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  1. IMHO open guns are a very personal thing if you are having one built. What I like, the next person may not. For me I like a thumb rest, racker, 8 moa dot, steel grip, curved trigger shoe, etc. For the recoil spring I install a shock buff and see if it gets chewed up quickly. If it does, I install a heavier spring. I do not want to beat up my frame....I am in Calif and 2011 frames are very hard to come by. I currently run a 10 lb spring and it is supper flat and soft shooting. Dot wiggles a bit if I am gripping the pistol correctly. Most folks run lighter springs, but again, you have to find what works for you. Have fun!
  2. Warranty? Most honorable builders stand behind their work. I doubt if Mark builds you a pistol you will receive a printed warranty card with it. But I bet if you had any issues, he would be a phone call away to make it right.
  3. I started with a 3 moa....went to a 6....now using 8. I am 50 and my eyes just ain’t what they use to be.
  4. Using the two port on my full length Venom. Works great.
  5. No, it is a full length (5.4” SVI hybrid barrel).
  6. Not hating on STI at all.....but here in CA, they are pretty hard to come by them. And if your frame cracks that is pretty much the end of your pistol because it can not be replaced with a new one due to the messed up gun laws here. Unless STI was willing to make it with the same serial number. So whatever the issue is that is leading to cracked slides and frames, for some folks, it could be a real bummer. Heres to hoping they square it away.
  7. Getting some rounds through the Venom rig. Runs like a Swiss watch. Here are some action pics of it in use.
  8. I currently have a two port CFD comp on my full size rig. I am gathering parts or a middy build. I picked up an Atlas comp for the new build. just curious if any one has both and if so, what is the opinion of the two. thanks and happy Holidays.
  9. The problem I find for MYSELF is my eyes need a larger dot these days. I got to look through the SRO, and while it had a nice dot, only being 5 MOA it seems small. I am currently running a RTS2 8 moa and kinda wish I had gotten the 10 moa. it seems strange Sig, Trijicon, etc, only offer the smaller size dots. I am having a new open gun built soon, and wanted to put a Sig XL on it, but the 6 moa dot makes me pause. Probably go With another RTS2 just for the bigger dot.
  10. I do not know if the one I just received is the V2 or V3. It is listed as working with the XL. Here is a picture of it next to my older Cheely RTS2 mount. You can see the material that has been machined out for clearance.
  11. The latest Cheely mount works within the XL, RTS2, etc. it is longer and has a “cut out” in the front to accept the XL.
  12. I was bored today....and it seems like “all” the cool kids have covers for their open guns. So, I made one up for myself.
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