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  1. Hey everyone -- I've been shooting casually for about 20 years (32 y/o), but mostly just plinking with a bolt action .22, a Ruger Mark II, a Glock 17, and some occasional skeet shooting. I've never had any formal training or instruction from an experienced shooter. Anyway, I've recently become interested in starting to shoot more frequently and get into competition, specifically steel challenge and USPSA. The common advice I've heard is "just go to a match or two and get your feet wet", but before I do that I'm looking to eliminate basic bad habits I likely have by revisiting shooting fundamentals. And I mean REALLY basic stuff like how to grip the pistol, stance, shoulder/arm positioning, where to focus the eyes, etc. All that said, can anyone point me towards [free or premium] resources on practical shooting fundamentals? I'm using a DA/SA Shadow 2 OR, in case guides are separated by striker vs hammer. I've seen Ben Stoeger's new book Practical Shooting Training recommended, but I wasn't sure if it would have stuff as basic as I'm looking for right now. I also have space at my house to set up a practice range if people have any simple set up ideas. Right now I just have three, 10"-4" steel plates hanging on a bar a couple feet from each other. Thank you!
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