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  1. Charlie, curious if you have had a chance to test out the new Atlas magazines in 40SW.  If so, are you ready to switch from the MBX’s?  I have made inquiries, but it sounds like IPSC legal versions will not be around until fall.  I would like to get another 6 mags and don’t know if I will order MBX or wait for ATLAS.

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    2. Drmike


      Charlie,  I just shot our provincial (level 3) event here in Alberta with my Atlas Titan 40SW.  It was in very dusty conditions which are uncommon here.  I noticed that on two occasions I had very slow return of the slide which result in a change in cadence (unfortunately the second time I dipped the muzzle enough to pick up a no shoot) which I chalked up to grit in the slide.  The second day of the event I lubed the slide after every stage and increased my recoil spring from 10lb to 11lb and had no issue.  Power factor on the ammo is 185 (180gr jacketed bullet, 5.6gr N320 @ 1.18").  I am still using a shock buff as the Titan came from Atlas with one.  I previously shot STI's which had no shock buff.  I am considering tossing the shock buff as I feel like it makes the recoil impulse feel "dead" and slows the slide.  Do you use a shock buff?  Do  you have any advice?  By the way, I have switched to MBX mags at your recommendation and have had no further feed issues.

    3. CHA-LEE


      I don't use Shock Buff's. I don't like how they feel and they add another potential failure mode. I have seen many people using Shock Buffs too long and they start to expand or flatten out and it slows down the slide movement. You may have been experiencing a Shock Buff failure that lead to the slowing down of the slide during your match.


      The other thing to consider is if you are using an oil that "runs out" or "dries up" in less than 1000 rounds, then you are using the wrong lube. Lucas Oil Extreme Duty gun oil is great for providing optimal lubrication over many thousands of rounds before needing to add more lube.

    4. Drmike


      Thanks for confirming my concerns.  The shock buffs are going in the trash.  I have, in fact, been using Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil on the strength of a previous post from you.  I am very happy with the product.  I had used Frog Lube before that and it was a gummy nightmare.

  2. Great post. Saved my butt!
  3. Awesome, thorough description. Sorted out a lot of questions. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I will try this and will add you on facebook. (We actually met once, I think at the match in Fort St. John last year.) Much appreciated.
  5. My swage sense does not have the nut on the top of the adjustment like the one shown in the manual. I am assuming it is an updated version which only has a hex screw to adjust it. There does not seem to be any movement of the two red plates which would allow the switch to be triggered. The shell plate is adjusted per the manual but I will try tightening it and see if this helps with the primers. Another poster has suggested that my primers may be flipping because of the spring loaded deprimer I am using, however I had been using that since the start and was not having any issue. I believe the primer issues may be from a poorly aligned primer shuttle. More often than not they are jumping up and getting stuck at the base of the primer magazine. I have removed the plastic cover in this area as it was constantly the area of the stoppage. I am on the road for the next couple of days but will be home on Saturday and will work on your recommendations then. Thanks for your advice.
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. The Index pawl was originally out of spec when the machine came to me but is now correctly adjusted. The primer orientation sensor is adjusted per the manual and the indicator pin moves freely, although once a case pops it up it often floats there ( I am told that they all do this).
  7. Hi Slavex, my primer orientation sensor throws constant errors (stops the press every time) while my swage sense never stops it. What is the best way to get throught to Mark 7 for support?
  8. Hi can any of you please share your settings for the revolution for 9mm 147 grain. (ie, top slow down, bottom slow down, index speed)
  9. Guys, I just got my Evo pro put together last weekend and am having a couple of problems. First problem is that the primer orientation sensor throws an error and stops the press every time I activate it. I have adjusted it per the instructions, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Also, my swage sense never throws an error, even if there is a primer left in the casing. The swage depth and backer die are set correctly, but it doesn’t seem to trip the switch. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.
  10. I have to agree here. I competed for my first year in Standard IPSC Division with a TSO and loved it. I moved up to STI DVC for twice the money and significant improvements. Now I have a Titan on order. Hard to beat the price point of the TSO, though.
  11. Thanks MikeyScuba, I will check into that. Got a response today. They have assured me a ship date of January 6th. Kudos to Joe A in Mark 7 sales for working this out for me.
  12. Rowdy, this is well stated. Like most, I started shooting different pistols, but was drawn to the 1911’s back in the 90’s (and 2011’s just two years ago for competition). Like most, my initial experience was underwhelming, they are not plug and play. Once you have the knowledge to tune your ammunition and maintain the pistol as it is meant to be maintained, the results are more than worth it. Put in the time, that trigger and the ergonomics are worth it!
  13. Thanks CHA-LEE. I have already viewed the video. I appreciate the great content that you provide, and also took advantage of the free mag with your discount code. Cheers!
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