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  1. I purchased these for my 650. I wanted different colors for each caliber. I have had no issues and they fit right in. I know he makes them for the 550 also. Dillon Precision XL650 Style toolhead Billet Aluminum CNC tool head Jofer USA
  2. 2018 World Shoot

    If you are referring to the IPSC World Shoot, they are every 3 years. Next one will be 2020 site TBD. The 2018 Bianchi cup I don't think has been announced yet.
  3. Starline 38 Super Comp Range Brass

    Dave are you going to be at the WAC any time soon?
  4. N105 for 38 SC

    Has anyone used N105 for 38SC for major? I've got a bottle and was thinking of trying it with PD 124 JHP. Just checking to see if anyone has used or is using this powder.
  5. I'm thinking about getting a new open gun built.

    Agreed. Mine should be here next week.
  6. DVC limited reliability

    I've got a DVC Limited in 40 and it's been great. It needs longer ammo but never had any issues with it.
  7. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    I was in your shoes about a year ago when I was looking at getting into Open. Do you run 9 major or 38 Super. Everyone has made some great points here and I'll just throw my own experience in here. I shot both before I made a purchase and I felt, for me, that 38 Super was a bit softer shooting than 9 major. That could have been the guns I was shooting, but remember feel is a huge part of this game. I was not reloading at the time and since I only really shooting one match a month, so I was planning on buying from Atlanta Arms. Since they never seem to have it in stock I wound up getting a 650 to load and love it. I can really tune the load to the gun. I'll be working up a new load soon as my Atlas Chaos should be finished any day. I also like the fact that I really don't have to worry about headstamps, stepped brass or even swaged primers. I just pick up my loads after practice and leave them after a match. So I get my brass down to about 5 or 7 cents a round. So in my case 38 Super Comp was the right one for me. So for you I would say shoot them both first if you can. Hope this helps
  8. Paypal

    This is what I've done in the past.
  9. For outdoor matches I run custom plugs, and just recently got a pair of electronic ones. I'll use either or with no problem. I know a lot of guys who will have a basic plug in then when they shoot, or an Open gun runs they add the muffs. I just can't get use to the muffs outside. I sweat way too much. Indoors I'll use a pair of electronic ear muffs.
  10. Using Video for training

    That makes sense. When I was a Golf pro we I used to video students from front and a side view. This allows you to see different things. For shooting, I am slow. As a C/D shooter I can get my hits and good ones at that, but I am always slower than the A/B shooters. I know my splits, draw and reloads are good, but I think I lose the time moving from shooting area to shooting area. So I think that 3rd person would be best for me now.
  11. I've noticed people at matches seem to video their runs from two different perspectives. It's either first person or from a far. For those who video which view do you use and why?
  12. Confused on Power Factor...

    I would agree with this to start. Unless you are shooting major matches where they are doing a chrono, you should be safe without one. If you reload then it's a must have. Just find a good bullet weight that works well for your gun. I know my Glock does not like 147grn but runs best with 124grn.
  13. Recommendations for a 40 cal single stack

    I have no problem running both loads in my DVC Limited and my Sig Max. I have the Wilson Combat 47d Magazines for the single stack. No issues at all. I load out to 1.180 OAL.
  14. Sandbaggers

    But doesn't he finish dead last in every event
  15. Recommendations for a 40 cal single stack

    Agreed. I run the same load in SS and Limited.