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  1. This is the same set up I run for both Open and Limited.
  2. In Florida I carry my M&P Shield in 9. If its cold out and I actually wear a jacket I'll carry the FNS 9.
  3. I run the Dawson Magwells on both of my EVO gripped guns with out any fitting. Both just slid right on.
  4. I added the Atlas Slide stop thumb rest to my limited gun and it made a huge difference. I was able to keep the gun on target even with a weak grip.
  5. This. I used the CMore slide ride on my first open gun and when I got my Chaos I put a RTS2 on it and had no issues at all.
  6. I run 3n38 in my 38sc load and I love it. I am running 124gr JHP and not 115gr. I run 9.8 grain but then I have 3 popple holes. You would have to run about 1450fps to make major at 165. Check out the reloading section. I'm sure there is someone loading with the same cocktail.
  7. John Carpenters Halloween, Poltergeist and Friday the 13th.
  8. So with primers being hard to get, can you pull a live primer from a case?
  9. Check this. I had the same thing happen to me with an open gun and the overtravel screw was 1/2 turn away from falling out.
  10. If you look in the General Reloading section there are, like Sarge said, enough posts that will give you more than you need. I can tell you from my experience, I started with a basic 650. Then added the Strong Mount, Roller handle and case feeder later. I did buy extra primer tubes and a small parts kit just in case.
  11. I agree with the MBX. I have run them in both my limited and open guns without fail. They come ready to rock out of the package.
  12. So I currently have one of the EVO grips on my open gun. Has anyone compared the EVO to other steel grips and noticed a huge difference? Mostly the Cheely E2 grip.
  13. I started out with a Glock 22. It was a great way to start and run with what I had.
  14. I have run Dawson Tool less guide rods on all my 2011's. Makes takedown that much easier.
  15. Our club uses a system where we have 2 or 3 RO's on each squad. There may be more but we do have at least 2. The RO's do a good job at keeping people on task and helping reset and break down.
  16. Yes same issue. I had same issue at Sunday's match but the optic was coming loose from mount as well, which is why I stopped after 4 stages. Looking at it now I'll take it off clean it and remount it to see what happens.
  17. So the optic is over a year old, and like an idiot I completely forgot to loosen the locking screw. So I'll try again tomorrow and see if this makes a change. I also have a backup optic I can mount to rule out the gun. Everything else is tight on the gun and barrel locks up great.
  18. Ok so I have a RTS2 on my open gun and at the last match it wound up getting out of sight. Took it to the range today and everything is about 5 inches right at 10 yards. Tried adjusting the screws and everything is still 5 inches right. Everything points to the Optic going bad. I would think if it was a gun issue adjusting the dot would correct it. Any thought or am I missing anything.
  19. Most people I know who run 2 slides run 9mm and 40s&w. This can be done but you will need magazines for each caliber. I see the appeal of having one frame and multiple slides, but If I was doing this I'd keep the Glock for the woods. I also run a Glock 22 for when I hunt as a sidearm. Having a slide built out for each will cost as much if not more than each gun.
  20. I run a 17# and use CCI's Never had a problem unless it's a high primer.
  21. I run 2 170, 2 155 and 2 140 at every match. I mostly use the 170 unless I have a reload, then I start with the 140 and reload with the 170 or 155 depending on the stage. I don't notice a huge difference between the two, but it's always nice to have the spares around.
  22. As someone who ran a DVC-open for a couple of years, here is what I can tell you. 1. Take down would be the same as any 2011. There are tons of videos on YT. 2. I had issues out of the box running 38 supercomp. Bought an Aftec in 38SC and that fixed the issue. I also realized after this that the gun was tuned for 38 super. So my mistake there. 3. Standard gun cleaning after every 1000-1500 rounds. Also gives me a chance to check for any other issues that may be happening before something breaks. I run 124 JHP's and they seem to keep things cleaner 4. I had spare springs, batteries, extractor in my bag. For me unless I'm at a major match anything that takes longer than a quick trip to the safe table to fix is not worth keeping a whole shop in your bag. If you are shooting a lot of majors or doing heavy travel then yes a backup is a must. After 2 years I went and bought an Atlas Open gun and have never looked back. Not a single issue with it and even wound up selling the DVC Open. A lot of it depends on what you feed it. Think of it like this. If you had a high performance race car would you fill it with cheap gas all the time? Hope this helps.
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