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  1. I am having the same issue with my STI 40. Went from a coated bullet to a plated without changing my powder charge or chronographing because it was cold out. Suspect they are underpowered now. Some idiot loaded 5000 of them before shooting any
  2. I just got one for my STI DVC LTD. I was very excited t9 get it as I’ve heard such great things. Mine is so tight I can’t draw it out unless I remove the bottoms screw and loosen the top two right off. Still tighter than I like. Any suggestions on how to remedy this Bob?
  3. Primer shuttle was rough, had to polish it as well as its race. They were full of chatter marks from machining and caused the primer cam arm to jam. Other than that, very easy. Now i just have to sort out the rough snap of the Mr Bullet Feeder powder funnel.
  4. Problem solved by tightening the shell plate and switching to the MBF funnel. Can now run at 2000rds per hour, except that there is a clunk in the Ammobot when it reverses at the bottom of the stroke. Some guys from the Ammobot Facebook page suggested that this may be due to loose chains, so I will check that out tonight.
  5. It's great. I have spent a lot more time working out the kinks with the RL1100. The Ammobot has run flawlessly. It was a PITA putting the primer probe in, but it has saved my but several times with primer drawback.
  6. Getting the hang of the RL1100. Did about 1000rds manually, then set up the Ammobot. LOVE IT!! After sorting out some small issues, reloaded about 5000 rds with no issue. Now having issues with the bullets tipping over and jamming the press. I am using the original Dillon powder funnel and have tried more bell, less bell, no luck. I will likely switch to the Mr. Bullet Feeder funnel and give it a try, but I have found them to be sticky in the past. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Ivan, do you use a 15 HD zero for your Classic gun? mikeb
  8. Ltdmstr, i am looking at purchasing a rollsizer but am debating between the full commercial machine and the dc version. I will be using it for 9 and 40. I shoot about 40k rounds of 40 per year and about half as much 9. What are your thoughts?
  9. Just finished chatting with them. I was #5 on the list 2 wks ago and was told that this would be the week mine got shipped. They say that parts are trickling in, but it must be a VERY slow trickle. Now all they will do is tell me that I am still in the queue. I feel sorry for the guys on the customer service line, but I kinda wish that I would have just ordered a 1050. My Ammobot was ordered a month later and is waiting for it.
  10. They told me they were fulfilling all orders to individuals before they filled dealer orders. Obviously that’s not the case either. Glad you have yours
  11. Just curious, when did you order that RL1100? I’m still waiting for mine ordered Dec 1
  12. LEE hand loader kit (in a box) with little mallets, fiber wads, and dippers for shotshells. Then LEE Loadall, then MEC 600. Then RCBS (3032) series. Then a RockChucker. Added Dillon XL650 (life changing), then Mr. Bulletfeeder. now very impatiently awaiting my RL1100 with Ammobot Rev3.
  13. Thanks Greg, I think the idea of processing first makes good sense, especially if I automate. I have ordered the Judge die and will take your advice. Thanks!
  14. Thanks ltdmstr, I will be on the lookout for a counter
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