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  1. I was planning on picking up a 2-3 frames (2011 style) and like the Cheely open gun model so going to get one of those for sure. But for the others, I am open. So what is your favorite frame, and why?
  2. http://www.kanolabs.com/google/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5cjktK7B4AIVGx6tBh2fygR5EAAYASAAEgIJafD_BwE
  3. JHP’s and clean often. I.e....don’t let fouling build up.
  4. Thanks folks. Not looking to chase flatness at this point. Again,very new to open. It was the first time I had video of the rig from the side and thought I would post it up. Seems pretty flat to me when I am holding onto it correctly. The gun runs 100% so I am not going to change anything at this point. I just need to practice. At 50 I know my go fast days are behind me, so I just shoot for fun.
  5. So I hear a lot about how flat a given gun shoots when it comes to open rigs. I am a total new open gun shooter and this video is from the forth time shooting this rig. I know my grip make a big difference. In fact you can see my last shot had a bit of a dip and I owe that to my grip as I was about to exit the shooting position. That being said...it looks pretty flat to me...what do you folks think? I know the dot never leaves my view...if I am doing my part and seems to go straight up and comes back to where I started. Anyways...again...all new to open. About the rig....it is a 20 year Briley El Presidente in 38SC that I "modernized" with new sight, grip, racker, etc. Load is 10gr of AA7, 124gr MG, Starline brass, and Fed small primers.
  6. Is there a "better" way to contact them/him? I have sent a couple of messages via the Facebook page and have not received a response.
  7. Got a bunch of guys here at the local club running them and we just tighten the barrel/taken down nut until you can barley take it apart. Never had it loosen up or see anyone else’s loosen up once set up like this. Have about 5000 rounds through mine.
  8. I am using a standard STI I bought from Brazos. http://www.1911store.com/magreleasesti-2011.aspx
  9. Not trying to hijack your thread OP. But I too recently got my first open gun and it had the original “big dot” sight on it. And while I thought about rocking it old school....I decided that was not for me. So I brought it up to date with a new sight mount, sight, and a few other updates. Glad I did. Let us know what you end up doing. Here are some before and after shots of my rig:
  10. I have used two dedicated ones and they run flawlessly.
  11. I have ran WWB 115gr exclusively through all of my PCC rigs. Works well for me.
  12. 5000 rounds without cleaning a blow back gun? I can not answer your your question because I clean my rigs after every match. Just like I don’t like a dirty house, car, clothing, etc. I would never run my guns that dirty. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  13. Well my JP GMR-13 actually weighed more than the Ruger. I have two 9mm AR style race race rigs that are in the sub 6 lbs range...Taccom uppers, etc. I am no faster with them over the Ruger. Granted I am only a A rated PCC shooter, but for me these “big” disadvantages folks bring up are just not there for me. I guess if you are a supper high speed low drag M/GM shooter maybe you would be faster with a AR platform. But I still say that same M/GM shooter would be just as fast with the Ruger. There are plenty of GM’s who shoot Glock’s, CZ’s, etc., and Folks dog on them because you know...they would be so much faster with a 2011 style pistol Anyways.....I shoot to have fun and at 50 my glory days are behind me. The works well for me. No better no worse then my AR’s.
  14. I’m sure if you put one in the hands of one of the top shooters they would be winning matches. Indian not the arrow applies. On a local level, I have won a few matches with mine.
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