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  1. Glock mag with Taylor Freelance basepad, I can get 40 rounds of 115 gn WWB with OAL of 1.160”. It took a little bit of sanding on the internal of the basepad to get the 40 rounds. I shoot a JP GMR 15, so no problems with the long OAL.
  2. At least from Wikipedia, double taps = controlled pairs. 2 shots with 2 sight pictures. I've read that hammers are 1 sight picture with 2 trigger pulls. What I've gotten from Ben's Stoeger's doubles drills is to do hammers at 5 yards and double taps (controlled pairs) at 10 yards and beyond. I try to only do hammers during practice. Doing hammers in a match haven't always turned out so well.
  3. How do the 3-gun RO’s handle the problem? Blast from an AR is much worse than an open gun. I mostly shoot indoors with an open gun, often with a guy shooting an AR or AK in the next lane over. Plugs and electronic muffs seem adequate to me.
  4. When comparing my PCC and OPEN gun, I get faster splits and better accuracy with PCC. PCC doesn’t have strong hand only. PCC weak side is easier than weak hand only. PCC first shot is faster than my draw. I still score better with my OPEN gun mainly due to major scoring and quicker transitions.
  5. If you’re the MD and you despise PCC’s, is there anything stopping you from saying no PCC’s allowed at your USPSA match?
  6. PCC is great practice for my 5.56 AR15. PCC is a better/funner training alternative to my ..22LR upper for cheap practice. I score better with my Open gun compared to my PCC, but I do practice more with the Open gun. For home defense, If I got time to go to my gun safe, I'm grabbing the 5.56 AR, NOT the PCC. I've read reports that 55gr 5.56 has less chance of over-penetration after impacting drywall compared to 9mm. Otherwise, it's the nightstand handgun. If I actually have to use a gun for self defense, hearing damage will be the least of my worries. At
  7. You said you were listening to a lot of podcasts. If you have listened to the Steve Anderson's "That Shooting Show Podcast" or Ben Stoeger's podcast "Practical Shooting After Dark", both guys specifically say, DO NOT SLOW DOWN; YOU WILL JUST MISS SLOWLY. My take away from that advice is move as quickly as possible between shots; but be more careful on your trigger press on difficult targets.
  8. A M4 carbine with standard 55 gr 5.56mm ammo would’ve been much more effective against body armor than his STI shooting 9 major. He had a huge gun safe, there had to be a M4 in there some where. They also should’ve gone with a mag fed shotgun instead of quad-loading a tube fed shot shotgun. Original John Wick is still the best in the series. #3 comes in second.
  9. You should be like Max L. and learn to bumpfire your AR9 on demand!. 0.1 sec splits sounds like a winner.
  10. I disagree with this premise. I remember one of the main reasons that Production got created was to create a division where plastic guns could be competitive. Dudes shooting Glocks did NOT want to compete against dudes shooting double stack STI's with single-action triggers. If major/minor scoring got eliminated and mag limits got eliminated (except for length), guys would still want to segregate single action guns from the other guns.
  11. I was all for PCC and CO. Both were new, untapped markets. I bought my daughter a CO ready gun for her home defense gun (Sig 320 RX). I bought a PCC (JP GMR-15) because I wanted to shoot an AR type rifle in competition but 3-gun was too much of a time commitment. However, I mostly shoot OPEN. The success of both PCC and CO proves USPSA made the right decisions on those two new divisions. Limited optics is not tapping into a new market and would just dilute the LIMITED division. I’ve read that .40 cal is losing popularity in the LEO market.
  12. I'll be a senior next year. I'm against any age-based divisions; age based categories are adequate. In golf, senior men still hit from the men's tees not the women's tees. Keeping up with the younger guys on a level playing field is good motivation to stay in shape as we get older. I don't see Jerry Miculek asking for any handicaps. Everybody likes looking at HOA anyway. Put an optic on your limited gun, shoot open division and just compare yourself to all the younger guys shooting LIMITED!
  13. Interesting thought project. 9mm major AR pistol with brace and maybe use a magwell grip if you can get by with the magwell not getting defined as a foregrip. In CA, vertical fore grips on a semi-auto rifle turns it into a banned assault weapon and magwells are not considered vertical foregrips in CA. So maybe a magwell grip would be legal for OPEN. If you got by the holster issue, a 9mm major blowback "pistol" probably wouldn't last long and I heard 9 major in PCC's aren't fun to shoot anyway. That leaves you with a 9mm minor blowback "pistol" in a holster. It's
  14. You can order the Lubriplate stuff from these links: https://www.amazon.com/Lubriplate-SFL-0-Gun-Grease-Tub/dp/B01JA5RRGA/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=lubriplate&qid=1559077892&s=instant-video&sr=8-6 http://lubrikit.com/firearmoils.html
  15. Check out http://www.grantcunningham.com/2006/05/lubrication-101/ I started following the recommendations from the link back in 2015 instead of using Mobil 1 synthetic oil. The recommended oils and greases are all non-toxic and safe for food processing equipment. Back in 2015, I couldn't find the Lubriplate products in small quantities, so I bought similar spec lubes that were available on McMaster Carr and Grainger: Dow Corning Aluminum Thickened Grease, Food Grade, Molykote G-0050FM and Petrochem AirGuard 68. Now, the recommended Lubriplate products can be
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