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  1. I was recently looking at this. The new vortex pst gen 2 have some really good close focus. The 5-25 was 25 yds and the 3-15 was 20 if memory serves. Looked through the glass on the 3-15 at a deal and was impressed by the quality. Not going to trade the S&B on my centerfires but really good.
  2. The vortex gen 2s in the Ebr-2c come both MOA or mils. Most that I've seen have been mils because that's what most folks use. http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/razor-hd-gen-2-45-27x56-riflescope-with-ebr-2c-mrad-reticle/reticle
  3. It's not a question of which FFP scope with a Horus reticle has 10+ mils visible. Just pick the power you want for a stage and the mils are what they are marked. It is more a question of which reticle. I run a h-59 in a Schmidt 5-25 on my 6.5x47. I see about 7mils on 25 power and at around 18 see 10. I shoot most of my PRS style stages at 12-15 power. So seeing 10+ mils for holds isn't an issue at those powers. The h-37 starts higher and so you could see more hold points at a higher power. Just off the top of my head, bushnell, leupold, and Schmidt all make scopes with true Horus reticles. I'm sure there are more. Then there are Christmas tree reticles that are similar. Vortex is the first that comes to mind, and bushy has other non Horus Christmas tree reticles. I'd recommend you take a look at the bushy hdmr 3-21. Good power range, great price, has the h-59, and decent glass. At that point, just pick the power you want for the stage and the holds are what they are marked, no calculation needed. Also, a lot of times I set my parallax to infinity and go. I'll only dial to the best setting if it is a single target stage. That works on my S&b, leupy, and nightforce.
  4. My experience has been to consider Rem 700 donor actions. I want to shoot heavy vlds at mag length so I've had to be prepared to replace the barrel or at least have it rechambered because the throats are usually too long.
  5. I have a Rem 700 in an mdt lss with a magpul acs stock same basic setup. Foreend is too short for my preference, but my 8 year old son likes it and the collapsible stock means we can both shoot it and have comfortable eye relief. Thats the reason I got it and the only reason I'm keeping it.
  6. I shot my new RPR in 308, Saturday was only the 2d match I've shot with it. I'm used to a Sako TRG in 6.5x47. I had almost the same score with the RPR Saturday as I did last month at the guardian with my Sako. A couple of stages Saturday were set up easier than last month and I didn't repeat some of my errors. But I created new ones. On the boat stage Saturday I couldn't find the right target at 500 through the vegetation then got off track and shot the 700 instead moving to the others side of the range and shooting the 600. The RPR is a solid platform, even with a 308 dinosaur. I ended up 21st on the combined results.
  7. How did you guys do yesterday? The wind got pretty strong in the afternoon.
  8. Peacemaker was a good match, definitely some challenging stages. I was surprised at the point values on some of the stages. I've shot the LRC and 2-gun matches there also. They do fun matches.
  9. If you want to travel to WV, peacemaker national training center, they run courses providing all the gear and ammo. You can decide what you want after the course. https://www.nraoutdoors.com/schools/long-range-school?eventid=63 I know the LR matches they run are good events and the guys that run them are good shooters. LR equipment decisions are pricey and resale isn't always that great. There are so many good options now be sure you get what you want and won't out grow to quickly.
  10. Ptg is selling a 223 case head replacement bolt and there are the ai 223 mags. I'm sure someone would spin you up a replacement barrel. Not quite AR mags, but there are options. Now I just wish my 6.5x47 barrel would get done.
  11. I signed up for Saturday c to start on the 1k instead of the stairs or the barrels. Good luck guys. Frontline puts on a fun match.
  12. Based on this thread, I thought this might give some more information and provide an interesting read. I'm attaching a match breakdown like Front Sight does for nationals. The match organizer Gary Larson sent this out a couple days after the match, The Guardian. It is a charity match that is going to be held several times this year and at several different locations. This one was held at Frontline Defense in NC. One of the breakdowns was by Mil/LE vs non number of competitors in each category and then average score for the match. Obviously, it doesn't show job in the Mil/LE category and I know not all the mil are snipers or former snipers. The scoring was time based, so lower is better. Winning score was 1065 for reference. 4.2.16-Match Scorecard Summary.pdf
  13. I'm having a respected 'smith, who does PRS guns, chamber and install a barrel and thread the muzzle on a rifle I sent for rebarrel. I supplied the blank and the break. The chambering was $340 and the muzzle thread was another $150. This was on a 700 action. Based on this work $675 for a ready to install already threaded barrel is pretty good. That's like only paying $185 for the blank and a hawk hill or Bartlein will cost 350'ish.
  14. I emailed back and forth with Scott last night and talked to EGW today. Neither have a mount that will work with the Shadow Targets that have milled in rear sights. EGW has a mount for an LPA cut with a JP and an adapter plate for the Burris but the mount is over .6" in front of the dovetail. The current milled in rear sight is less than .5" in front of the dovetail. Guess I'll have to experiment with a Glock and if I like it just have the Shadow milled.
  15. That's my understanding also. I found JP mounts for lpa cuts but not fastfire 3.
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