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  1. Scope Feedback

    Scope choices are driven by your budget. So many good choices these days. As Cuz mentions, Vortex makes good optics but they are heavier than other brands.
  2. Any love for mag block PCC's ???

    I've been using a Spikes Tactical mag block on a PSA Colt style lower for 4 years with no problems. When I built the PCC, there were no dedicated lowers. If I were building it today, I would start with a dedicated 9mm lower since they're so cheap. If you're going the SBR route, you may want to use a mag block so you can use one registered lower with both 9mm & 556 and pay only one $200 ATF fee.
  3. Best PCC trigger?

    Which brand of DI PCC are you using?
  4. Best PCC trigger?

    Who's DI PCC?
  5. Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve

    Ultimately you may find that you just don't like the angle of the Glock grip. There's nothing wrong with changing guns to one that feels better in your hand. A few years ago the production division was mostly Glocks and now we have plenty of M&Ps.
  6. Have about 5,000 rounds on my CMMG with no problems of any kind.
  7. Easing transition to plastic pistols?

    Watch this 4 minute video and search for others by Mr Leatham. A proper grip is a proper grip regardless of which gun you use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNNlb7QjfGI
  8. Homemade shell caddies?

    How about $18 for the Taccom quad? http://www.cactustactical.com/TACCOM-4UP-DUALOAD-SHOTSHELL-AMMUNITION-CARRIER_p_855.html
  9. For those using lowers that use Colt style mags, make sure you also clean the feed ramp. Even after just 100 rounds it gets really dirty.
  10. AR9

    Normal 35 ft.lb. - 80 ft.lb. torque range. Nothing special about a AR 9mm barrel other the lack of a gas port.
  11. CR Speed belts.

    Check the Ben Stoeger site: Ben Stoeger If you can settle for black, this Ebay seller currently has them up to 48". Ebay link And Dawson has them up to 50" in black: Dawson Precision
  12. Grip tape ideas (need some)

    I'm surprised you had an issue with a Talon grip. I've been using them on my polymer competition guns down here in sweaty Florida and never had an issue. I just used the alcohol pad that came with the grip.
  13. I'm not a medical guy but I review this guy's FB page and get some great real world info on injuries & equipment that works. He's a retired 18D from Delta. https://www.facebook.com/witchdoctactical/
  14. 9mm Barrel Question, WHO?

    I've used a Wilson Arms 7.5" for 3+ years with no problems. Wilson sells via: http://www.jsesurplus.com/ar9mm.aspx
  15. PCC

    Jerry- Steel challenge matches will be a good fit. Normally no movement and you can shoot rimfire or PCC.