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  1. Hey Duane, Welcome to the game! A simple kydex OWB holster like Blade Tech's Classic is a good start. Retention during movement is a big plus. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer so I try to keep it simple... It never hurts to go out and watch a couple matches to see what's popular with the shooters with skills and physique. Good Luck!
  2. IOUU is absolutely right about watching other shooters, asking questions and running what you have until you figure out what divisions you want to shoot and what kind of gear appeals to you. If you have to buy anything, keep it simple and inexpensive. Then invest in practice! Welcome to the sport! LMK if you’re ever in the Las Vegas area. We have matches running here almost every weekend.
  3. I’m reworking my belt to use the Bladetech TMMS system. Also going to try some TACCOM shell holders. Any suggestions or photos for mounting the shell holders to the TMMS male clip? Any help is appreciated. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I’ve seen it done by one of the RO’s at HE-Man. “Prepare for Glory!” Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I was looking at the kit from M2 at https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/ratchet-buckles-ladder-straps/1-ratcheting-buckle-attached-to-extension-tab-rb1t-n-blacktanwhite-2-2-2/ . Anybody have a suggestion on using the soft or firm strap? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I’ve read about the Carbon Arms belt but never seen one. Seems like a good idea, especially with those of us using longer belts. Anybody have any feedback on the carbon arms belt in particular or the concept in general? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I have a 16” DPMS that runs great for HM Optics 3Gun. It’s worked for me out to 700 yd.s. I’ve been thinking about trying PRS and am trying to figure out the best value. I was thinking about either building an upper for my LR-08 or buying a bolt gun like the Howa HCR or a Bergera BMP. Was thinking of probably going with a 6.5 CM either way. Any thoughts? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. As Pat said, this rule varies match to match. Most matches now recognize 2 sub-divisions within He-man or Heavy-Metal. One allows an optic on the rifle and the other limits rifle sights to one set of irons. The sub-division that allows an optic is referred to as "HM-Optic" or "Heavy-Tac[tical]" sometimes allows a semi-auto SG. Some matches will even allow a high-cap .40(USPSA) or 9mm(TXMG) pistols. The sub-division that requires iron rifle sights is referred to as "HM-Limited" or "Heavy Irons". This sub-division almost always requires a pump SG and a .45ACP. Confusion is common. Check
  9. There's a group of us forming an independent club that will produce monthly matches here in the Vegas area. We're going to start off with Pistol matches once a month and then expand to SC & Multigun. Since we don't own a range we'll be looking to make a deal with one of the local clubs. We've had some initial discussions and I think we've got two good possibilities. However, I'd really like to get an agreement in writing so all the details and rsponsibilities are understood. Does anybody out there have such an agreement that's been used and that we could use as a starting point? Any
  10. One of the guys I squadded with at the '06 RM3G had a pistol grip stock mounted to his SX2. He said he'd gotten the details on how to modify a stock originally made for the Rem. 1100/11-87 from somebody overseas. I've since lost his name and e-mail. I'd like to try this on my SX2 until I can save up the dough for a Benny-Bennelli M2. Any info on this mod. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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