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  1. couldnt wait on the cmore scope, went with a sig tango 6 hellfire 3gun, under 800, solid as hell, easy peasy to sight in, no regrets, AND, am running the Vortex JM on my main gun...so comparing the 2, its a coin toss
  2. Best way to find sponsors is to buy a set of boobs, and look hot at big events! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I just ordered the same scope . Cmore has been good in the past hopefully this won’t change Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Best thread ever, screw sig and that Romeo crap. Now I can mount my rm06 w ease!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. AM running an invictus hangar, I love it. used loctite on all the fasteners while setting it up, am really pleased w it. Kevin is excellent at cust service,makes a good product and is right in my backyard. even w him 12 miles away, I still buy through the dealers he supports.His products are worth the money. hth
  6. I shopped for 18 weeks for a used stroller, <efg>
  7. no cause the pre built were built like crap....i looked
  8. until someone shows up w a 20K dollar quadzilla pulling a trailer w buit in bar,keg, ammo dispensers, pizza oven and brass pole !
  9. You suck!!! Only kidding!!!! Lol good deal I paid @ 1100 for mine when they 1st came out, that was for a 21, u did real good!
  10. some photos w a "how to lube description for the 1301" looks good, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.767404176637577.1073741828.129160250461976&type=1
  11. I Like the Fiocchi 1 oz FWIW i found this on the tube, not too bad, 1301 tactical cleaning video, they stress do not lube the piston.
  12. They work good for what were doing, I did mark the upper w them, its not a fashion statement but works good for a battle gun that gets tossed more than a 5 buck hooker at scout camp...
  13. there is another serial number under the handguard, I used a set of metal stamps from harbor freight to re stamp mine in on the rcvr.
  14. The only load my 1301 wouldnt run was a light 7/8. It would fire but wouldn't cycle the gun. That really sucked. Back to Winchester Wally loads.no worries. Someone had given me the box of light loads where I didn't read the fine print. My fault.
  15. teased my wife w milk duds. She sat on the couch one day and was complaining about the dogs in and out all day and she was tired of em getting up and whining to go out. She said one of em peed on the kitchen floor where she just cleaned it up before i got home. I said well one of em pooped on the couch, she freaks and says u gotta be kidding me, i had a milk dud in my hand and waved it in front of her face, she screamed and ran into the kitchen thinking i was gonna paint her with it,instead i looked at her and popped it into my mouth. she ran outside and hurled all over the deck...........
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