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  1. Hey folks, I investigated getting into practical shooting sports a few years back, but I'm ready to give it another try. Aside from the obvious gear and training issues that I assume everyone has, I am struggling to find local matches that are not held directly overlapping my sunday church time. I live in Milford Ohio, and when I look it up on the website, it seems to show just two options, which are both nice places, but they both have their stuff scheduled in a way that conflicts for me. Clearly this is my problem and not yours, but I have a couple questions here... 1. Do pretty much all clubs do their USPSA type matches on Sunday? Is that just the convention? Or does it vary? 2. Related to this question, assuming some do it on Saturday, how far may one expect to drive to find a "compatible" club? Do some of you guys and gals drive a couple hours?
  2. Hey guys, OP here. Sorry this caused such a firestorm. I've been reading all the replies but not jumping back in. I guess I should have made my original question more clear. With the knowledge that this forum is geared towards competitive shooting sports, my question is more about the practical value of a pistol caliber carbine in non-competitive uses. I didn't really intend to stir up a controversy of PCC-class competition within practical shooting sports leagues. I'd love to get into those leagues, but unfortunately most all of them operate matches while I'm at church on Sunday....but thats a topic for another time.
  3. This may be off topic for this forum, but it was hard finding a PCC-specific subforum on the web for some reason, and I remembered this is a great forum, so wanted to ask the experts. Recognizing this forum is mostly geared towards competition shooting of course. In terms of practical use, when I ask about PCC's I inevitably hear the conventional and frankly very decent logic of "just get an AR in 223". I have AR-15's of course. But I'm curious what your best argument in favor of the PCC might be? What benefits can you see? I know there are a few models that can takedown or fold up very compactly. Are there others you can think of? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the responses. It looks like I need to get a belt and enough pouches for 6 mags. Do you suggest double mag pouches? Are the pouches themselves pretty universal?
  5. looking to get started with USPSA using a 1911 full size. i don't yet understand how the divisions work with this sport yet. anything I should be aware of while competing with this gun, and would you say it puts me at a disadvantage compared to other higher capacity doublestack 9mm pistols? just working with what i've got to start out before I rush out and buy a dedicated race gun
  6. thanks. i live in the 45162 area code which is in between cincinnati and dayton. are clubs generally open to "the public" when they have these sorts of events or do you need to be a member of the club? a lot of the clubs around here are saying they only admit new people once a year, and the closest club to me has a 4-year wait list. seriously
  7. I'm brand new to any form of competitive shooting, up til now I've just been a plinker and occasional target shooter. Struggling to find local clubs that 1) have the matches and 2) have the matches at a time I can make it! The USPSA site has clubs listed but a bunch of the websites no longer exist, etc I'm not sure what events I want to get into right off the bat. I have a 1911 and an AR-15, plus some 22 rifles and pistols. A semi-auto shotgun. What are my options in terms of events to get into?
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