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  1. BHP is not a Production gun. I have two. One requires the insertion of the mag. Rio Salado ROs had no issue with that process.
  2. I guess you do not write very well. This could be true but I have written professionally from RFP, Proposals, State Statutes, Policy and Procedure Manuals, published articles, etc. I didn't make anything cryptic. It is plain English. Yep, I can be snarky. I don't deny that part. Drawing conclusions that are the exact opposite of what was written does inspire being snarky. So you avoid practicing things you know you will have to do in a match? There is nothing I have written that would support this conclusion. It is a non-sequitur. Why would you practice a classifier before a match? To improve your results? It can be inferred, that your results would be less than optimal if you did not practice the classifier? A reasonable conclusion could be if a small sample of shooters did the exact same procedure, then there would be inflation in the hit factors for that classifier. This is actually true since there are high hit factor issues within the classification system for USPSA. This means that for shooters who play the game straight, their ability to promote or advance within the classification has been decrease because of hit factor inflation. So if you want, identify each statement you want in plain English and I will endeavor to expand the statement(s) to make the point clearer.
  3. I guess you do not read or understand what you are reading very well. Gee Whiz; What does Practicing classifiers is not the issue per se. mean to you? Really! Where did this conclusion come from in the thread? So you avoid practicing things you know you will have to do in a match? That was never said much less implied.
  4. Mike Seeklander's book is excellent
  5. Maybe the area is safe from ammo IMHO - No area is 100% safe on a range
  6. Nationals is Tulsa required holding a can, at waist height I believe. Desert Classic had a baby. This list goes on and on. We have had local matches with both object in hand and a stomp pad. And YES people threw the object to activate the stomp pad. So no you are not missing anything.
  7. I would add "test every stage in the match prior to match day." 3 minute turnaround is a great rule of thumb but only by the thumb. 15 shooters at 3 minutes is 45 minutes of shooting plus 5 minutes for walking, plus stage briefing plus etc. YOu are now about 1 hour which seems like the norm. Some stages run a little longer some a little shorter but anything less than 4 minutes seems ideal.
  8. Aren't there other states that limit magazine capacity? MA? How do they handle it?
  9. How many penalties can be assessed for one shot???? 2, 3, 4, 5??? Seems unreasonable, like piling on the penalties. Yes, I know in Virginia you can have one for extra shot and one for extra hit. That is explicitly written into the rules. I am curious what the NROI instructors would say. I seem to remember my CRO instructor mentioning something like this situation.
  10. Around 60K for my Aftec.
  11. I have an 18 inch medium for our longer range matches with a Swaro 1.7-10x I have a 16 inch light for our shorter matches with a 1-6x on it.
  12. Yeppers. Finger in the trigger guard is a no-no. Local match would probably give you a pass. Higher matches with a bunch of different RO/CROs that would be a tough call for the RM especially since the rules are to be applied to all.
  13. Glad to hear about your experience with JP. I did not mention I have 1 of 10 of their 10 Anniversary RM3G rifles. My two 223 all print less than 1/2 MOA. My PCC does one hole at pistol distances. I get extreme accuracy and reliability in the same package.
  14. Yeppers!
  15. Just brought a JP PCC about a month ago. It is my second full JP. My third AR has JP everything but the upper and lower. Could not be happier with JP products! They were great. Sometimes it is hard getting them on the phone. Keep trying.