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  1. O.K. Upgrade is done. Mark IV with VQ LLV 6

    Will the PAC-LITE work? https://www.tacticalsol.com/pac-lite-accessories/black-dog-holsters-7844m
  2. Mx - Give us an update on your testing. Did the drum run in your gun?
  3. Lyman Ultrasonic cleaner

    I haven't used the Lyman solution, but I've used the Hornady One Shot Sonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Firearms Cleaning Solution on various Glock barrels with no discoloration.

    How about this one? https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Henning-Tanfoglio-Frame-Competition-Magwell-P4339.aspx
  5. Grip Tape

    I bought a 24" x 9" long remnant on Ebay pretty cheap.
  6. After 4 years and thousands of rounds, I had this failure occur in a match last week. I dropped the bolt and the latch flew 8 feet forward. Finished the match with no furthur issues. PSA handle. The Badger Ord. latch is fine.
  7. 686 plus pro series, suggest a smith?

    add http://pinnaclehighperformance.com/ and Clark Custom guns. Tom at TK may be the fastest turnaround. He did a moon clip machining job for me with a 3 day turnaround. The S&W package includes cylinder chamfering which others don't include.
  8. silicon/carbide, aluminum oxide

    Where did you get the 60 grit SC?
  9. C-More Thoughts

    FYI re: changing dot modules ... You can put the aluminum dot in the polymer sight, but you would need to file the corners of the polymer dot to fit it in the aluminum sight.
  10. 9mm conversion

    Yes you list the caliber in box 4c of the ATF form 5320.1 (aka form 1). No, changing calibers does not void the paperwork unless it's a permanent change. You have to notify the ATF when you make permanent changes to your SBR/SBS.
  11. PCC inconsistent cycling???? Why?

    Do you have any factory ammo on hand that you can test with?
  12. Hahn 9mm adapter

    jbran - check out my SBR bolt picture in this thread: http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/252550-colt-9mm-magazine-feed-question/?tab=comments#comment-2810470 With your mag inserted in tripod mode, is your ejector aligned correctly with the bolt ejector channel? If it's getting jammed up against the top of the channel, you need to lower & tighten the mag block. They do creep upwards if not kept tight.
  13. Sw686 Competitor trigger pull

    You'll probably get a lot more feedback in the Revolver forum. Love my 686 revos.
  14. Holosun 515C

    I think they are very well made sights. Unfortunately for me, 2 MOA is too small for action or steel, and 65 MOA is too large and is larger than the cardboard targets & steel plates. I had to return it for that reason. Also, I told Holosun at SHOT Show that competition shooters prefer mechanical (instantaneous) reticle switching rather electronic switches which take too long. For the money Holosun sights are a great value. If they come out with a 2 MOA & 35 - 50 MOA circle, I would buy 5 of them. Just my 2 cents.