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  1. Im going to make s 550rl alignment tool. Can anyone help me with some measurements?
  2. Modoc, i did just now discover that the piece right under the shellplate that i believe dillon calls " the platform" has a upper rim, diameter, that is just a tad too small to accept the complete rim diam. of the 50-110 and 50-70. I do see that dillon does list a shellplate for the 50-70 and you have to also buy this "Platform" piece which i assume is just a tad bigger in order to accept the rim diam. on the 50-70. I believe this piece may also accept the 50-110 rim.
  3. I just took a look at my 550 press and i think all will be ok. The 50-110 dies i am going to use are old ideal/lyman 310 dies. I used these years ago with a old handloader. These dies wont fit the dillon head right out of the box and anyone that had used these dies know that although they are supposed to be 5/8-30, that is not always true. Well mine mic at .643-30, so the lyman 310 7/8-14 adapters wont work. Im going to also have to make some new 7/8-14 adapters with inside thread of .643/30 threads on the inside. Since my lathe wont turn 30 tpi ill have to make a tap using a die and then drill and tap the inside. So a lot of work for these dies... but i have more time than money and using my existing dies is still cheaper than buying new 7/8-14 dies and im looking at 50-110, 50-70 and 45-70.
  4. I used to live in Susanville and trained dogs years ago in Anderson at Golden Glen Kennels...small world
  5. You may be right. I've got all the shellplate done except the .065 rim recess on the rear of the plate, I'll get that done tomorrow a.m. I'll also take a look at the press and station 3 and determine if it can be done. I've done a lot of thinking on that shellplate, maybe I should have taken a more overall approach to this versus the singular approach.
  6. Well ill be danged if that dont beat all. Im right in the middle of maching a 50-110 shellplate for my 550
  7. 1. Anyone what the largest shellplate is for s 550? 2. Is there a way to load 50-110 on a 550?
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