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  1. You can shorten the backup rod and readjust, gaining more flare at the swage station. I load a lot of soft swaged LSWC and use both stations to expand and flare. This on a 1050, I assume that part of the 1100 is the same.
  2. This^^^ I have some shoulder, neck and back problems and so far the 1050 is a lot easier on my worn out body parts. I'm still considering automation for the same reasons.
  3. Most hardware stores have springs that will work, I think the last ones I used came from china freight.
  4. It would be nice to be able to remove a case from the priming station without a wrench.
  5. The plastic tip is fine. My issue was was the primers hanging up in the magazine tube BEFORE they could get to the bottom(plastic tip). I cleaned the tube and used a small amount of hard floor wax on a patch then several clean patches afterwards. Its been working great for the last couple thousand. I plan on cleaning it again this weekend. Don't know if the wax does any good at all but it hasn't hurt either. Thanks for all the help
  6. GregJ, yes the tip on the magazine tube is fine. My issue is the primers hanging up in the tube before they get a chance to drop down to the bottom/plastic tip/shuttle. I think I have a fix. The inside of the magazine tube appears to oxidize quick, noticed I always get a lot of grey on the patches, so I smeared a little floor wax on a patch and coated the inside of the tube then "buffed" it with several clean patches. 500 rds (5 primer tube fills) with no problem last night. Thanks for reading and the replies
  7. Cleaned the tubes several times since the problem cropped up. Loaded 200 this afternoon without the issue, used a Dillon pickup tube, the plastic tip that mates with the top of the machine tube nut is smaller in diameter than the odd assortment of RCBS, Hornady and vibraprime tubes I have been using. Maybe they have been getting cocked during the transition from pickup tube to the machine tube? I'll load more later in the week using the Dillon PU tube.
  8. Here is my setup. S1050, large pistol CCI300, loading .45acp. About every 5th or 6th tube of primers I drop one will hang in the tube on the machine side. No particular place in the tube and it could happen in the first 20 or the last. If soon enough of course I can't get the pickup tube off without a spill and if its late enough the follower rod will obviously be high and only a few primers feed. Sometimes it appears to have loaded all 100 and will feed several then I notice the follower rod stops "dropping" at the top of the press stroke. Tapping on the blast tube will sometimes correct things or not. If I have to pull the tube they usually come loose before I can get it out. Once I've had to poke one out with a long thin pick. The tube is clean and not damaged that I can see and I have no problem with the slide or seating the primer. None show up upside down. I do use a variety of pickup tubes and sometimes a vibraprime but I never use the Dillon pickup tubes. I've loaded many thousands with virtually no issues until this trouble shows up. This lot of CCI 300's has been perfect so far, I'm on the next to last box in the sleeve. I have not opened the last box yet. I'm at the point of ordering a new tube from Dillon but I thought I'd see if someone can tell me where I may be going wrong. Happy new year to all!
  9. Watch out for the Brasso, I understand it has ammonia. Not so good for cartridge brass long term.
  10. bwikel, thanks for the info. I see you're in AL, I reside in eastern NC so I understand the heat/humidity thing. We had a 30 degree temp swing today, rust loves that.
  11. Could you share the details on the split system? I'm using a window unit and space heaters in my 400 sq foot shop/reloading area. Its insulated so it don't require a lot to heat or cool but I think the split system might be cheaper on power use and less noise?
  12. Here you go. Lots of good LnL tips and fixes. https://www.ar15.com/forums/Armory/How-to-tune-the-Hornady-Lock-N-Load-AP-progressive-press/42-414607/?page=6
  13. I find springs at the local hardware store and use them on the new measures. Still use the rod but cut the clunker off the bell crank arm.
  14. My wife (loves shooting and forgets she shoots 200+ rounds a session) says I shoot to reload. I like having a system that allows me to load a couple of range sessions for us both quickly then I have time to work on new loads to test because of new components etc. Having multiple presses makes this go so much better, keep the 1050 setup the same for as long as I can while using a couple of LnL's for short/test runs. I'll admit I like troubleshooting and fixing problems, its kind of therapeutic for me.
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