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  1. Transitions to new positions

    So the stage breaks down like this. 24 total shots. 20 A, 3 C, 1 M. 12.94 time. 7.65 hf. The High HF was 9.58. 21a, 2c, 1m 10.75 time. I’m thinking i need to start sprinting in between shooting areas. I notice i don’t run like some others do.
  2. Magazine round count critical?

    Im personally ok with what I get in my magazines. 29 (28 reloadable) in my 170, 26 in my 155, and 22 in my 140's. All MBX mags in 38SC. Even if a stage is going to be 26-32 rounds I will reload. I have yet to see a stage where I don't have the opportunity to reload with out it hurting me. If I am doing a reload I tend to use 2 155's over the 170 and a 140. I always like extra rounds.
  3. Hello from FL

    Welcome to the forums. Down at the Volusia Gun range, they put on some great matches. The nice thing in Florida is you can shoot every weekend if you want to.
  4. Here is a video from one of my stages the other night. Any input is appreciated. FYI someone in the back ground drops an f-bomb right after the buzzer.
  5. New Atlas Open 2011

    I had my load for my Chaos 38sc when I first got it. I was using the load from my DVC Open. 124 gn JHP from Precision Delta with 8.6 gun of HS-6 at 1.24 oal. Made 173pf in the DVC but the Chaos was 160pf. I have not built a load with hs-6 yet for this gun. I am currently using 9.9 grn of 3n38 at 1.235 oal. it gives me 173PF
  6. going to 38sc from 38Super?

    The Super comp is a rimless case so in the mags it tends to be a more reliable round. All the other aspects of the brass are the same. It just comes down to your choice. Most open guns I shoot with either run 38sc or 9 major. I don't see very many guys who run 38 super.
  7. Loading 38sc with 9mm dies?

    Use the #3 shell plate. It's a much smoother process. The 9mm plate works but the 223 plate seems to eliminate any issues I was having using the 9mm plate and 38sc. I load 38sc and 9mm and have 1 head for each. All I have to do is switch heads, and shell plates and I'm off and running. It's so much easier than messing with seating depths, oak, ect. I use the Dillon Dies for 38sc, except I'm trying a Redding comp seating die. On the 9mm head I have the lee undersize die to help eliminate any Glock bulge that I may miss during sorting, but my seating and clamp die are Dillon. I try to keep everything as simple and easy. I get the thought process about swapping out a die or two, but the time you would waste resetting the OAL, and crimp I don't think are worth it. Just have the two full setups and switch heads. It takes me about 10 min to make a full change over from 38sc to 9mm, and thats cause I clean and lube it during the change.
  8. going to 38sc from 38Super?

    Depending on the gun it may be a simple as just tuning the extractor. What gun are you using?
  9. Backup Gun for Competition - Major Matches

    The way I look at it is this. Do you want to carry a bunch of spare parts, or a backup gun. Now as someone who has had a gun go down during a major match, I would rather carry a backup gun that I can just swap out, and do repairs after the day or during off times. I have a backup gun but thats only cause I bought a new open gun and use my old one as the backup.
  10. My son wants to get started

    +1. I think this would allow him to find a pistol that he likes and can work easily. Things like reaching the mag release, clearing a jam or malfunction should be easy for him. Plus any of those 3 you should be able to pick up used.
  11. Best holster for Evo grip

    I had the same issue with my DAA holster after getting my EVO grip and EVO Insert. I actually found it was the angle of the holster. I adjusted my holster a bit and now its smooth and fast.
  12. Tuning 2011 mags

    If you go to Atlas Gunworks or their facebook page, Adam has done a real good tutorial on how to tune 2011 mags. I bought the Dawson kit which also had a video with it. Both are very good starting points to use.
  13. Replacement MBX mag springs?

    I normally only get at most a year out of the springs in any 2011 mags that I use. I have gotten in the habit of changing springs in my MBX mags after 6-7 months. Since we shoot all year round in Florida, I tend to wear them a little more. I know people who run grams followers and springs in MBX tubes, but I've stuck with full MBX set ups and have never had an issue. I get 20 in the mags reloadable.
  14. Top 16 at National Chamlionships

    Maybe this change has been done since they started combining the Nationals (Optics, Iron Sights, Classic). I remember the the 2016 Limited Nationals where they did not do top 16 but had medals for stage wins, but then everyone there was shooting Limited.
  15. Reload quesiton