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  1. Walther Arms has joined on to be our Title Match Sponsor! Registration will open mid-January on Practiscore.
  2. You shoot very upright and seem to stagger into some positions. You should lower your center of gravity by bending your knees and leaning forward at the waist. You appear to be leaning backwards with your knees bent, which makes it slower to explode into certain movements etc. Also it looks like you are eating up a ton of charlies on some of those stages, even shooting major pf you still need better points to some extent.
  3. Host Club:The United States Shooting Academy
  4. Mid January or early February. I will post a link as soon as it's open.
  5. Match Starts on Jun 28, 2019 Match will end Jun 30, 2019 One day format, Friday and Saturday, with Sunday being a weather day. Match Location: 6500 E 66th St N Tulsa, OK 74117 Host Club: The United States Shooting Academy Stage Count: 12 Round Count: 285 Match Entry Fee: $125.00 More details to follow, but you don't want to miss this match!
  6. Prov1x

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Where did you see that?
  7. Prov1x

    Q5 recoil springs

    I ended up with a 15# flatwire wilson combat spring in mine. I tried the 13# spring and it shoots flatter for sure, but it was sluggish when returning to battery on several occasions and especially from slide lock. It also felt like it was unlocking a little when I ran really hard, pumped my arms or did quick aggressive movements. The 15# works well but I cut 2 full coils off of it because it's a long spring, made it the same length as the 13# one.
  8. Prov1x

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    Yes, before Oct 11th is the newest date.
  9. Area 4 Matchbook has been posted to the website and on Facebook.
  10. Just 2 weeks away from the match! Looks like a really good field of shooters coming in again this year.
  11. Prov1x

    PPQ guide rods

    I put a full length guide rod for an M&P 5" in mine and it works great.
  12. .210X.100 is what I put on mine and was recommended to me from several other really good walther shooters.
  13. I've also shot the SSNationals 4 out of the last 5 years and have never had this happen there either. I have seen several holsters at that match farther forward than a limited holster and lower than should be allowed and yet nobody says anything. Of course it could be the shooter as to why.