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  1. Just got my VR80 today and was thinking about designing and building a new handle as well. What are you looking for in terms of improvements. Larger diameter, longer, more grip, sweet titanium? Also, maybe I missed this but it came with two different "light load" and "heavy load" pistons, I imagine everyone is keeping the light load one installed?
  2. I've got a new bath of comps back in stock, both the 3 port and the 2 port. With a lot of pushing from Shooters Connection I'm also making a full profile, extra material version for gunsmiths working on more custom builds who want flexibility to really blend the comp into the gun. So that should be awesome for those who have been looking for that. Cost will be higher as the materiel is a lot more expensive and there is more machining as it starts as a square block. I'll have some pics soon. Will start them within the next few days.
  3. Sorry for the lack of question answering - I'm super busy and don't get notifications from this sub-forum. If you really want to get ahold of me send a PM. There are no "right" answers on which comp you should buy, just like the full size vs shorty vs mid-length gun discussion. But, if you are looking to build a shorter gun and want a 2 port comp - this might be what you are looking for. The data I have provided helps you to see what's going on. Generally speaking, if you add holes to the barrel that is using the highest pressure gas to make the gun flatter, at the cost of more recoil in the hand. My 3 port design uses a very large final port to collect as much gas as possible to use. But it is much less effective than the first two ports. So if you want the absolute best efficiency and are OK with more length - go 3 port. If you are looking for a mid-length or shorty, and are going to put holes in the barrel anyway - I would run the 2 port as it goes with the overall concept of a shorter gun. Hope that helps. I am not doing anything custom these days - I just don't have time, sorry.
  4. I had some requests for shorter versions of the CFD comp, so this run I made some with the last port removed. Great for shorter builds. https://www.binaryeng.com/collections/shooting/products/copy-of-cfd-titanium-compensator-2-port
  5. As others have said the main goals of the CFD comp were to use some engineering fun to validate the design and layout of the ports while making the lightest weight comp around. It provides good dot tracking and makes the gun easy to point. You can use it with or without holes, it's your choice on how to use the gas and I try and provide the charts to help show what that means in terms of forces. A few guys have been using it on shorty setups and removing the third port, which makes it much shorter. Again, you can look at the charts and see the effect of doing stuff like that. I try and keep them in-stock to order direct off my website or at Shooters Connection when you are buying other stuff. Thanks guys!
  6. I like 3N37 and Autocomp, I can get both to shot nicely, but Autocomp is easier to load as the case is way less full than 3N37. With autocomp I've found you can also overshot on the power factor and move into too harsh without an improvement in dot tracking. So you should try and find the sweet spot, which for me has been around 168-169 PF with 124 GR bullets. I don't think I could handle 3N38 with how full it is in the case for loading.
  7. I've got the material and will be working on another batch soon!
  8. Trying to keep these in stock at both shooters connection or direct from my site moving forward.
  9. I've been out of stock on these for about a month now, but I'm planning to make more in the next month or so - sorry for those looking for these at the moment.
  10. jid2

    CFD comp

    Hey guys - I just finished a batch of them and they are back on the website to order. They are only in Ti. https://www.binaryeng.com/products/cfd-titanium-compsensator
  11. I run 9mm Major and the comp works well. I personally like two 3/16" holes in the barrel. But that is totally a choice, it will flatten things out, but add more impulse to the hand. Holes will only help drive the gun down, a comp will drive it down and pull forward so you choose what to do with the gas. For my setup and Autocomp I actually found my gun to run best just a touch under 170PF. So I think I am around 168-169PF. Past that is was just harsh, with the dot tracking staying the same.
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