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  1. Thank you for the input. Yes, I like the look of the Atlas and Akai rigs with the full length DC's.
  2. I want to have a new open rig built and like the look of the full length dust cover with maybe a Butler cut. I know this really comes down to personal preference...ok...and does add a bit of weight out front...but I think the long look of the full dust cover is more “modern” looking. My current open rig has a gov length dust cover. So please post your thoughts....points added if you shoot one with a FL dust cover.
  3. Had a blue buff in my rig for over 4000 rounds now. Looks like new still. Knock on wood, never a issue with the gun not running 100%. I am in CA and frames/open guns are extremely hard to come from so I want to protect the frame any way I can to prolong the life of it. YMMV.
  4. Check what is posted above. If all checks out, install a lighter recoil spring. The pistol is heavier now and might be soaking a bit more recoil.
  5. I use a 10# spring and a shock-buff. My load is 10.1 gr. of AA#7 and 124 gr MG JHP’s. This gives me about 173pf and is very flat for me.
  6. If you call STI they will give you the history.
  7. Thank you for the update. Please let me/us know what the “fix” is once you know. Have a good weekend.
  8. Please post an update when you receive it.
  9. Thank you. Good to have some hands on input.
  10. Anyone know if the E2 will work with Everglades holster?
  11. I always wonder about the comments of with 9 you do not have to pick up brass. Only to hear “I shoot 9mm range brass”? So is someone else else picking up the brass off you?
  12. Looking at a used open rig built by Honu Custom I tried searching the name, but came up with nothing. So I am hoping someone here will have some info about them. thanks
  13. I was planning on picking up a 2-3 frames (2011 style) and like the Cheely open gun model so going to get one of those for sure. But for the others, I am open. So what is your favorite frame, and why?
  14. http://www.kanolabs.com/google/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5cjktK7B4AIVGx6tBh2fygR5EAAYASAAEgIJafD_BwE
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