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  1. I put a Lone Wolf slide on my 17 gen 3. Used glock parts and the fit was much better than original slide. I do have a KKM BBL
  2. If I buy a OEM Slide from Lone Wolf will Stainless be legal for carry optics
  3. You are too slow getting the gun forward. Looks you are slowing the gun down to get your weak hand to the gun. its going to screw everything up but you need to move the gun as fast as you can and get your weak hand there sooner. Keep doing it and it will become natural.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have been shooting production. Been off the pistol shooting for about a year. I'm shooting a match this week end with the 24. Im new to limited and want to see how th 24 handles. It will give me some direction on a big frame build. I work in ballistics for a ammunition manufacture and shoot the big frame glocks a lot. The bigger grip fits my hand better.
  5. I went back to glock. I bought a 17 for production and a 24 for Limited. I have seen some info on building a 40cal from a 10mm. Im guessing throating the barrel long will help keep the bullets from nose diving in the mag. I would like to hear from some people that have done this. I really like the feel of the big frame glock. I just grip them better.
  6. I have been shooting a lot of 50yd 22lr offhand and air gun silhouette. I miss shooting the pistol. I'm going to make a match Saturday. The errors I make give me some direction for my dryfire and training. Going to start there I guess
  7. Been out of uspsa about a year. To get motivated I bough a Glock to try Limited. I have a class coming up in April. Just looking for any tips
  8. Before some one points it out, I know the tape is upside down. It gives me a better grip that way.
  9. There is no doubt the CZ is more accurrate. I drive the Glick harder and feel that I shoot it more accurately especially on the move. I have lost the "Want" to shoot USPSA. I just bought A 24 to try Limited. Hoping to get a match in before long.
  10. That is true but...... It could change his mind about which gun he chooses to shoot.
  11. Not interested in looking at anything else. I have decided I want glock to play around in Limited too. I have drank the kool-aide and looking for another glass!
  12. Glad to hear that Im not the only one. Seems I was chasing something that's not there. Can't wait to see the faces of my friends when I show up with the plastic gun.
  13. I started with A Glock 34 shooting IDPA and loved it. I bought a CZ Sp-01 and immediately hated the gun. I could not draw it without putting the safety on. Keep working with it and became ok with the change. The Shadow 2 came along so I bought one. Long story short I was shooting a few Glocks at work and and realized how much I love the gripe angle of the gun. Went to the gun store today and bought a new gen 3 17. I quite dryfiring the CZ. I just never was able to really make the change. Can't wait to get back after it with the Glock!
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