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  1. Isn't a 9mm bullet .355-.356? Thank you both for your input...
  2. I need to throat a barrel.. Very familiar with rifle reamers and throaters, but not so much with pistol reamers.. This is for a 9x19 barrel with a short throat to be used in production and CO.. One of the tool vendors has a throater they're calling for a 9mm but the diameter is .3575. I'm sure that would be correct for a .38/.357 but seem to recall you use a .356 reamer for the 9mm? Can anybody enlighten me ? Thanks !
  3. After messing with the Dillon die several times I think I have now solved the decapping pin issue.. As I mentioned, I had tapered the pin but from another thread saw that you needed to also put a radius on the point, no sharp edges.. Seems to have worked.. Thanks all..
  4. I have toolheads and dies for the .40 and .45 that run flawlessly.. Several thousand rounds ago I set up for 9mm.. I'm having issues with the Dillon resize die.. Ten percent of the primers fail to stay ejected from the case after sizing.. I tapered the knockout pin quite a lot but still have problems.. Sooo, I've run both a Redding and a Lee resizer. Neither have the primer issue but neither allows unimpeded flow of the work.. After turning the star on the shellplate the case almost always doesn't quite line up with these sizing die.. I have to give the shellplate star a tiny nudge to get it lined up so I can raise the ram... Do any of you knowledgeable folks have any advice that might help me solve these little problems?? If I could solve the primer problem with the Dillon die I'd be fine.. Or if I could solve the alignment issue with the other size dies --- I'd be fine... Thanks in advance !!
  5. Quick follow up... Beveled the pin, didn't resolve the problem.. Had a spare pin from a set of .45 dies so installed it in the .40 die.. The new pin, which is the same diameter as the old, seems much better but I'm still experiencing the same problem... Almost every case that retains the old primer is a speer nickel case, and unfortunately I have a lot of 'em.. The pins are around .072 in diameter, guess I could take the diameter down a few thousandths to see if that would help. Need to call Dillon and get a few extra pins !
  6. Thanks Grumpy... Don't know why I got -0- results with the search... I'll figure that out later. Back to the loading room !
  7. tried the search and got no results... Perhaps it won't work because I only have 27 posts ?? Anyway, appreciate it... I'll give it a bit of a bevel and see how it goes...
  8. Bevel it on one side or two or ?? Thanks for the reply !
  9. My resizing/decapping die is not decapping all the time... Maybe 5 cases out of a hundered won't pop the primer out.. I took the die apart, cleaned and inspected... The decapping pin is tight in the collet and appears undamaged.. I have the die screwed down to touch the shellplate then back off .001, or a tiny bit, lol.. Any ideas for a remedy ?? Appreciate any comments
  10. The one without the slide cutouts....
  11. Thanks guys, appreciate your taking time to help an old guy who's a newbie to the sport.... Guess I got onboard here back in 2011 but I've been gone doing other things and actually shot my first two USPSA matches within the last couple of months. Not new to competition but am new to pistol competition even though I've been shooting them for half a century!
  12. Well I tried to search for steel grip for STI before I posted.... Nothing found, it said... Sorry the question was found to be ''weak''.......... Just trying to learn..
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