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  1. I just got a 1050, and bought a vibraprime an man is this thing frustrating. I’m using win small pistol primers. Gonna try it with federal spp and see if those work better. If not then I’ll get some cci primers. It would work well for like 5 primers then one would get stuck and I have to take it apart. Spend 15 mins loading 100 primers with it and then 6 minutes actually loading the rounds. Ended up just going back picking them up with with the tube.
  2. I’ve never shot in cold temps like that. Moved out of the north down south 7 years ago so the coldest weather I ever shot in is probably 45 degrees. I bet shooting in 20 degree weather causes some issues.
  3. My only issue with this is it’s a para based gun. Personally I’d try and stick with the 2011 platform. That way when you have a set of mags and you decide to buy a new gun you can keep using them. Plus all the other commonality of aftermarket parts. The vista “short” is really a midsize, it’s not a shorty. 5 inch barrel vs 5.4. Someone mentioned crappy mim parts and to get an sti. Stis also use crappy mim parts. First thing most people do when they buy an sti is replace the mim internals. But mim done right can be of very good quality and last many tens of thousands of rounds. And having one of these sps’s, I can attest to the fact they are done right. We all like tool steel here, and i agree it’s better. But read some articles from bill Wilson on mim parts. People on here would have you believe an mim fire control group will only hold a trigger job for a few thousand rounds, and that is just so far from the truth. There’s a few people on here with vistas with decent round counts like 20k+ and they’re running strong. And the big selling point is they come ready to run out of the box. No trip back to the manufacturer, or to a custom gun smith for “tuning”. Hell people have made entire business out of tuning brand spanking new Stis. My pantera limited gun has ran flawlessly since I bought it, no break in period or anything. With sti over the last few years you got about a 50% chance of getting a running gun. And your gonna pay double for it. And I have an sti, and an sps. The sps is the better gun.
  4. I have a sps pantera, 40 limite gun. The gun is just incredible. Barrel locks up like a vault, and the slide to frame fit is what you’d get from a custom gun. Gun is dead nuts accurate. Came with a crisp 2.5lb trigger. Every part is just masterfully dotted. Everyone I talk to who has a vista or a pantera says the same thing. Theye great guns at an incredible value. When I bought my open gun I didn’t want another gun that looked exactly like my pantera ( the vista) so I bought a use sti. And have kicked myself ever since. The sps is superior to the sti. I have since sent my sti in to a custom gunsmith to totally rebuild it so now I’m happy wirh it. But if I would have just bought the vista I would have saved a ton of money. my sps was my “getting my feet wet” with the 1911/2011 platform, coming over from glocks and I’m so glad I did. I’ll never go back for competition or high volume range toy. So I’d say buy the vista. I’m sure you’ll love it.
  5. I do not. I’ve never actually shot my gun enough rounds without cleaning to see where it starts failing. The longest I went without cleaning was 600 rounds. 3 range days in a row and it ran just as well at the end as it did the Beginning of the first day. It’s not very dusty where I live so that may be a factor. The only thing that collects in my gun is the residue from burnt hs-6, which is a filthy powder. But even with dirty ass hs-6 it keeps going. Ive only shot smaller local matches and ive had no problems. I do a thorough clean and lube after each practice or match, or right before I go out to shoot again. But when I do shoot a higher level match, hopefully this year I’d probably want to break it down halfway though and do a quick wipe and relube. It only takes a minute. I use Slip-2000 EWL year round. It’s the perfect consistency for year round here (40-95 degrees). I use it for all my guns, ARs, bolt guns, FALs and pistols. Works great for all of them.
  6. I’m having this same problem with my new 1050 and mbf funnel. It’s a pain in the ass. I’ll try polishing it.
  7. I think an 8 would be ok. My cmore was an 8 and it was fine. I’m actually looking to buy an RTS2 now used that’s an 8. I think I’d prefer a 6 though.
  8. I appreciate it man. I’ll shoot you s text tomorrow.
  9. Does that part come with the caliber conversion? If it did that i have it somewhere. If it doesnt, then I can stop looking and order one.
  10. Awesome. Thanks guys. I knew I must have been missing something. i really wanted to get started loading so I made something similar to that. I’ll have to look around though the parts I have and see if I have one or if I need to order it.
  11. As you can see in the pics the slider isn’t pushed back far enough. It’s still like halfway blocking it. It only needs to go back a little bit further to work.
  12. Hey guys. I just bought a used Dillion 1050 and finally got it all set up and I’m running into one last issue. The case feeder slider doesn’t go back far enough to allow a case to drop in. I needs to go back like another 1-2mm or so but that triangle piece that guides the slider back doesn’t push it far enough. And as far as i can tell there’s no adjustment. Once it gets back all the way I can push it with my hand and it goes far enough to allow a case to drop. Has anyone had this problem? Is the sprIng to stiff? Should I clip a few coils? Ill post some pics in a min. It’s hard to get a good picture of what’s going on here.
  13. I don’t think they’ve actually came out yet. That same coming soon ad has been up for a long time now. It’s definitely a cool concept. Redesigning the gun the mags specifically designed for shorter oal of 40/9mm. My only thing with it is the fact that any decent gunsmiths have basically 100% worked out all those problems now with the 1911/2011. I mean they can get 40 or 9 running with 100% reliability. So the t2 is kind of like a solution to something that isn’t really a problem. Id love to see some hit the market and get the thoughts of some of the smiths and more experienced shooters. Tripp revolutionized the market once before already, so he may just do it again. I just don’t want to have to buy all new mags. These things are expensive and it’s taken me a long time to collect a decent amount of them.
  14. I’ve seen them when browsing Dawson or Brazos sight ordering mags but never bought any. The regular ones work great, so I’ve never felt the need to pay extra for that. I think they’re like 75 bucks? The regular ones are 49.99 now. Great time to stock up.
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