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  1. what would some live fire drills be good to start with for a beginner? I know there are tons and tons of different scenarios and so on out there but what would be a good start for a beginner.
  2. for me its not easy to get to do much for live fire training. the range that I have closest to me is public and not easy to get any non busy time to be able to shoot. I do know about dry fire but really don't know if there are any specific drills that can be done with dry fire to help. if you know some please let me know. have also thought about doing some draw drills as well, such as draw from holster and present to a dry fire and try that over and over. also thought about adding in reloads in as well to that. am I on the right track of thinking?
  3. carry with either a S&W Shield in 9mm or a Sig P239 in 9mm. match gun at this moment the only one I have is my Kimber for single stack division.
  4. question I been wondering about that I have seen at matches. do you shoot multiple different divisions. say one month you shoot Production, then the next month shoot open, next month shoot carry optics and maybe one month PCC. I was curious to this as I heard a guy talking once that had shot production the previous month and current month he was shooting open. and his response was that it keeps his skills up on multiple platforms. was just something I was curious about your alls thoughts that have way more experience than me
  5. so for single stack devision. is 6 the max amount of mags and mag pouches you are allowed?
  6. thank you very much that was what I was wanting to be sure of. I could if I wanted shoot the Sig 220 in Production though but not really the best due to mag capacity. correct?
  7. So I have shot USPSA before but it was in Production with a P320. haven't shot a match for around 2 years and am wanting to get back into it. I no longer have the P320 or really anything to shoot Production with. But I do have 2 Single Stack guns that would work. I have a Kimber Custom Tactical II and a Sig Sauer P220 both in 45 ACP so I would be in Major Power Factor. I will have to get a bit of gear for either that I choose. such as Holster and mag pouches. Question that I am wondering as far as a beginner to shoot this division which of the 2 guns mentioned would you shoot. I shoot my Kimber a bit better and it has a much better trigger. the thing I am not sure with is the load and ready position from the start. I know it has to have Hammer down, but with the Kimber it is not a DA style trigger like my P220 is. how much of a disadvantage would this be? at least with the P220 I could load and make ready then decock the hammer and still have a DA shot first up. or am I just overthinking it being a beginner.
  8. I contacted the range where the matches are. With my work schedule and kids and so on its a good possibility that I might not be able to shoot just due to schedule ill have to see what they say but after thinking about it I think that was why I started shooting USPSA was due to the match schedule worked with mine.
  9. I am looking to get started back into competitive shooting as I haven't shot a match in over a year. I was shooting USPSA but have found a IDPA club about an hour from home. I still have my gun belt rig from USPSA but its set up different so not sure if it would be able to be used. I was curious to hear from the group what gun you all shoot for IDPA. I have 2 carry guns now one is a S&W Shield 9mm and also a Sig Sauer P239 9mm. both 8 round single stack guns. how would these fair in IDPA. and also is it the same as far as gear needed? 5 Mags was what I used in USPSA is it the same for IDPA? im still in the process of reading through the rule book.
  10. would like to get a Chrony and was looking for some of your alls opinions on which one to get that is a good bang for the buck
  11. I am still pretty new to USPSA and have been loading for my XDm 9mm 124gr Plated bullets from RMR bullets. I run Tightgroup powder for them. cant remember off the top of my head the powder amount or COL with out looking and I'm not at my bench. I have been thinking about going to a Coated bullet from SMS. what I am unsure about is what starting load to try and powder to use. I have read on the SMS website that they suggest a slower burning powder unlike the Tightegroup which they say is fairly fast burning. would like to get some input from some of you all that have shot this combo before or where to look for beginning loads to try. I have shot WSF and also W231 in the past and it shot fine. the reason I went with the Tightgroup was due to availability at the time I needed powder and it shot really well with the plated bullets I have.
  12. do any of you all have pictures of your personal ranges? I live about 45 min from my club range and would like to set up my own small personal range for practice at home. was looking for some opinions and ideas on how you all have yours set up
  13. The Sig Sauer Tac Ops in 45 acp was the one I was looking at. I do reload yes and I know the brass and bullets are more expensive. That's what keeps me going back and forth. I do shoot my Kimber much better than any gun I own Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  14. Which 1911 are you all using for Single Stack division? it has been about a year since I was able to shoot any USPSA matches. I had a wedding this past June to help plan for and had to stop shooting for a while to take care of some of that and a few other things. I am now at a point I am wanting to get back into it and in the past I was Shooting Production division with a Sig P320 in 9mm. I now plan to shoot a XDm 9mm in production also, but the Single stack division has me intrigued. I have a Kimber Custom Tactical II that I got as a gift from a friend on my birthday so its more sentimental to me than almost any firearm I own so I really don't want to use it. so I'm looking for something else to use. thought I would ask you all what 1911 you all are shooting for Single Stack Division.
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