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  1. Ordered a case of 147s on 7 September, received them today. Shipped quickly, USPS dawdled with them for weeks.
  2. Shadow

    Shadow 2 OR in Prod

    I just black magic marker the fiber optic instead of removing it.
  3. Thanks all. Finally found one, JGS had one on the shelf.
  4. Great thought zzt. I called, but Dave said the TiCN coated reamers won't cut the CZ barrel.
  5. Thanks Memphis. Yeah, they're some tough stuff. I did message 1911luvr on Saturday, but haven't heard anything yet.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions aandabooks, but it has to be a carbide reamer. High speed steel (HSS) reamers won't cut nitride coated barrels. Brownells and Midway only sell HSS (high speed steel) reamers. Same (HSS) for the rental companies. I've bought many reamers from PTG, and know exactly what you're talking about time wise and lack of communication. That's why I thought I'd ask here if any one knew of a source for a carbide reamer other than PTG. To their credit, all the PTG reamers I've bought have been excellent.
  7. As the title says looking for a source for a 9mm carbide throating or finish reamer. Only one I've found so far is PTG (8-12 wks). Got a new Shadow 2 with a really short throat. Don't like having to load 147s so deep to work in the short throat. The barrel is nitrided and my HSS reamer won't cut it. I'm not interested in sending the barrel out to be reamed, would rather buy a reamer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA.
  8. There are several on Gun Broker. Just ordered one.
  9. For classifiers, just get a couple of 24 rd mags.
  10. Agree with Jcgatus. Triggertech Diamond is the closest to a 1911. Minimal take-up, and reset is extremely short, but a little light. Google a review on youtube.
  11. What egd5 said. I'd also add a TF Fattie magwell, MIAD grip, and titanium comp. I prefer the minimalist stock over the Magpuls.
  12. +1 Love mine (GMR 15). Tell them you are a competitive shooter for 20% off.
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