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  1. Just catching up on this thread again. wow. that looks super cool Ludde... Great work!
  2. looks like it shoots flat. The 20# mainsprings sounds stiff, as I always try to reduce those for triggers, but then sometimes get light primer strikes. I'm just curious as to how the stiff mainspring affects trigger and does it help with another aspect I'm not aware of. I still dig that S2 setup, it looks killer. I hope you roast some TSOs or mates. As far as the RDS mount goes that looks good. I see what your are saying about thumbrest options. It seems like you would get less dot bounce being over the dovetail as well but just speculating. On your slide and frame did you just whack the end off flush to keep the comp from contacting the frame during cycling? It's a great idea, but it would be hard for me to do to a $1500 gun. "I support your bubbaness by proxy"...
  3. watching the brass fly in this vid just made my day- thx for sharing!
  4. I have the dies and need brass. I ordered 1000 cases for my CZ bullshadow SAO. a few days ago. It's back ordered though. IF there is anyone that can get me just a hundo or 2 of these cases I need them for load dev and have pp$ ready - thx. Best of luck to all - I will report back when I get mine setup.
  5. Whoa! very nice, is that a bushing comp? I just got my pistola back from the smith - It's the same as it was when I dropped it off at Thanksgiving... Needless to say this has prompted me to get my own tap and die set and other tooling. I will be running open minor for now. it was good just to shoot the dang pistol again. The Ace Race holster id great, it holds the CZ97 too. Here's a pic and todos: grips interference with mag magwell racker RUN IT!!
  6. Welcome to the Poors! Go ahead and pour yourself a cheap beer and heat up some leftovers, you deserve it! Your plan seems do-able. I think there needs to be some mechanical interference fitting to keep the comp from spinning out of time, which is the problem I have been having. I will defer to the others that have had greater success than I.
  7. Ace Race Bracket - Related to gun in theme of Open Poors... $14 at lowes and $59 from Ben Stoeger for the block. I had a detailed explanation on another site, but I think we all know what's goin on here so I will save the read. Looking for opinions on the outside trigger guard. Right now the winning option is just another piece of angle bolted to the rearward facing flat bolted under the block
  8. I might just do that. I don't plan on running this a lot so I may just build another upper for minor with no comp. That would allow me to weld the f*#ker on ot whatever. I'm gonna float the idea of a roll pin on the bottom of the comp, vs just a set screw. Or maybe 3 more set screws... we shall see... I totally dig your builds on the other forum where I'm newageroman...
  9. Tried a couple more mags this past weekend. Comp spun more out of time. took it back to the smith. will add another set screw and see how that rolls. Made my first pistol grip with local walnut. looks like a beaver chewed it for now, but feels ohh so right in the hand.
  10. http://brassbucket.net/ 100 cases ready to ship - bumped the shoulders back 4 thous. 500 more brasses ordered already and marked for conversion. decent groups with the Berg 105s and ppVarmit and Leverloution. Leverloution seems to have the best velocity numbers from what I've researched and seen in ladderloads. more to come.
  11. cool, thx. I might try that lanolin lube. I have a similar bottle.
  12. Heard good things about those. I made another stack of rounds and have a Ladder load for Leverloution ready. Hoping to have more good news soon.
  13. Hit 600 yd steel with the ARC today. Started by running groups at 100. they were meh... I hade a few at 2450 and sent them down to 2/3/500 easily. Walked to the long range and scored hits on the 4'x4' sighter steel plate. high right due to wind. landed 4 hits, not the best grouping, but seeing impacts @600 is encouraging. I did have 1 Failure to feed, but I think it was related to the brass catcher thowing shells back into the chamber. It wasn't as soft shooting as I had hoped. I was hoping to be able to sight the hits, but even at 7x I was off due to muzzle rise - that reminds me I need a muzzle brake duh! I'm going to start pumping these out on the dillon and get more brasses to convert. conversion brasses will be for sale on my site soon.
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