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  1. That is your "need" not the gun. The gun will run fine as is and doesn't "need" any modifications for factory ammo. When people speak in completes, as in "the trigger needs", means it doesn't work as it is from the factory and it "needs" to be modified or fixed to work correctly and that's simply not the case.
  2. It's not $1500, you can find them around $1150-$1200. An all steel frame cost more than a polymer infused grip. It doesn't "NEED" a different trigger or springs, but most people modify them to their personal preferences. I shot mine stock for the first few months I had it and have only changed the recoil spring and guide rod. The stock trigger is great.
  3. I have both and have shot both plastic (last year) and steel frame (this year) in competition. If you change recoil springs in the plastic Q5 you can get it running pretty flat. I use a 13# 1911 flat wire spring (in both) with an M&P Tungsten guide rod in the plastic and a zr tactical guide rod in the sf, both have relatively the same muzzle flip, which is not much, but the felt recoil is less in the sfq5.
  4. I hope not! No as long as it doesn't monsoon the next few days it will be dry and good to go. But if it rains between now and then it will be moist, not ankle deep like gator though.
  5. Let's all pray, to whoever you pray to, do a little dance, seance or whatever it is you do for good luck, that we have no more rain this week and into the weekend! The range is saturated and there is some drainage issues due to the flood that has caused some erosion and covered the drains on a few bays. Bring sunscreen and bug spray!!!! Also it is forecast to be hot and humid by the weekend so plan on hydrating accordingly. We will have water jugs on the range so make sure you bring a bottle with you to fill it up and re-use. There will be a few coolers of water bottles but plan to use the jugs for the most part. Lunch will be a local mexican food truck, Tacowasso papas locos. They have great prices, and food, and they accept cash or cc. If you are staying local to Owasso, 10 minutes from the range, there are plenty of good places to eat. Mexican: El Tequila https://eltequilacocinamexicana.com/ or best hot salsa and good food visit El Fogon http://www.elfogonowasso.com/ Pizza-Italian: Andolini's https://www.andopizza.com/location/owasso/ Steak and more: Smoke https://smokewoodfiregrill.com/owasso Modern/Unique: https://www.madeatsok.com/#home-section Sushi: Akira https://www.akirasushibars.com/ or Hapa https://www.hapaok.com/ (both are good), Japanese Steak House https://www.ichibanjapanesesteakhouseok.com/ A good place for drinks is PJs https://www.facebook.com/pjspubowasso/ Plus all of the regular places you can think of.... See you all this weekend!
  6. The Matchbook has been emailed to all registered shooters via practiscore and the email addresses you signed up with. If you didn't get the email or would like to view it, I have attached a link below. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Ae5ca8fe3-4932-4dd2-ba5f-a52c614985be
  7. 10 Stages 289+/- Rounds Plus chrono Matchbook will be released on Sunday!
  8. An email was sent out to all competitors on June 18th at 7:51 a.m. from me, not practiscore. Please check your email and spam box. The matchbook will be released this weekend, more than likely on Sunday. There have been multiple emails sent out over the past few weeks via practiscore as well. If you haven't received them, check your spam folder and check your email address on practiscore to ensure that it is correct.
  9. Cut off date for refunds has passed as of yesterday. IF you cannot make the match and need to withdraw, we appreciate your donation to make our match a success. We have 223 shooters registered and 6 out of 8 divisions represented. The Match Book and Stages will be released about a week or two before the match and will be posted here and emailed to all shooters. We have a great prize table set up and a lot of guns to give away. Prizes: We are going to do some random draw prizes via a random number generator based on your registration/shooter # after the match is complete and before arbitration is over. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN RANDOM DRAW PRIZES! Then we will do awards and prize tables based on order of finish per division, each division will have their own prize table. ***Not everyone will receive a prize from the prize table*** You will receive a separate prize/gift at registration and a match T-Shirt when you check-in for the match. If you haven't "liked and follow"ed us on facebook or instagram please do so. We will be posting match videos, live video etc on those platforms during the match. https://www.instagram.com/ussa_uspsa/     https://www.facebook.com/Oklahoma-Section-Uspsa-198471936839045/?ref=settings More info will be available closer to the match so stay tuned!
  10. Look forward to having you shoot with us, it'll be a great match with a great prize table.
  11. There are 3 spots available for Friday. If you want to shoot on Friday, register and email me with your request for a Friday squad. The open spots are not on the same squad fyi.... Saturday is full but you may sign up and be put on the waitlist in case someone drops out. There are currently only 2 people on the waitlist.
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