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  1. It will, but not much my load data shows 165 blue bullet over 4.4 of titegroup gave me a 160pf thru a 6” barrel maybe you should look for the lightest bullet you can find and try that
  2. I use this https://www.amazon.com/Allen-Tactical-Wedge-Rifle-Case/dp/B00UFDU04S/ref=sr_1_4?s=sports-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1515148929&sr=1-4&keywords=allen+tactical+case the 32” case barely fits a AR Carbine with the stock collapsed and a 16.1” barrel with no flash hider or any muzzle device that extends out past 16.1”
  3. Remove Holes

    I would get another mount that’s moves the scope back and has a blast shield
  4. Heads Up

    A dillon press is one of the few thing you can use for 10 years and sell it for what you paid for it
  5. Blowing primers question?

    there’s a bunch of threads on stepped brass the bottom line is they have reduced case capacity and cause all kinds of trouble to reloaders
  6. Blowing primers question?

    9mm? this is becoming a standard answer for all 9mm questions regarding over pressure, blown cases, case head separations have you checked for stepped brass
  7. 20 years ago ...

    Jack I remember seeing you at the old Desert Classic 20 some odd years ago when you shot for Springfield Armory You had just blazed thru a stage, and I asked someone who the hell was that guy, I never heard of you before, but to this day you left a lasting impression. the simple fact of life is, life gets in the way it sounds like you left the sport to earn a living and raise a family, and now you want to come back well, go for it, find a club Match and have fun be safe and hit the targets and have fun remember what drew you the the sport before and have fun do that first, then worry about the Nationals later oh and read the rule book, it’s changed a lot over the last 20 years
  8. I saw one years ago the front of the c-more was directly to the rear of the ejection port, the back was hanging past the end of the slide most holsters should work as long as it doesn’t have a thumb break or retention hood
  9. 9mm conversion

    I got a KAK industries mag block, it’s $100 and works well the only fitting I did was the magwell was a little tight and the mags wouldn’t drop free, so I opened it up some https://www.kakindustry.com/ar-15-parts/lower-parts/ar15-9mm-mag-adaptor
  10. Advice - Old School Open Gun

    I’m late to the party, I ran a similar gun for years that looks like an old caspian mount, and their old 3 port comp on a hybicomp barrel you might check with caspian on the hole spacing, back then the weigend pattern was common and with that barrel set up, you’ll be venting a ton of gas, hs-6, and silhouette will work, I would also try 115 and 124 bullet weight what I would do, is add grips and a magwell, and go shoot the thing, and make sure it works the old Tasco PDP scopes were fairly common back then, and we all had a spare in the range bag because they would all break, then once it breaks. I would ditch the mount, if the hole spacing is not the today’s standard of the c-more pattern, I would get a blank mount and have a gunsmith custom drill for you
  11. That would be me 115 blue bullets at 1500 FPS no leading in the barrel, some buildup in the comp and as a bonus I found the same powder charge pushes a 124 gn JHP to major
  12. First Open Pistol

    Old school is the best school that’s an old world class pistol carbon fiber mount, made by George Hueing the hole spacing was different from everything else, but back then everybody made stuff to their spec that mount should work with most 30mm tube red dots, the last one I used was a adco eclipse one place to check on the old 1st gen caspian frames is under the grips, they were prone to crack from the frame window under the grips to the grip safety cutout, caspian and other gunsmiths fixed it by weld a reinforcement plate in there
  13. PSA AR9

    One thing to check on the psa bolts is the roll pin holding the extractor in place I was having extraction problems and it drove me nuts, replaced the extractor, reamed the barrel because I was getting stuck rounds, nothing worked then I noticed the extractor could be pushed back into the bolt tunnel because the roll pin was bent, when it went into battery sometimes the extractor would snap over the rim, others it would push back into the bolt and drive the round harder into the chamber and repeated cycling to clear the round only made it worse i now consider the rollpin to be a wear item, every time I pull the extractor I’m replacing the roll pin
  14. CFD comp

    Are they available and have you made any in steel instead of Ti