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  1. I’ve found that the blue bullets shoot pretty well, but I stick to JHP or some type of CMJ now. The everglades 124g V2 jhp shoot great. Rocky Mountain reloading sellls plated 124s for $158 that are rated up to 1400 Fps and they shoot well too. Even Berry’s plated 124s shot pretty well even though they aren’t rated for major velocities. My trubor barrel did not like Montana gold 115gs for some reason. Btw this is with 7.8-8g HS-6.
  2. You mean the black piece that locks in? How does it work without it? You just hold it in? I’m wondering because I thought you had to use that. And I only have one tube, but I have 4 regular Dillion tubes. And I liked to fill up multiple tubes before I start loading. But I thought I couldn’t do that since I only had only the one tube that cane with it. If that makes sense. I’d like to be able to fill up all 5 at once.
  3. Ya I’m positive. Not sure why he calls them “quicksilver”. But the hammer and sear are extreme engineering.
  4. I have one of Karl’s too. Works awesome. I’ve loaded about 2000rds now with my new 1050 and Karl’s bullet feeder and I can’t believe how fast it goes. It’s crazy how fast and smooth the 1050 is. And his bullet feeder being less then $200 is such a great deal.
  5. I just got into my stash of federal SRP and SPP and the vibraprime works awesome. I mean 100% perfect. But doesn’t work worth a crap with win. So weird. With the fed it takes all of 10-15 seconds to fill up the whole tube.
  6. Ya that’s gonna be sweet. You gotta post pics when it’s done. I wish I would have done a hybrid with mine.
  7. Damn, that’s really cool. If I ever get rich I’d like a gun and build experience like that.
  8. Nice. I really want to try a hybrid too. My next build Will definitely be either a 5 or 5.4. Inch hybrid, preferably KKM, with a pt evo grip, long dust cover. I can’t be thinking about another build yet though. I’ve only put 2000rds though this one. My gun just runs and runs. Don does a really phenomenal job.
  9. With the 7g2 and the ultra thin for 9mm mags I could get 26rds. Most of my 9mm have grams but I think when these get weak I’m gonna switch to all TTI internals. As long as they are as reliable as grams which they seem to be.
  10. I get 21 in my sti gen 2s with tti 4g2 basepads and either Tarans ultra thin follower, which leaves plenty of room to spare after the 21st round so you can easily lock it in the gun. But the feed lip dimensions on the 40 mags are so wide that I had issues wirh the follower popping out. So I bought a TTI regular universal follower and still get 21 and can still lock it in the gun for starts to start with 22rds. I can get 21 wirh grams guts but can’t lock it in the gun. The TTI regular follower is just a tiny bit thinner then grams allowing for 21rds. I cant get 21 wirh my mbx 140s btw. But theye great mags. But none of my sti 40 mags needed any tuning with the body or feedlips. They’ve been 100% flawless. I’d stick with them for 40 Over mbx just cause they’re cheaper. For 9 the mbx are nice. As are the sti but mine needed some tweaking. Pretty easy to do though.
  11. You’re having another one built already? Lucky. What’s the build gonna be?
  12. I’ve been meaning to send Don back my barrel to have him drill 1 more port in the barrel, but I’ve been having a blast shooting it. We recently moved so I haven’t been shooting as much as I usually do. But I’ve put around 2000rds though it and the gun runs like a Swiss watch. Not a single gun related malfunction. Great shooter. Hope everyone else is enjoying dons masterpieces.
  13. Both of my 170s are mbx. I figured mbx works, and it’s harder to get the 170s going so I might as well get mbx for those. And they work perfectly. But all my 140s are sti. TTI 7mm base pad with grams s&f. And at first they ran 100%. For the first 2 months or So. Then they started nose diving very infrequently. Say 3-5% of the time. But that’s still to much for me to rely on for matches. So I’ve been thinking about getting a set of mbx 140s or 155s for matches since they work so well. And use the Stis for practice. Then i found the atlas video you told me about and squeezed them in to the right specs and now they’re 100%. I just bought 2 more when they dropped the price and I’m leaving them stock. Getting that 2-3% nose dives again. Didn’t want to mess with them but I might have to squeeze them. But after squeezing the other ones idk if I’m gonna buy any MBX now. The mbx mags just work so well. They have those tube dimensions right. No gap between the first and second round like wirh the Sti mags. Idk. The sti mags are just such a bargain at 50 a piece.
  14. Pretty sure they’re in stock at other places. Brazos looks to have them in stock.
  15. When I bought my first 5 they were 75 bucks a piece. They’re a really good deal now at 50. I just picked up 2 for 50 a piece and theyre actually different then my first 5. The first 5 I bought said just “9mm” on them, and nothing else. These new ones say “9/38”, and in a different font. The tubes look identical though. And seem to be dimensionally the same too. So idk maybe people thought they were only for 9mm, so they started stamping 9/38 so people knew they were for both.
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