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  1. Well I put the new Brazos trigger group in my sps limited gun and it feels great. Breaks at 1.5lbs. But the thumb safety needs to be fitted. I watched tons of videos, read articles and looked at all the pictures I could find and I just don’t know for sure which part of the lug I need to file. My lug looks different then most I’ve seen online. May have to take it to the smith. Everyone says it’s easy to do, and I’m sure it is if someone could show me where I need to take some material from. It gets stuck on the sear. I can kinda see where the lug hits the sear. But I don’t want to mess it up. Anyone have some suggestions ?
  2. Jfitz427

    Is the Brazos high performance edge worth it?

    I forgot the Brazos is also hard chromed. That costs a quite a bit of money. The blues edges don’t hold up very well over time. But chromed guns do. So 2000 for stock edge compared to 2500 for a Brazos seems like a deal. I’d get the Brazos.
  3. Jfitz427

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    I use slip 2000, it’s great stuff. I used to use rem oil, the yellow cap stuff. Back when I used to primarily shoot ARs which get really hot and really dirty. And I’d oil it up before shooting and the rem oil would be gone by the time I was done. No malfunctions or anything, but I doubt I could go more then one session without re oiling it. Then my BCM came with a little thing of slip 2000. And I could run a few hundred rounds though it and it would still be there. I love the stuff. Not to thick and not to thin. Works great for all my pistols and rifles. I’m interested in Brian’s slide glide though. Even though it’s not like it can get any better. I like to experiment and tinker.
  4. So I put this one back in the gun it came out of, and it’s really strange but the pull is heavier. It was just over 1.5lbs before, now it’s over 2. Sometimes almost 2.5. I even put the same mainspring back in. Didn’t do anything to the sear spring. It’s all exactly how it was when I took it out. 2lbs isn’t bad by any means. It’s just weird.
  5. Jfitz427

    Chamber checker for longer loads

    I think mine is a Lyman, and it works for my 40 loads, which are loaded long. Longest being 1.205. Its pretty tight also which is good. If it passes the gauge it will 100% chamber in my gun.
  6. Jfitz427

    Double Alpha Bullet Feeder Price

    You’re not the only one. 500 bucks for that small thing. Give me a break. I’m 100% still going to buy one when I get a 1050 in the coming months, as it seems to be the only trouble free one on the market. but I’ve always though they were way over priced for what it is. You can almost buy a whole other 650 for that price. And there’s a lot more that goes into a 650 then that little bullet feeder. Honestly the mini is priced right, 150 bucks. But to jump up to 500-600 for the real collator. I’ve been looking at the RCBS for 300, or the Hornsby for 240. 300 seems more like what it should cost. But hey the market sets prices and people are willing to pay 500-600. It was even more outrageous with the old KISS which looked like it was made in some dudes basement with PVC pipes. Atleast this one doesn’t look like a kids science project.
  7. Jfitz427

    Is the Brazos high performance edge worth it?

    When I was in the market for a new limited gun I looked at the edge and was told all new ones come with 2 140s. It seems like there’s a significant chance of the gun needing some work if you buy a new STI. What the % is, idk. It may be 10% or 60%. There’s nothing worse then buying a new gun, a very pricey one at that and it not working and having to be sent back and being without for 2-3 months. It’s pretty much what turned me off from the edge, and I went with the SPS Pantera. And it ran perfect right out of the box and though the 4000+ rounds since. So buying from Dawson or braxos the gun will run no doubt. And i think bob does a trigger job, which the stock edge might need. And if it doesn’t come with a front fiber optic it’ll need that too. If you buy a factory edge and it needs those two things it’s 140 for a drop in Brazos trigger, and man are they great, and the front fiber optic is pretty cheap. So you’d still be ahead by 300 bucks. Or who knows maybe the stock trigger is fine. The big question is will the gun run, and are you patient if not. I have no patience for expensive guns not working and immediately having to go back to the manufacture. But I still might take the gamble with the factory STI hoping I get a good one to save 500 and buy a new belt rig and some mags. It’s a tough decision man.
  8. Jfitz427

    Best open gun for under $4k?

