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  1. Compensator effective?

    One of the old school tests on comp effectiveness was to use masking tape and tape over the ports to do it, start with a unloaded gun, you run a strip of making tape around the circumference of the comp and fire a shot, did the blast blow the tape apart? if yes then repeat with 2 layers, then 3 and continue until the tape holds totally unscientific, but you'll know if the comp is working
  2. Chester Bennington

    Another one lost to suicide RIP http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/07/20/linkin-parks-chester-bennington-dead-at-41.html
  3. 2011 Build Parts Check

    Another option for slides is brazos custom he sell both caspain and sti slides already lightened http://www.1911store.com/slides.aspx the price at first seem a little high, but once you consider the cost of the slide and the work that's done, it turns out to be Pretty reasonable
  4. Maybe sell the case feeder and use that money towards a bullet feeder whenever I mcgiver something, I usually end up spending more money than if I just bought the thing
  5. How did I do for $900?

    That looks like my old mclearn gun that I shot for years Egw has base pads for the old style mags http://www.egwguns.com/base-pads/
  6. Shooter connection has them in stock i recently installed a MBX buffer with their yellow spring in my psa and I had feeding issues that looked like the bolt was short stroking i ended up putting the stock spring and adjusting the buffer to the short position, now the gun runs, soft shooting and I can manually lock back the bolt, which was damn near impossible with the yellow spring
  7. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    It could be an old baer gun one of my shooting buddies had one similar to that the scope mount is a red buff, they were popular in the early 90, if you decide to replace it, they had to machine off the plunger tube and the mount replaces it. You'll have to cut off the mount above the plunger tube. the dust cover on the para is thin compared to a sti, but they did drill and tap those for scope mounts
  8. Double alpha makes a click knob for the powder measure that works well it looks kinda hinky, and uses a zip tie to hold part of it in place, I recently moved my powder measure from my 9mm tool head to load 357 mag, end up going 139 clicks up, when I returned it back to the 9, I went 139 clicks down and it returned back throwing 3.5 gr of 231 https://www.doublealpha.biz/click-adjustable-powder-knob?osCsid=bcd6843fbff6e341b1872176472a19a6 Also so the roller handle is a must
  9. Okay WTH is this now?

    Bob krieger did mine in the 90's, I believe he patented it and licensed it to 3 other gunsmiths, of which only Doug Jones is left when I broke a rail, he wanted the gun back so he could fit the rails Doug jones did my last one, and I can't recommend him highly enough, quick service, fantastic work, real old school gunsmith
  10. Is this a good deal?

    Egw built solid guns back in the day, I've seen a few and they were all top notch the only thing I'd change on it's the scope mount, the red buff is a little bulky, but unfortunately the mount replaces the plunger tube. The the one I've see replaced cut the mount off above the plunger tube and then they drilled and tapped the dust cover for the scope mount btw 5k is nothing on an open gun, it barely broken in
  11. Is this a good deal?

    Do you know who built it and round count looking at the pictures it looks like an old EGW gun, the fact that it's a super should not be a deal breaker if you get your brass back at your local matches
  12. I run a magpul bad lever on my psa colt lower the fit was kinda sloppy, so I Jb welded it the the bolt catch
  13. PSA Barrel

    I just look inside the case, the step is fairly easy to spot, and like you, reading headstamps an't as easy as it used to be
  14. Okay WTH is this now?

    It's not cheap they are much more common on open guns where slide to frame fit is more critical due to the frame mounted optic, where you aim with the frame instead of the sights on top of the slide and no they're not welded, the frame and slide are machined to accept the rails, and the rail are bent and fit in a hole in the frame btw, those rails are hard, and if you bend them they will break
  15. Powder mixing question

    4th of July is coming up i would pour it out in a few small piles with a powder trail in between them some place safe, not in dry brush, not next to your house light it and celebrate our freedom