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  1. Hi Todd I will take all the 357 Sig brass. Sending a pm.
  2. I have an EFAB on my RDB and while it does not work as well as the competition brakes, it does a better all round job of acting like a brake, reducing the concussion wave and flash hiding than any of the competition brakes. I really hate RO'ing those guns with the competition brakes. Hurts my ears even with ear pro. With the EFAB concussion is almost nothing, flash when shooting as it gets dark is very well controlled and it still works as a brake without pushing the barrel down. Good choice for a home defense brake or any rifle that will be fired in a confined space.
  3. Thank you for the review. Thanks for spending the time and money. Great job. I had never seen all the types together before to compare them without being on someones belt. I have the Invictus caddys and I am good at knocking shell loose. Your review has given me an idea how to mod mine.
  4. My choke tube likes to come loose, also. I bought a proper wrench and tighten it down before a match but still have to check it part way through the match and re-tighten if needed. Not always needed. No Loctite for me, I might want to change it someday.
  5. Mine was also done by Roth with the captured follower. Looks just like the picture on their website. Works really well.
  6. babue

    Feedback Thread

    Todd is a great guy to deal with. He went out of his way to sort out some 357 Sig brass for me. Thanks.
  7. Mine has an allen screw set below the surface. I think it is to keep the follower from coming out to far after opening up the port. Looking inside the port I can see the tip of the screw catching the follower.
  8. My VersaMax had work done by Roth. If you check the pictures at this link, they have a good picture of their port. https://rothperformance.com/product/remington-versa-max-custom-work-option-1/#install-roth-oversize-bolt-release-button
  9. If you are new to trying the 3-gun game, I would just leave the gun as is until you run a few matches and see if you like them. You can load two now and get the port opened up and quad load later with the right caddies. I ran my first 6 or 8 matches with my Vang Comp 1100. I was way slower than most everyone but learned the game and then decided to invest in a more tricked out gun.
  10. DTV.Qx28 I will second that, the 28 is very wide and I would get the 20 lite, if buying again. I may just order the 20 lite back plate or make one. I took one set off each end of the 28 and that is better but I think the 20 lite, which has a smaller back plate would fit the best.
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