    He is, I talked to him about doing mine. Pretty reasonable prices and fast turn around from his estimates. But I went with Don at venom in the end.
  9. Jfitz427

    Best open gun for under $4k?

    I think the suggestion to just update yours is a good idea. For probably 1500 bucks you could really deck it out. I’m doing something similar. I have a sti trubor build on a pt frame, so not really a trubor. But I’m sending it out to Don at venom to fit the new 9mm trubor barrel , put some cuts in the slide and lighten it up a bit. Then refinish it and the barrel, then tune it for max reliability. As long as your frame and slide are good you could put a new hybrid barrel and comp, PT grip, new Trigger group and extractor, and have it tuned and then refinished. Or theres tons tons of good deals used on here. But I bet you could do all I listed for under 2k.
  10. Jfitz427

    .40 Major with Unique?

    I’ve used unique for 40 major. Unique was my favorite powder when I was new to ,reloading, impossible to double charge a case so I felt it was very safe. I would use it for 380, 9mm, 40, 45 38spl. Very versatile powder for sure., Uniques recoil is really harsh, so I don’t use it anymore. Even with 147s and 9mm with a middle of the road charge it still kicks a lot. I’ve substituted titegroup for all the above calibers, it’s anorher very versatile powder. But overall I think it’s a great powder.
  11. Jfitz427

    Action Question

    I’m a big fan of savage, my wife and I both shoot one, and they’re incredibly accurate. The type of accuracy people pay 1000s to have custom rifles build for. With that said last class we did at the 1000 yard range both of our rifles went down beyond repair. Here’s had to go back to savage, it’s been a lemon. Mine the extractor went during sight in. I thought we were done for the day. Everyone else was shooting 308s. So I couldn’t even use the 500rds of 6.5 ammo in someone else’s gun. But I got lucky and one of the ROs has a basically brand new RPR with a nighforce 5-25 that I got to shoot and my wife borrowed a 308. Not cool. We paid a lot of money and drove a long ways. Besides that mines been great for the 1+ year I’ve had it
  12. Jfitz427

    New akai open 38sc mags

    Mbx for 9 major. And I’m a big fan of the new sti mags. But the mbx 9/38 just flat out work. Especially the 170s. I have 2 mbx 170s, and 3 gen 2 Stis. The mbx have been 100% reliable. The sti have been about 99% which is stilll pretty good. I’ve had 2 nosedives in 2000rds. None for the first 1500, then two during the same session. Then back to 100% reliability. For 40 the sti mags work 100%. But going forward for 9 I’m sticking with mbx
  13. Like others said, there’s approx 1000 bucks in mags plus another 500 in the rig. Which means the gun is 4500. I personally wouldn’t pay new price for used mags and the belt rig. I’d just go buy brand new stuff, why mess with used for the same price. mbx mags don’t need to be tuned, especially 40 cal mags. It’s effortless to get reliable 40 mags. So if the mags and belt right are 15-1600 new, the most I’d pay used would be 1000-1200. So then the question is, is the gun worth 4800-5000? Again, I’d buy a new one for 5k, unless it was an SVI, then 5k depending on the build would be a pretty good price. I don’t know what akais sell for new, but if they’re within 1000 bucks of 5000, I’d buy a new one built to my specs. You don’t really need 8 mags either right away. For a good deal I’d definitely take all 8. But I don’t think this is a great deal, maybe not a bad deal either though. Id feel better around 5000-5300.
  14. I’m not even sure why I took it out of the gun and replaced it with a brazos. It was approx 1.5lbs. Crisp break. Short pre and over travel. No problems at all. I think I’m gonna put it back in my open gun, and then put the Brazos in my limited gun, it could use better trigger.
  15. Being that it’s a bull barrel, it doesn’t have a bushing. But ya you’d need a new barrel and have it fitted to the slide and frame. I’m about to do the same thing to a 38 trubor. Gonna have a 9mm trubor barrel fit. It currently has a aftec extractor, I’m assuming for 38. My smith said I won’t need to change it, and he can reliably tune it with the current extractor.