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  1. Wrong!!! Stop spreading rumors from when the range first opened and they decided to hold nationals there, when the sod was fresh! I get tired of hearing that from 15 years ago....It can rain a lot, and the surface will be just like any other grass soaked area.
  2. Thanks to all of you that have volunteered to staff the match. I am happy to say that our staff list is full at this point. I hope we can fill the match this year as we will put on another fantastic sectional for you all. You can register, pay and squad here https://practiscore.com/2019-oklahoma-section-championship/register
  3. Oh nice, thanks for the update!
  4. But you can't shoot those same guns in CO without having to modify them and then buy another gun to shoot production with. At least not that I know of, so the MSRP would seem to justify that option. The new shadow 2 CO gun doesn't need modified but it doesn't look like it has sights on the plate so not sure if production would be an option with it or not. Maybe shot show will have the answer.
  5. Prov1x

    Great Plains vs Oklahoma

    Technically no, the GPS staff shoot on Saturday with the main match being on Sunday. The OKS is staff and competitors shoot Friday and main competitor match is on Saturday. That leaves plenty of time to travel after the OKS match is over Satruday as well. We will be done and gone by 3 more than likely.
  6. Prov1x

    Great Plains vs Oklahoma

    There is an option for shooting the Oklahoma Sectional on Friday as well. Leave Thursday, shoot OK Friday and use Saturday as your travel day back since the GPSectional is on that Sunday. The Oklahoma Sectional will be 10 Stages, 288 rounds, prize table, gun drawings etc with phenomenal stages and atmosphere! I strongly encourage you to attend this match as I highly recommend it!!!! Chad OK Section Coordinator and MD
  7. The new Q5 Match SF is a great looking and feeling gun. The quality of machining is fantastic and the fact that you are getting a steel framed production and carry optics gun in one package is remarkable! Is there another steel framed gun that is production and carry optics ready out of the box? I know the shadow 2 carry optics model is coming out but not sure if it had the sights on the plate or not. The recoil in the Q5 SF is very comparable to a shadow 2, even with the factory recoil spring installed. Once I tune the recoil spring to my reloads and my liking, was running a 13# flatwire wilson combat 1911 spring and a full length tungsten guide rod in my regular Q5 match, I believe it will be an even flatter shooting gun. The plastic Q5 ran pretty flat in that configuration so I can't see whey it wouldn't be an even better set up in the SF. The magwell on the gun makes reloads a breeze and is held in place by the roll pin in the back, so it's removable for Production division. The grip is the same length as the regular Q5 Match but the grips circumference is larger with great checkering on the grips and front strap as well. The grip panels are removable and some G10 grips are in the works and should be available soon as are some replaceable smaller grips. If you have the Q5 Match now, it feels somewhat comparable to the large grip panel installed on that gun, but just a bit wider. I really think this gun will be a big seller for Walther!
  8. Registration opens tomorrow at 0600. We are still in need of staff on Friday and Saturday so if you are intrested please let me know!
  9. The 2019 Walther Arms Oklahoma Section Championship match will be held at The United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK on June 28th - 30th. The match will consist of 10 stages and 288 rounds, prize table, random drawings and lots of guns to be given away. The match will be shot in a 1 day format, on either Friday or Saturday, with Sunday being a make-up/weather day. Match T-shirt will be provided with your entry fee of $125 so you can select your size when registering for the match. You must pay at the time of sign-up, there is a payment option at the bottom of the page! Registration information can be found here and will open on January 1st, 2019 https://practiscore.com/2019-oklahoma-section-championship/register STAFF We are accepting Staff Applications for the match and need roughly 20 - 25 RO and CRO's for the match. However, you do not have to be certified to work the match, we will pair you with a CRO and you will be able to help them with anything they may need. So please consider helping out at our State Championship so that we can run a very successful match for all of you and the competitors alike. If you are willing to volunteer your time and work, please email me, PM for info on Enos, and let me know BEFORE you register for the match as I will send you a separate link. Thanks and Stay tuned for more info!
  10. Walther Arms has joined on to be our Title Match Sponsor! Registration will open mid-January on Practiscore.
  11. You shoot very upright and seem to stagger into some positions. You should lower your center of gravity by bending your knees and leaning forward at the waist. You appear to be leaning backwards with your knees bent, which makes it slower to explode into certain movements etc. Also it looks like you are eating up a ton of charlies on some of those stages, even shooting major pf you still need better points to some extent.
  12. Mid January or early February. I will post a link as soon as it's open.