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  1. Talked with JP this week. I was told a 16 week build time. I opted for a 13 in their inventory. There is a build of a 15 right now that is open to buy. Ask for Dustin. It was out of my price range but sounded excellent.
  2. My Federal Primers are getting crushed or mangled in Winchester brass on a fairly regular basis. What gives?
  3. FitAid
  4. I removed it. I reloaded 45, 40, 9, 38SC and 223/5.56. On the 5.56 I had the super swage. Too much of a hassle with 5.56 and I don't reload it anymore.
  5. Yeah Flatland! We are getting more PCC shooters. Our club is still experiencing growing pains. The PCC are typically slower and the stage turnaround is longer. Having shot RM3G and SSMM3G I believe in big boy rules. Those matches are safe! However, we do the chamber flag at our club. As a RO and CRO I prefer chamber flag and muzzle up. I do not like the on deck PCC shooter going back to his car to get his equipment. They need to be ready just like everyone else. Twice I have bumped the on deck shooter since the PCC was dicking around. Oh, If JP every gets its phone system and web working correctly, I'll be ordering a PCC.
  6. I apologize up front for my ignorance. As a guy who actually enjoys standards. How does PractiScore running several shooters at a time without scoring the targets? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Note: I usually run 4-5 shooters per firing line at the same time. Record the time for each then move forward as a group.
  7. Short term: Take three cleansing breadths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Belly breadths.
  8. This is what happens after you get your first SV. The upper most one is a TS .22 Conversion unit on an SV frame. Next is my Limited gun Then my 3 Gun Finally my Single Stack. I sold my Open gun since I don't shoot Open.
  9. I was with some senior members of USPSA some years ago when the made the statement that a magnifier is not legal. I don't have my book handy but will check it later.
  10. Range Officer is a great base gun. Real Steel.
  11. Great gun for the price. Wilson cannot be compared to STI. STI is not even in the running compared to a Wilson.
  12. My extended firing pins work fine with Federal and Winchester. I had some issues with Wolf and CCI. Dumped them. Kodiak Precision did my trigger job so probably know it is light but goes boom when it is supposed to go boom.
  13. So my friend has one: What a F%$&@&&@ing JOKE of a gun. It has been back to STI several times. My Trojan sits in the safe. I'll keep just so I can say I have a 45 1911. :-) My friend is looking for a named builder to build him a new gun but the 12 month wait is hard to swallow.
  14. I talked with Sandy last week. SVI is swamped with pistol orders. Brandon is working 7 days a week building guns. You might heed the advice in an earlier post. Ping Roy Neal.