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  1. For classifiers, just get a couple of 24 rd mags.
  2. Agree with Jcgatus. Triggertech Diamond is the closest to a 1911. Minimal take-up, and reset is extremely short, but a little light. Google a review on youtube.
  3. What egd5 said. I'd also add a TF Fattie magwell, MIAD grip, and titanium comp. I prefer the minimalist stock over the Magpuls.
  4. +1 Love mine (GMR 15). Tell them you are a competitive shooter for 20% off.
  5. "But i tell you... after 5000 rounds or a little bit more you have to change these o-rubber rings.... " Not my experience. Over 10,000 rds and the O-rings look fine.
  6. Taylor Freelance Fattie. Way better attachment than Techwell.
  7. Actually 8 spring weights (5 pack AR15 + 3 pack AR10). I like the green or black spring from the AR15 5 pack.
  8. The Smoke Composites handguard is super light but solid and wobble free. Taylor Freelance JP Fattie magwell is the only way to go. Mounting system is way better than Tech well. Can't go wrong with the JP 45 degree mount. Shouldn't be any problem removing the dissipator.
  9. Just put a Smoke on my JP. I really like the feel. I don't see any increased bounce. YMMV. I went with 13". There was no charge for custom length, just charged me for the 14". Ordered Tuesday morning, got it Friday
  10. In my case, I was working up a load and noticed what Black Buzzard mentioned. I've settled at ~135 pf and runs like a champ.
  11. What specific powder and bullet were you using? I tested every SCS buffer available with 115's at 110 PF and they all cycled and locked back. I was able to get a 95 grain bullet down lower than that to cycle. ____________________________ Titegroup/Montana Gold 124 JHP
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