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  1. Buddy I shoot with just had one break...
  2. I was heading to a level 2 match and made it 2 hours from home and realized I left my gun...luckily I was way ahead of schedule...
  3. I've heard production is down and quality isn't what it use to be...I dont know for sure and am really happy with the barrel I've got...
  4. Had an older guy in the squad who had a squib on 3 out of the first 4 stages...
  5. I shoot 1911/2011 in competition, mostly open...I've been carrying a G19 for years, mostly because it fits me good and holds 15 rounds.. I did pick up a Staccato C and plan to start carrying it more once I get some rounds through it..
  6. I always stretch out a little before I shoot every stage and sometimes run out to reset/tape...just to keep the legs fresh!
  7. hankdiesel


    Always keep a poncho in my range bag, at the least!
  8. They are the best in the business for a reason!
  9. I've got a PM9 and it's a great gun for the price. I'd say go for it, sounds like a good deal.
  10. I've been shooting the same open gun for 5 years (20k rounds)...I replaced the FP and mainspring when I got it, maybe have changed 1 or 2 recoil springs since...
  11. Any kind of live fire shooting is good practice, as long as you're using proper fundamentals. Shoot .22 speed steel,cheap and good transition practice!
  12. Thumb rest all the way. Good point of reference for your grip!
  13. I'd say stepped cases are a no go for any load...
  14. I was skeptical that a bullet feeder would have as much of an impact as everyone said it would...I've had a MBF on my RL1050 about a year now and it's awesome!
  15. Titegroup and 147s. It's cheap and works well.
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