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  1. I found 4 of the Hennings and 3 of the Grams kits in stock at Make Ready and I ordered them. They are local to me so I need to support them anyway. I will say this is the first time Ive had an issue with BenStoeger. All previous orders have been good to go.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply and info.
  3. **This is for my Shadow 2 using both CZ factory mags and Mecgar mags with Henning +5 basepads. ** This may be a dumb question, but I need some clarification. The Grams spring/follower kit FKCMG-11 says it’s for the Mecgar mags, but also will work on the “gen 2” 9/40 CZ mags with the CZ emblem on them. The FKC-11 says it’s for the factory CZ 9/40 mags. I currently have the FKCMG-11 installed in both a Mecgar mag and a factory CZ mag for my Shadow 2. What is the difference in the FKC and FKCMG kit? Are they interchangeable? The FKC-11 is in stock several places and the FKCMG-11 seems to be sold out everywhere. I just received 3 of the MG version, but I need 2 more. Will the non MG version work? Also, after installing the FKCMG-11 kit in both a Mecgar mag and a CZ mag, my slide does not lock back on either one now. Any guess as to why? This is with the Henning +5 basepad installed as well.
  4. I ordered these from Ben Stoeger as they showed in stock, but after 3 days of waiting, they emailed to inform me they were sold out. Also the grams springs/followers I ordered were also not in stock either. I canceled my entire order.
  5. Id like to stay with the 2.5 dot. It seems to work (when it did work) pretty well for me.
  6. I assumed they were all the same, but mine has a screw head on one end. I just held the rod with a pair of vice grips and unscrewed it. Slid the spring off and put the new one on. Then screwed the head back into the guide rod.
  7. I appreciate all the replies to this. Ill go ahead and order a new DPP unless I find a used one for sale in the next 24hrs. But a used may just be someone else's broken one as well. I hate not being able to shoot. The last two days ive been just carrying around the frame of my S2 indexing on targets and transitions and mag changes. Don't have a slide on it, but I can still grip it and point and slam a mag in it.
  8. The GunDock. Have to email for the sale price then add it to your cart. I got the 2.5moa model.
  9. It seems like there has to be a way to use some type of contact cement to encase that bottom contact in so that it can’t break lose. I have some ideas, but of course it would void my warranty if I did it.
  10. CO, but the 507 would go on my back up P10F so I’m nowhere close to the 45oz weight limit. The repaired DPP would go back on my milled S2 slide.
  11. I ordered a new Delta Point Pro last month. Had it on the gun less than 2 weeks. Had less than 250 rounds on it. Go to my first match and get half way thru the first stage and it dies. In summary, the bottom battery contact broke loose and moved causing the failure. I sent it off to repair last week. I get an email last night saying it will be 18 days to repair and the shipping time.....so I’m guessing overall about a month. I can’t afford to lose a months worth of shooting/practice time. This is something I’m planning to peruse and put a lot of time and effort into. A month of down time is huge when I normally shoot everyday. So....my question is do I buy another DPP or try a different option? The Holosun 507C seems to be very popular and a new mounting plate will only cost me $38 from CZ Custom. A Trijicon is not an option. The window is too small. I can currently get a new 507C for $229 or a new DPP for $320. Any other ideas, suggestions, advice?
  12. I wanted to give the Boombas a try, but most of the reviews I read said they were extremely stiff and uncomfortable for all day wear. I have Salomons now and they aren’t the most comfortable either. I really wish Lowa made a lighter weight trail shoe. Something similar to the Zephyr, but in a lower top. I’d buy a lifetime supply of them....but based on the wear of my Zephyrs, I’d only have to buy 4-5 pair and I’d be set for life.
  13. After doing my P10F in silicon carbide, I will do every gun I compete with from now on. If I could do it on my Shadow 2 and be 100% sure it wouldn't increase the weight over 45oz, Id have it on there no question.
  14. Ive seen a few on this forum and another dedicated CZ forum for sale in the $600-$650 range. Looks like everyone who has posted here is all in the same ballpark on price. It would be nice to have two cut slides for CO so when the dot stops working, and it will, you just go to your bag and pull out the extra slide with the dot already mounted and put it on and keep shooting the match.
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