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  1. REF. NO DQ. How do you determine if it is intentional or not? Such a squirrelly judgement call on intention.
  2. I am in the desert southwest, so moisture is not a major problem like in the humid states. The heat does cause sweating but I have never had an issue with the skate tape. The micro pockets are nice, I know some people stone them down a little to make them a little less aggressive. Kind of pick your poison type situation.
  3. Sorry for my ignorance; I didn't thing a Lee Factory Crimp Die was a taper die. Can someone illuminate my darkness?
  4. I shot my first match with my new JP 13 on Saturday. What fun! I was out of town for most of the week and only had about 20 rounds down the pipe since I got it. The gun ran flawlessly!! I see what people are saying about the mag release, regardless I suspect with time I will become more proficient with my reloads. Gotta love 33 round Glock mags.
  5. Travis Tomasie has/had a great drill on YouTube about calling your shots. Two targets; one far, one next to you. BE once told me if you know where your sights were, when you broke the shot you'll know where you hit the target.
  6. Dave S, Bob V, Jessie D, Tori N all got world, national and regional championships with Glocks. Is that far enough? You're down under so you don't get to have Taran trick you Glock out. BTW: Taran made GM in a year with a Glock. I have sent three Glocks to Taran and they all came back significantly better than stock. I had a CZ that Angus' group worked on and I was not disappointed in the least. A great f@%&@ing platform. Sold it to the father of my godson so it would end up his some day. I regret that sale. But if you have the more money than sense Infinity is the only way to go. I have 5 of them including one dedicated for .22..
  7. I just did another reread of Lanny Bassham. He stated among the World and Olympic champions, he never heard them talk about a bad match. He went on to say talking about a bad match just re-enforces it and makes another bad match more likely. Learn your area(s) for development and proceed.
  8. 320 followed by 320 followed by 320. I hate to tinker.
  9. Safariland 014. It is adjustable for all my SV guns.
  10. Springs do wear out but they come with extra. After 10 years and a gallion rounds the Aftec failed but it gave me plenty of warning. I was too stupid to heed its call.
  11. MAC702, I agree. Those on the fringe/edge are not big enough fish to most lawyers. Federal was a big fish. Dillon makes it easy to load your own. I used a small commercial reloader for my 45 and 40. When I switch to 40 I gave him a FCD. He pitched a fit bring out articles on long guns and crimps. He did his testing and was satisfied I was not a complete idiot-partial but not complete. I actually gave him my powder and bullets to load. He dedicated a 1050 just for my ammo. I now own that 1050. Best investment I ever made, yes I did the cost benefit analysis and also determine my breakeven point. Regardless, there are a lot of people loading on less expensive Dillon and are very happy. Buy Blue
  12. Is the company Unique Tek? Pull the Dillon out. Unless you are measuring and weighing each piece of brass and using a trickle powder measure you are going to get variations. There are many other variables in the process to get all weird about variations. GmanBart and I disagree on chrono technique. I think we are both right. Since Area 2 and Nationals use the three shot method, I use many three shot strings and determine if I make my PF. Then I download all those string into an Excel spreadsheet and look at group of 7, then groups of 10. I can walk into Area 2 with a NM PF of 167 and hit 166-168 at A2. I use Zero bullets mostly because of Angus. I have had 200 gr Zero bullets weigh 198,199,200, and 200.1. Another variable. If you are hitting your power factor with my method, I would not care if there were variations. Other methods of just as valid. Click to enlarge image(s) For the Dillon Auto Powder Measure The UniqueTek Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ upgrades your existing powder bar to a micrometer powder bar. No more guessing how many turns of the adjustment screw will get you back to that perfect powder weight. Features • Precision 40tpi Micrometer Head • Durable All Steel Construction. • Fits All Powder Bar Sizes • Also fits SL 900 Powder Bar and Shot Bars! * * Minor modification required. Much more than just a dial or knob … the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ replaces the original 1/4-28 adjustment bolt with a true precision micrometer with 40 threads per inch. You will be able to return instantly to any powder weight setting with a speed and an accuracy never before possible. Of course, you still must weigh and confirm all powder weight setting changes. — Kit includes: Micrometer head, LocTite® and installation instructions.† † Powder bar not included.
  13. Nothing to be sorry about. It is just a case the laws of math v. reality. Computer foundations are math based. Smart designers understand the challenge. As we most programs, situations arise that were not addressed originally/earlier and require changes/enhancements. This is a fairly normal exercise.
  14. Unfortunately my good friend was the VV technical rep. At Rio Salado it seemed most folks used VV. I have had no reason to change from VV320 for 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45ACP. Consistent, easy to meter, burns clean, and soft. Most people bitch about the price which to me is laughable. But to each their own.