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  1. For those who remember this a few years back. Well, the oven still isn't fixed.
  2. May I suggest pinning this thread lol
  3. Here goes, one of my favorites, and I know it really shouldn't be lol
  4. The only interchangeable fire control parts between the MKA and an AR-15 are the trigger and disconnector spring. However, the MKA disconnector is narrower than an AR disconnector, so if you try to use a standard AR trigger with the MKA disconnector you'll have issues. So, if you want to drop in an AR trigger you'll have to get an aftermarket disconnector as well. Also, the Firebird Hammer purchaseable from CSS is actually an Atomic City Tactical part.
  5. Can I be your friend????

  6. Should totally name him Hard Cover
  7. This needs to come back!
  8. How much more time do you have on your current contract? Will you be involved in the business with your Dad? Seems like it could be cool to see those things evolving into the products they become. Wish I knew how to program a multi-axis mill. Would be a nice way to experiment and R&D. Good luck on your future endeavors whether they are in or out of the service.

  9. Anubis

    10 more days.

    Thanks you guys It's been fun for sure.
  10. Anubis

    10 more days.

    Thanks man, I can't wait!
  11. Anubis

    10 more days.

    Finally, after being exiled to the United Kingdom for 8 long years, I'll be returning home to New Mexico in 10 days. No more outrageous firearms laws for me
  12. Worst of all. Get to check in and they find two empty cases in Carry On bag and go into panic mode, luckily the wife was dropping me off and she could take them away. I was all for dropping them into the bin. THEN, fly from Auckland NZ to LA and after checking in to fly to MO, I find 3 LIVE rounds in my Carry on!!. Those rounds went through 4 XRAY machines? But they got my box cutter. Holy Crap, literally, they went for a swim. Thank you for good plumbing in LA. Been there. I live in England but I fly home every summer and get to shoot a few matches while I'm there. One time a few years back, I think it was '08, I got back to my house in England, started unpacking all my bags and found a box of Fiocchi 9mm in the bottom of my carryon... 2 airports, in and out multiple times to smoke, I don't know how many times I went through security.
  13. I've seen this video floating around Facebook for the last week and I gotta say, I personally don't see anything wrong with this. Yes, he may have been able to handle himself differently, but the route chosen certainly wasn't out of bounds. I'm sure he paid for the laptop at the start so really he's only destroying his own property. It's no different than going out and shooting a bunch of holes in a cardboard target in my opinion. IF there's any sort of punitive action taken against him in response to this that only shows what's wrong with today.
  14. Is this project called "The Apocalypse"???
  15. Topic says it all :angry2:
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