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  1. Or just go through the posts on this forum (PCC) and read the problems members have experienced with each (MPX vs GMR-15). To each his own.
  2. Another thought is to google "Sig MPX problem" and "JP GMR-15 Problem" and consider the results.
  3. PM to  PINMAN44

    He may be able to help you.

    1. Shadow



  4. Ready to jump into PCC and order a JP PCC and some accessories for it. Thought I'd ask if anyone has a discount code they'd be willing to share. TIA
  5. 3M spray adhesive. Spray tape, spray some in a cup, dab on the grip with a q-tip. Let dry 2-3 minutes, stick together.
  6. I see we are on the same squad for CGGR Saturday. Look forward to seeing you there.
  7. Welcome! Which local USPSA matches are you shooting?
  8. You may want to explore the quote function if you want to respond to someone. I'm waiting for someone to try making sense of adding a rifle division the the PISTOL rules....not seeing anybody coming close to it. The best people have come up with so far is "it won't hurt anything" or something along those lines. There are already matches dedicated to 3-gun, multi-gun etc...and that's where rifles belong. Why someone feels the need to mess with pistol matches is beyond me. For all the folks who say it won't change anything, that's simply not the case, and it's easy to prove. Now for any stage with a turning start we're going to say "oops, you have to add a table to your stage design for the PCC shooters...sorry, it's how it has to be. Too bad you can't have the stage set up the way you wanted it, there's got to be a table taking up space where you might have wanted something else." Mini-Mart? Let's just change that classifier because it won't work for PCC. Melody Line? Hmmm...guess we'll have to add a table for that as well. Gun in box stages (yes, I've seen those recently)...nope, unless you build an extra box for PCC. Beware the law of unintended consequences. The chance that stage designs won't get altered at least a little bit is virtually nonexistent. Stage designers will see how PCC shooters game their stages, and they will respond and before you know it we could wind up with either the stupidest rifle stages or the stupidest pistol stages at the same match. If I was running a club I know I would already be expecting that the PCC shooters are going to start complaining that clubs haven't made racks for their guns, so add that to the to-do list, along with the associated time/cost involved...every bay now needs a carbine rack, and probably an extra safe area/table to accommodate them. LIKE +1
  9. Shadow

    6moa vs 8moa

    Its an individual thing. Try both and use what works for you. I prefer an 8.
  10. Reset your over-travel adjustment.
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