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  1. Wow thanks for all the replys!!. I just read with winning in mind. It has helped greatly. Last night I walked up to the first stage and told myself. It is like me to shoot do very well on a stage like this. ..and I did. I get it now. If you tell yourself. I always do badly in xxxx. You will do badly. You have to chance even before you start. Thanks for all the awesome pointers. Hugh
  2. Where is the best place to get 8" steel circle plates with stands? I shoot mostly paper but I want to work on transitions and also want to work on calling the shots without waiting for the sound. PM if it is against the rules to post a link. Thanks.
  3. Yes Dot torture is a good idea. I will check out the other drills as well!!! I have recently found that I am not as good as I would like to be at 20 yard shots so I will practice that on the days that I can only get to a lane. Thanks Hugh
  4. I had some time yesterday but it was raining so I could not go to my normal run and gun berm to practice. Instead I went to a local indoor laned range. I practiced fundamentals and long shots but I was done with that in no time. I ended up burning 200 rounds and I felt guilty about it when I got home. It seems almost as if I would have done better with dry fire exercise. What is your opinion on practicing at a range with lanes. Is it better to skip it?
  5. I seem to always make a stupid mistake on the 1st stage. Sometimes it costs me a procedural or points down. I am fine after that. What do you do to shrug off those beginning of the match jitters?
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