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  1. Got my first DQ for failing to safe my limited gun on a reholster between shot strings at the South Carolina state match today. I shall pay my penance by spending the rest of the day pasting targets......
  2. I just read through the link the MarkCO posted. I had no idea this was such a controversial topic. Thanks for the insight.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct place for this question so feel free to redirect me. I hope there are one or two RO's here that can shed some light on this for me. For several years now, as part of my routine for clearing my gun at the end of a USPSA stage, I have been ejecting and stowing my mag and then ejecting the live round from my gun and catching it. I do this by turning the gun 90 degrees on its bore axis and racking the slide. This kicks the live round into the air directly in front of me and allows me to easily catch it with my left hand. I then drop that round in a pocket and rack the slide open again to show a clear chamber. In doing this I do not muzzle sweep myself nor does my gun point at anything other than the backstop. I recently shot a local match and had an RO threaten to DQ me if I did this again. He claimed "I saw a guy shoot himself doing that move once". Since I have been doing this for several years with no other RO objecting, I am thinking this guy may have just been a little up tight. Is there any actual safety issue here or just an RO with a different view on things?
  4. Gentlemen - thanks very much for the intel. I will be moving up there next weekend and living in corporate housing for a few weeks. I intend to drive around and check out all 4 of these ranges. If I can find a range I really like, that may help guide my decision on what area to buy a house.
  5. Fellow Shooters, My company is relocating me to Myrtle Beach from Atlanta in a few weeks. I am going to be looking for a new gun club to join as well as local USPSA and 3 gun matches. Would love to hear any recommendations from those who know the area well.
  6. Yep, have to agree. Dillon is top notch service.
  7. Yep, now that you lay it out, that does sound problematic. Well, that is why I put ideas out there before trying them. Mods - you can close this thread.
  8. Curious if anyone has tried decapping of mixed pistol brass on an XL650 with autofeed? I get mixed caliber, range pickup, pistol brass by the 5 gallon bucket. I am considering trying to put a .45 shell plate and large case feed plate on my XL650 along with a universal decapping die to see if I can just run mixed brass through it. Just thinking it would be a bunch easier (and cleaner) to sort and inspect after it has been deprimed and run through the pin tumbler. Has anyone tried this and, if so, what were the challenges? Any special setup required?
  9. I tried QLS and finally just gave up and mounted everything, including my holsters, on ELS clips. I've shot a bunch of matches with no issues so far.
  10. Got a few 12Q's of my own delivered last night. I also got a hand written card from Kevin. It is great to see an American business with that kind of customer focus. It is a very rare thing now days. Shipping was rocket fast too. Can't wait to test them out.
  11. My Invictus Practical 12Q's arrived last night (delivery in less than 72 hours was impressive). They may look a little like that Erector Set you had as a kid but, let me assure you, these things are precision machined. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble them and the tolerances are VERY tight. Even the lock washers look as though they have been CNC machined. These things are adjustable in more ways than I can even describe but they stay exactly where you put them. Will take them out to the range this weekend and let you know how they run.
  12. Well guys, thanks for the advice. I pulled the trigger on my credit card and ordered a pair of Invictus Practical 12Q's and a pair of Safarilald 4 round caddies for slugs/buckshot. I am building out the whole rig on a Safariland belt with ELS clips. I'll report back in a few weeks on how it all works from a newbie point of view.
  13. Ditto what Bishop414 says about skipping the QLS and just using ELS for your holsters. I run a full size 2011 on a Safariland 014 holster mounted on just an ELS clip and it works great. It takes up a lot less space and changes out quickly when I want to swap in my 1911 Bladetech holster.
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