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  1. mfs


    Did the romeo fit in the slide milled for the viper

    I know the venom will not fit

    Im looking for options



    1. johnbu


      No. Won't fit.  i used my back up "production" slide.


      But i did find a guy that will TIG weld slides.  so any new optic can be used.


      Nathan@venwal.com email


      He's a good guy, recommended by a good friend. 

    2. mfs


      Or just change the optic every 2 years.

      Is it possible to go to the venom.  I noticed you wrote about having a venom also.  It seems like that may fit with a small amount of milling to "bow out the front"


      Im waiting to see if Joe thinks he can fit the venom




  2. John I had a similar problem with my viper. Went through 2 of them. Check if it is a really tight fit. In my opinion you don't want it to have pressure from the forward or rear. if it is a tight fit I sanded the viper on the front and rear so it fit in with no pressure. After I did this it has not broken again. The glass was coming loose at the top of the optic and pivoting rear. Then your dot is way off When I used a plate in the dove tail, I never had a problem. there was no pressure on front or rear.
  3. Here is the pic of a stock 2 with an egw plate and vennom optic in the back Stock 2 with slide milled in the front. If measured it is nearly .400" lower I finally figured how to shrink the file Sorry it took so long
  4. Putting a pic for me doesnt work due to file size. Sorry. It looks just like the one pictured above. Except mine is a chrome stock 2 I estimate it is nearly .400" lower than with the dove tail plate. The only draw back is you can't go back to irons with the dove tail removed It is awesome. I highly recommend Patriot Defense. They keep improving the platform. Mark Ace
  5. Patriot defense just sent mine back. I did not get the slide roughed up but the lower position is awesome. I did have to use the 1 deg. shim but I am now really pleased. I still have the front sight on the gun and the dot is right on it at 18 yards. They did a great job and they redid the firing pin block. just under 140. plus freight great job and I am very glad I had it done Mark
  6. mfs

    20180126_081116.thumb.jpg.3dd741ab3b1c0f7adbc1982440f01c87.jpgHere is a pic of the grips

    80.00 shipped

    I can send out with paypal payment






  7. The main issue was caused by the spring that pushes up on the trigger bar. It was too weak and caused different strike issues and non function. I used it last night and had no issues. run CO with it and it is good to go. I even went down to a 3 moa dot instead of the viper 6 moa That was better also. This was indoor but I don't think it will suffer when outdoor. I think I may get the slide milled and mate it permanent instead of a dove tail all in all very happy with their work and the platform Mark
  8. I bought a stock 2 used. It was OK but not like the new one I had previously. In the new one I had put a bolo and titan hammer and some other Patriot Defense parts. The used one I tried to do the same to it but had no luck at all. Was having strange problems. So I bit the bullet so to speak and sent to Patriot Defense to have their gunsmith look at it. It is like a different gun. It runs better than my original. Just wanted to throw a shout out to Joe and JoAnna for getting it taken care of in approx. 1 week and doing such a great job on it. I am one happy customer Mark
  9. I love mine with the red dot and egw bracket. Because it is on the slide it does jump a lot. But after a month you get used to it. I agree with some FB posts. Rules need to change in CO Must be over 60 to join in. Mark
  10. I have a set of silver extreme grips for a Stock 2 that I don't use. Anyone interested.
  11. I agree with your measurement. But the CCI is slightly longer than the winchester. so they are both seated and that is why there is a difference. win .005-.006 cci .002-.003 anyway that is what I measure
  12. Thanks I'm going thru the other post johnbu what is the benefit of grams follower
  13. Has anyone thought of a stock 2 for carry optics? It seems too heavy to me. I did change the grips to Henning aluminum grips without changing optic it is just over 45.36 oz Take the rear sight off and add optic is plus a couple of oz. Base pads back to original and I think I am chasing 3 or 4 ounces still Are there any thin grips that weigh less? like a g10 grip I am coming up about 4 oz too heavy. Has anyone come up with a way to get it down a little. Lim Pro will save 4 oz on stock and that might make it easier to make weight. But I am looking for ideas you all may have weight of eg grip = ? That scale grip = ? I will weigh the henning grip and the original grip tonight to see where we are with those mfs
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