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  1. Thanks, let me email them see what exactly is the kind of operation they have there!!!
  2. Actually you would be amazed how many people wanted to relocate there from US!
  3. Anyone still using the MK1919 or are there newer open shotguns on the market? sorry, haven't done 3-gun in a while!
  4. It really depends on the powder. I've noticed that some of the more expensive powders (VVs for example) leave minimal residue at any one location while cheaper powders leave a mess everywhere.
  5. folks, I'm relocating to Dubai for a couple of years, any idea what kind of hobbies I might find there that are still related to shooting?
  6. I disagree. You will need to reload sooner or later in some weird stage. Better be confident with reloads than assume they won't happen except in classifiers.
  7. oh, also, for the GMR-13, is there any sort of extended mag release for it? It take me a while to find it and that would waste a lot of time on stages with reloads especially classifiers.
  8. so for reloads guys, which mags do you use, the standard 17rnd I assume since they are easier to reload? New to PCC as well:)
  9. Just curious, which mainstream sport do you guys think requires/uses similar set of skills like those we use in our sport? I'm leaning toward tennis for footwork, grip strength, etc, but wan to hear your thoughts on that?
  10. actually mags get stuck in the grip by itself is i just push hard enough. I think I need to file the grip a little. Ok, time to use my dremel tool!
  11. Hey Al, both have STI frames and SV grips. One work the other doesn't. Not sure what's wrong!
  12. guys, need your help. So I bought this new SV signature grip as fitted it to my limited gun. I also have the same exact grip on my open gun. Anyway, the problem is that my 4 SV mags now don't fall freely out of the new grip though they do on the exact same grip of my other gun. Any idea how to tune them to fall freely? thanks in advance...
  13. so questions, if I want to order a shooting jersey but I'm not really sponsored by anyone, can I still use all those logos, etc?
  14. guys, I messed up the labels on all my springs and now I don't know which is which. I mean you can tell which is longer, but any easy way to know which is which? I know I have an 8#, 9#, 10#, 11#, and 12#. but I"m not sure which is which?? thanks in advance...
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