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  1. Pnut

    929 Brass

    Dont be afraid of Federal primers. I crushed these two Fedeal 100 primers a couple of weeks ago. Nothing happened. As far as Brass, for the 929, I have a box with 4K casings, all mixed, Geco, Blazer, Win and like 5 or 6 other head stamps. They all run fine, no issues. I tried aluminum and steel casing as well (Blazer), and had 0 issues. I run several moonclips, TK, whatever came with the gun and a few I found online. They all work fine. And, I shoot 160 Bayou standard, I think they are .355 or .356. I have had 0 issues, accuracy is great.
  2. Hi guys, new to the forum, but joining mainly because I bought a SW929 and every time I Googled an N320 load, or anything to do with a 929, this forum would appear. I realize the thread is a little old, but just posting it so there is more data. This past weekend I loaded 160g 9mm Bayou with N320. All 3 loads seated at 1.200 with Federal primers. 2.8g 3.0g 3.1g 2.8 was just barely above 125 pf. 3.1 was around 133 pf. 3.0 was perfect.
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