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  1. I went to a CZ SP01 shadow for a year then bought the Shadow 2. I always hated both guns but thought I would eventually come around. The gun shoots great it's just everything else that's a problem for me.
  2. I'm back from CZ to a Glock 17. I shoot the CZ marginally better but do everything else much better with the Glock. I could not get the CZ reloaded any faster than 1.2 I have got some high . 90s with the Glock @4yds. I shoot the Glock faster than the CZ. I just can't take the long shots quite as well.
  3. You posted the picture implying it was relivant to our discussion. 357 rifle twist has nothing to do with shooting a pistol bullet subsonic. In done replying to this. I posted what works for me with many years of experience casting bullets for rifle and pistol. If you don't like my advice don't use it.
  4. You are getting gas cutting because bullet undersize. The rifling mark looks good. Where did it slip in the rifling? I gave no advice for Glock factory barrel. You may have an issue trying to push bullets to 124PF with a 1in10. I have none with 1 in 16.
  5. I stand by my post. You are confusing a problem with poor lube carrying ability of swaged bullets with lead hardness. I have cast plenty of bullets from stick on wheel weights. Leading is not a problem and accurracy is no different than harder bullets. Traditional lube works fine and powder coated will take these soft bullets even higher in velocity. The lack of sufficient lube is the problem with swaged. As far as twist goes 1 in 16 is to slow for best accurracy with most 147gr bullets. I have a custom set of molds for my Ballisticast. They are very short 147gr bullets. These shoot great in 1 in 16. Most people will have access to the Magma 147gr style that is much longer. This style starts to suffer at 25yds. My 147 great requires the barrel to be throated to get proper OAL. http://imgur.com/a/39PZxWP
  6. I use KKM barrels becasue I am a lead bullet shooter. I have seen a lot of different twist rates quoted by people using KKM barrels. Best I can tell mine is 1 in 16. First off there is no lead to soft for pistol velocities in the 125 PF. This twist is not going to shoot 147gr bullets with the best accurracy. It preforms best in the 130 and lighter bullets. Lead is less forgiving than jacketed with twist rate. I use a throating reamer and shoot .357 diameter bullets. Just some of my reasons for using a KKM barrel. If I were shooting Jacketed I would not spend the money.
  7. I put a Lone Wolf slide on my 17 gen 3. Used glock parts and the fit was much better than original slide. I do have a KKM BBL
  8. If I buy a OEM Slide from Lone Wolf will Stainless be legal for carry optics
  9. You are too slow getting the gun forward. Looks you are slowing the gun down to get your weak hand to the gun. its going to screw everything up but you need to move the gun as fast as you can and get your weak hand there sooner. Keep doing it and it will become natural.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have been shooting production. Been off the pistol shooting for about a year. I'm shooting a match this week end with the 24. Im new to limited and want to see how th 24 handles. It will give me some direction on a big frame build. I work in ballistics for a ammunition manufacture and shoot the big frame glocks a lot. The bigger grip fits my hand better.
  11. I went back to glock. I bought a 17 for production and a 24 for Limited. I have seen some info on building a 40cal from a 10mm. Im guessing throating the barrel long will help keep the bullets from nose diving in the mag. I would like to hear from some people that have done this. I really like the feel of the big frame glock. I just grip them better.
  12. I have been shooting a lot of 50yd 22lr offhand and air gun silhouette. I miss shooting the pistol. I'm going to make a match Saturday. The errors I make give me some direction for my dryfire and training. Going to start there I guess
  13. Been out of uspsa about a year. To get motivated I bough a Glock to try Limited. I have a class coming up in April. Just looking for any tips
  14. Before some one points it out, I know the tape is upside down. It gives me a better grip that way.
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