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  1. “Shipping costs will be shown during the checkout process after you have entered your address. If you do not enter a valid address, the system will not be able to provide you with shipping options. If this happens,we will contact you with a shipping quote BEFORE we process your order. All catalog prices are in CAD currency. All orders are shipped insured. All shipping is sent by ground. We only ship within Canada” From their website
  2. SIGS, 226, da/sa, sao, 1911’s, M-P, XDM, and now after years of back and forth still shoot Glock better at games, IDPA, USPSA than any of the others on a consistent basis. So I selling off my fleet, and buying more ammo.
  3. looks like the slide lock spring is on top of pin in the photo of the frame on the left. that will cause the slide lock to be a little high off the frame besides other problems.
  4. BTW, talked with a friend who has had similar issue, his advice was call S/A. Apparently they think it is a weak trigger return spring and will replace with a very slightly heavier and problem all gone. So calling S/A on Monday. And will advise when solution is reached. Thanks for your inputs.
  5. BritinUSA, I can never get mine to malfunction dry firing only after it gets hot from live fire. If the trigger goes back far enough to fire. How does removing material, making it go back further help the striker reset? My trigger returns to the forward position and then the striker resets.
  6. I had the same problem but after firing 150 rds. in about a 20 minute time frame. I could kind of "play" with the trigger with my finger on it and get it to go and a few times if I waited a couple of seconds it would reset by itself. the actual trigger was all the way reset but striker not. It seems to be a hot problem rather than cold when the gun cooled for say 5 minutes it would go thru 40 rounds before it occurred again.
  7. Hello to all, Rather new (<24months) to IDPA learning a lot trolling this forum. So I thought I would. Shot some USPSA back in the 80's but took off from family and education. Came back and found IDPA locally, seems better suited to an much older slower me.
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