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  1. To start off I would probably go with a 223/556 built off a Remington 700 action. 223 has very little recoil and ammo is quite cheap. The Remington action will have a ton of aftermarket parts.
  2. I completely agree. I have found in most precision matches I usually hover around 16x but I will increase magnification on smaller targets like KYL racks.
  3. You can never go wrong with the trusty old 10/22
  4. During a stage, I would be worried I would miss a stage command but like others have stated, I enjoy before and after. Music can definitely make a long waiting period go by quicker.
  5. I always focus on the target. I find if I focus on the dot, I tend to drift away from center without realizing it.
  6. Does anybody run an aftermarket magwell on their M&P pistol that they use as an everyday carry pistol? If so what brand and do you have to change your magazine base pads?
  7. Looks really good. How is the optic attached to the slide?
  8. What seems to be the cause? I looked at mine and it doesn’t have those marks.
  9. That’s really unique. Gonna have to learn some more about it.
  10. Skin contact is a way to absorb lead but if your levels are high, you are generally ingesting it. Think about if you eat snacks during a match after setting steel, shooting or dealing with ammo, you are ingesting lead from your hands. I try to wash my hands prior to eating anything at a match. I work on a range full time as a firearms instructor for a federal agency. We shoot 7 hours a day and are tested every 6 months. My highest levels has been 11 in 6 years.
  11. EA308

    scale modeling

    Got any videos of the launch. I really enjoyed this during college.
  12. Greatly entertaining. I enjoyed watching it.
  13. I carry an M&P9 2.0 compact and shoot an M&P9 Pro for competition.
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