Thanks again to all of our amazing sponsors GLOCK ELEY CZ-USA
  13. There are still spots available for Thursday or Friday all day shooting. We will have 13 stages (pending approval) on 12 bays and a total of 327 rounds plus chrono. Get signed up soon before it's sold out!
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