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  1. would like to get a Chrony and was looking for some of your alls opinions on which one to get that is a good bang for the buck
  2. I am still pretty new to USPSA and have been loading for my XDm 9mm 124gr Plated bullets from RMR bullets. I run Tightgroup powder for them. cant remember off the top of my head the powder amount or COL with out looking and I'm not at my bench. I have been thinking about going to a Coated bullet from SMS. what I am unsure about is what starting load to try and powder to use. I have read on the SMS website that they suggest a slower burning powder unlike the Tightegroup which they say is fairly fast burning. would like to get some input from some of you all that have shot this combo before or where to look for beginning loads to try. I have shot WSF and also W231 in the past and it shot fine. the reason I went with the Tightgroup was due to availability at the time I needed powder and it shot really well with the plated bullets I have.
  3. do any of you all have pictures of your personal ranges? I live about 45 min from my club range and would like to set up my own small personal range for practice at home. was looking for some opinions and ideas on how you all have yours set up
  4. The Sig Sauer Tac Ops in 45 acp was the one I was looking at. I do reload yes and I know the brass and bullets are more expensive. That's what keeps me going back and forth. I do shoot my Kimber much better than any gun I own Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  5. Which 1911 are you all using for Single Stack division? it has been about a year since I was able to shoot any USPSA matches. I had a wedding this past June to help plan for and had to stop shooting for a while to take care of some of that and a few other things. I am now at a point I am wanting to get back into it and in the past I was Shooting Production division with a Sig P320 in 9mm. I now plan to shoot a XDm 9mm in production also, but the Single stack division has me intrigued. I have a Kimber Custom Tactical II that I got as a gift from a friend on my birthday so its more sentimental to me than almost any firearm I own so I really don't want to use it. so I'm looking for something else to use. thought I would ask you all what 1911 you all are shooting for Single Stack Division.
  6. In our club the last match that was shot there were 53 shooters and 3 out of those were carry optics shooters
  7. for rimfire on steel challenge I would assume that there is no mag reloads needed either? and would a Ruger Mark III or something along that lines be better than something like a Ruger SR22? don't know much at all about the Rimfire pistols
  8. My son is 9. his mother and I are divorced and he lives with her. he is her middle child and has a younger sister that is mine also. he is a very timid, shy kid and I think that is a lot due to not getting the attention he should from his mom being the middle child. my daughter who is the youngest is spoiled badly by her mother and gets the majority of the attention. its a pretty tough thing as a divorced dad to try and deal with with out much control over the situation. the reason that I say this is not for a sob story but I am looking to possibly trying to see if my son would like to shoot steel challenge with me. I Shoot USPSA and have just started not long ago also, but have never shot steel challenge but I am thinking it would be something that my son and I could do together and not a lot of young kids he knows do it so would hopefully be a confidence builder for him and give him something to strive for and work at. I am looking at getting him his own gun probably a Ruger Mark IV or something similar but I don't know much about the holster rig rules for something like this being youth or junior and am looking for some ideas if you guy have some it would help a lot trying to figure things out.
  9. im still new to USPSA and am looking to set up some of the smaller stages at my range. where can I find out the set up sheets.
  10. There isn't one Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  11. Guess it would be a good idea to buy a timer right Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  12. Was thinking about this today after my shoot today that I stunk it up on. I need more practice badly. I love inside my city limits so I can't shoot at home other than dry fire drills. My mother's house is out in the country has a small patch of ground but with only one decent area to where I can shoot with a good backstop(old building of ours that isn't used) What would be some decent live fire drills I can do to have some good practice sessions Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. first batch I shot were 124 gr Rainer. bought 500 of them on sale at Cabelas. the last ones I bought were from Rocky Mountain bullets bought 2000 115 grain but haven't loaded them yet
  14. what I have been shooting in my 320 is 4.2 gr of Tite Group at 1.158 with a 124 gr bullet and they shoot great. my gun is bone stock out of the box
  15. learned a lot and had a blast. my accuracy and nerves were a little off at first but got better as the day went on. really struggled on the spinning targets like Texas stars but did manage to shoot a couple pretty well. I did learn some things on my own. 1 bring way more ammo than you think you might shoot. I brought 300 rounds and shot 280 of those. glad there were a few stages that did not take a lot of ammo. one stage took 8 rounds another took 16. 2 I shoot production so 10 rounds per mag. when loading the first mag at ready at first I was using the mag closest to me on my left hip. while shooting and reloading I had to move all the way around to the very back mag. once I figured out that if I load my mag that is furthest from me at the back my reloads while shooting I didn't have to reach as far. 3 do your reloads when on the move. this took a bit and I got better as the day went on. all in all I had a blast. it was the first ever match I shot and I made goals for myself that were small. 1-dont get last place over all. 2- don't have any safety violations 3-shoot at least one stage clean 4-and don't get a DQ. I managed to complete all of these goals. they are simple goals to most experienced shooters but for me I was happy I got all of them done. I managed to shoot 3 stages clean also and we had 75 shooters and I came in 64th overall. which for me was great. I have quite a few things to work on. my main thing I want to work on is my reloads they weren't sloppy just slow was really glad I went to this shoot and got to shoot with a great bunch of guys and had a blast. cant wait for the next one..
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