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  1. I like the Under Armour Fish hunter shorts.
  2. I started on a 650 and have been loving it. I load 38 SC, 40S&W and 9mm. With a case feeder it's very simple to operate.
  3. I have a couple of weeks before my Chaos is done. It's like a kid days before Christmas
  4. I have heard good things about the ammo. I have been using their bullets for about a year and won't run anything else. Very solid product and a great company to work with.
  5. So just to be clear, one of the main reasons I got into reloading was the fact I got an Open gun. There are only two people that I know who sell 38 supercomp Major, and they always seem to be out. Plus with the gun setup and compensator, you really want to get a load that works the gun correctly. I was very happy running limited with about 500-600 rounds a month buying from a local reloader here.
  6. Dillon 650
  7. With factory ammo you should be ok. I agree with Jack and you may find that the load is way too high. I know that with my 2011, I need to feed it ammo that has been loaded to a longer overall length (O.A.L) than what is normal for a .40S&W. Before I started reloading, I was buying from a local reloader who would load it long. If I were you, I would look at that option. Either someone local who you can buy from, or someone like Atlanta Ammo, Freedom or any of the online guys. You will be getting a cleaner load in my opinion and may even fond some one who will custom a load for your gun. It will honestly depend on how much you are going to shoot. If it's one match a month, like I was when I started, then the difference in costs are minimal. If you plan on shooting as much as you can, you will find that ammo will be the most costly part of this. So saving anywhere from .5 to .30 cents a round will add up.
  8. I went with a DVC Open in 38 SC as my first open gun. It has run with no issues since day one. I have ordered a Atlas Chaos to use now and will keep the DVC as.a backup. I would agree with some of the other member and say that a 2011 platform is the way to go. The nice thing is that most everyone in open shoots it and you will always be able to find someone who can answer questions or may even have parts if something breaks, which it will. Its just like running a high performance sports car. Things wear and need replacing.
  9. Here is another thread that talks about the Para Limited gun.
  10. +1 on what Sarge said. I ran a Glock 35 in Limited for about a year. It was nice since I was shooting a 34 in production I could use the same belt setup to start. Added a mag well, mag extensions, and trigger parts. The fact I could shoot factory ammo helped with keeping costs down.
  11. If it's like Optic you will shoot either Thurs/Friday or Sat/Sun 10 stages each day.
  12. Welcome to the Forums. You should try a USPSA event as well.
  13. Look at used open guns or even something on gunbroker. You can find trubores around 2400 in 38sc. If you run a race holster you should be fine with the same rig for open, but you will have to add mags into that mix as well. Then Ammo. If you want to run 38sc I suggest you reload. You can get major ammo from atlanta arms and universal but they never seem to have it in stock. I was looking to get a used open gun at first, then my lgs had a DVC open and I haven't looked back since. I actually ordered an Atlas Chaos and can't wait to get that in my hands.
  14. I agree this would be your first step. To answer your questions. 1. You will be unclassified the moment you join USPSA and will remain so until you get the chance to shoot at least 4 classifiers in the same Division (Limited). A Classifier will be a stage that USPSA has designed and set specific guidelines. This way everyone who shoots it, shoots the same set up. Without getting to heavy into the details, you are measured with all the other shooters in USPSA. 2. Squadding- This all depends on how the club works. Our home club has us sign up and pre-squad online. Our group runs 12-13 shooters in each squad and for local matches we run 6 squads. 3. How many stages all depends on the club and the size. Some clubs around here have 5. Like I said we run 6 at our club and you only run through each stage once. Now we run 6 stages with one of them being a classifier. Our club has a new shooter class and they run classroom then two stages to get the feel of commands and how a stage run works. Most clubs are very welcoming to new shooters. Since we all were new once, the best advice I can give is listen to the Range Officer (RO) and other shooters, help paste targets, reset steel, be safe and go slow.
  15. Any mag that is tuned will run well. I use the MBX mags cause I don'y have to do any tuning and they don't lock back the slide. I have STI mags with Taran pads and internals that work just as well.