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  1. Djp55

    Best Decapping Die

    Any of the Lee fans using it on an autodrive? I process my brass to resize multiple times before I load, burns time but I can let it run while I do other things and then only pay much attention when I'm actually going through and loading it, but I keep bending/breaking the decapping pins on various dies because I can't stop it from hitting a tumbled case. Same question to the Mighty Armory fan as well.
  2. Djp55

    Aftermarket Glock Mag Releases

    I've used the Hyve one and it was a good bit bigger.
  3. Djp55

    One example of training to fail.

    When I started reading this I knew right where it was going. Been there, done that. The handloaded dummy rounds are the best approach, cost effective and serve the purpose well. Moreso than the seating for me, since I'm production running 10 in a 17rd mag, was the weight. Empty mag or partially full mag doesn't weigh near as much as a stuffed one, especially with proper weight bullets. Good that you identified the problem, always the first step.
  4. Djp55

    Carpal Tunnel and shooting

    I had surgery on my hand about this time last year. Not carpal, but torn tendons in my hand due to arthritis. Not a 1:1, but if imagine the experience is about the same from the surgery side. My issue was on my support hand, so I ended up shooting rimfire matches for a month or two strong hand only. Was good for my strong hand shooting overall, and good to keep me shooting. Beyond that, erased my way up from 22 to 9 to 45. I've got some pain that comes and goes, but I shoot 500+ most weekends and I'm still good to go. YMMV.
  5. 2 I've got my indoor range that I go to that's about 10 minutes from my house, but I've also got my outdoor one that is over an hour away, but I've never had an issue getting a bay to myself to practice whatever I needed to.
  6. Djp55

    indoor lane drills

    Those are in his books, but short version is practical accuracy is cut out the A zone, flip it around and tape it back in. This gives you a no shoot all around the A zone. Doubles is just working on shooting as soon as the sights settle, which helps you learn about gripping correctly so the gun will settle back into place. Also helps splits.
  7. Djp55

    Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    Area 8 this past weekend was the first time I've ever missed a target in a year or so of shooting with regular matches. I've missed shots before, but never blanked while running the stage and forgot a target all together. Happened twice in one match. One was an aggressive stage plan and the other was a plan I modified after committing the first to memory. Hard lessons, had a few stages I crushed, a few that were where I'd expect, and then got killed on a few. My big takeaway is really memorize and visualize the stage plan.
  8. Djp55

    indoor lane drills

    I tend to do the stoeger practical accuracy or doubles drill. My indoor range is 10 mins away, my outdoor is 70+, so I try to run the basics inside so I can do movement, transitions, etc outside.
  9. Djp55

    PAL Filler

    If you do decide to sell, I'd be interested.
  10. I did. Did the basic tests they asked and it still didn't work. Sent it back and they fixed it.
  11. Djp55

    147gr blue bullet OAL concern

    That's strange, I run blue bullets 147 I'm m&p and multiple Glocks with no problems out to 1.155. Maybe contact them and see, definitely an anomaly from my point of view.
  12. Djp55


    I have really bad arthritis in my hand, I keep my decently warm gloves on until it's my turn to shoot, then take them off for the 20 seconds and put them back on. I do the same thing with my jacket because I hate shooting in jackets.
  13. Djp55

    Common ammo

    I used LAX for a long time. Inexpensive and worked. Maybe single digit number of rounds with issues in well over 10k. I avoid freedom munitions like the plague, tons of issues with them although their customer service was pleasant.
  14. Djp55

    Upgrade issues

    Doing that could allow for a lighter hammer spring to be used, correct? BTW, currently listening to your video series, awesome stuff & great work. Much appreciated sir.
  15. I've never broken one of my guns, knock on wood, but did just end up getting a backup. The main reason was I realized that it's hard to afford not to have one. With the amount of time/money spent on ammo, practice, and matches, I really don't want to ever be in a situation where I don't have one. I posted a similar topic a few weeks ago and after reading what others were saying, that's the conclusion I came up with, for whatever it's worth.