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  1. Its what Im worried about. I need to test it at 25y for the load to be usefull in 3gun. Thanks.
  2. Could it be the gun? This just came in sent via net. Im out of town now and my club mate got one round from my hundo batch. Found lying on the ground where I shot a day before. Not 100% sure its the same load but most probably it was as we two are the only ones shooting open 38sc in that range and most probably in the whole country. Besides mine is always clean and polished brass. Its the one on the right in the pic below. The 5 on the left he loaded HOTTER in 10.4 gr. Z7 with same heads, shells, crimp, COL. Only his brass are mighty dirtier than mine hahaha!. They were all shot in HIS open 2011 with kkm no holes barrel. There were primer flows in all but not much. The primer edges in all 6 are still very prominent vs mine which were scaringly flat in the previous pic. Im not holding my breath so much but if its the gun, whats in the gun that could spell such drastic differences in chamber pressures?
  3. 127gr coated .356" heads. Scheumann 4 popple holes barrel. It could very well be unsafe to shoot. But it did not feel harsher and with remarkably lesser dot flip to shoot, isnt that the holy grail open shooters are searching no end??
  4. Sorry if I appear to be so careless in my process but I take my reloading seriously and observe all neecssary safety precautions that I know of. Will check again COL to see if it changed with the crimp. Its not a compressed load. Ive used this exact recipe in 2014. I log all my reloading data since I started about 12yrs ago so I can have them as reference for safety's sake. Thanks again for your inputs. Made me think and review all my reloading process and habits. Pls keep them coming.
  5. I have not yet mic'd my crimp but I can say its much more than my normal crimp but not very much its gonna deform the bullets. Also I checked there were no keyholing in all the hits on paper. Ziira 7 is a brand used locally but not made in my place and I dont know what its branded in US and Europe. But Im sure its branded different there. Also Googled it but didnt find anything. Its very fine and a bit inconsistent to meter but not enough to cause excessive pressure and @ 10.2gr for for 170 major pf it can easily be compared to other powder brands in your place. Those pics showed only the pierced primers. All other primers were very much flattened with raised craters around the fpin indentations indicating all were overpressured. Ammo length is same as my previous loads, 1.235" in thousands of rounds. I think it does not touch rifling. The mystery began when I decided to use this powder again. In 2014 I decided to stop using it because I could not make my loads feed reliably in all my guns. Some rounds would not chamber completely. After lots of tests I stopped and returned to vv 3n37, my usual powder. Recently the cost of vv powder became a bit unbearable and a club member and I decided to give it a try again. Looked for my old recipe at 10.2 and loaded a hundo. Again there were ftf. But no overpressure signs. My friend whose crimp were more than mine had no ftf. But he is loading minor at 9 grn. I copied his crimp but before doing so, checked my powder settings and found it throwing 9.6! I was very surprised and baffled. I adjusted it to 10.2 then went for a day-break. When I returned, checked it and found its at 9.9! I initially thought my digital scale was the culprit so I unboxed my old beam scale and another new digital scale to be very sure. All were giving the same readings. Readjusted again and went to load a hundo again. In the course of reloading I spot checked my powder loads and some were throwing 10.3 so I adjusted it a few more times during the 100 I loaded. I used the 3 scales simultaneously for every weight checking, readjusted, repeat, and took me more than an hour to do the hundred ammo! I even disassembled and cleaned the powder mechanism in the mid course to check for the inconsistencies. But I was confident a .1 or .2 grn more would be safe. Still I adjusted a number of times midcourse to 10.2 just to be very sure. Testfired and serious overpressure signs appeared in all 100 rounds with pierced primers in 6. In the middle of the session I chroned a few rounds and showed 170 pf, same with those I loaded in 2014. So I thought the additional crimp did not affect much the load pressure-wise. I intend to reduce the load to 10grns and chrono again. But will load some beforehand in 10.2 and test them in my other 2011s to be sure its not the gun. Im as very much concerned to know the cause as solving it. By the way, the misfeeds were cured by the additional crimp. All 100 fed and ejected without any hiccup. Thanks for the inputs. Will recheck everything based on these.
  6. Its 38sc. Pf 170 in my 2011. 125 head, winch spp, 10.2gr ziira 7 powder. These are my usual load data but for no apparent reason exhibited this signs of primer flow and piercing clearly due to excessive pressures. The only thing i changed in the reloading bench was increase considerably the crimp for feeding reliability issues. But Chronoed again and have same 170pf as previous same loads. In 100 rnds had 6 primers pierced and 4x my big stick mag fell while being shot. What have i missed?
  7. To be more specific, are 7/8 oz lead shot loads usefull in 3g?
  8. My gun is Win SX3 gas semi and runs on 7/8 #6 leadshots at 1,140 fps. Very soft shooting but i need to test further if it could reliably fell all SG targets in 3g at reasonable distances say 25y and under. I intend to try 7/8 #7-1/2 at same or a bit faster velocity w/c they say to be softer than my soft #6. But it must also be reliable in felling 3g targets. My criteria in equal order of importance are reliability, pattern/power, min. recoil. And Paladin, I like your idea of choking up or down instead of changing loads.
  9. Ours are similar
  10. My very limited knowledge, options and time make me ask this to shorten my learning process in this new game of mine. Im also into reloading shotshells and the softest load I got so far thats reliable in my shotgun is 7/8 oz of #6 leadshot at about 1,140 fps. Im gonna try 7.1/2 next if I find a source. Wondering whats the favorite among experienced 3 gunners here? eta. I know most dont reload shotshells so factory loads are qualified. Just want to have an idea whats preferred.
  11. Thanks. Speaking of chrono, I just did this afternoon and here are the results: 1. Armscor 1.1/8 oz birdshot no. 7. Ave vel. 1,183fps 2. Reload 1 oz birdshot no. 6, 18 grn n318. Ave. vel 1,044fps 3. Reload 7/8 oz birdshot no. 6, 19grn n318. Ave. vel 1,124 fps. Im leaning on 3. though it has higher vel. than 2. felt recoil is lighter than 1. and 2. And its still reliable in my SX3. Tested its kd power and at 25y and beyond I need to use Mod choke to reliably fell steel plates. Is this expected? Or maybe its more of a marksmanship problem at speed?
  12. Yes use it more often. Its not a problem. Sticky or not.
  13. How do you manage yourself in the match when you know you lack sleep or didnt sleep at all the night before? Assuming you are serious in your match performance.
  14. Okay I went ahead with the media spacers and russo primers. Found the russo to be the same size as winchesters, are both loose in the primer pockets that when loaded into the gun they fell off inside the mag tube in recoil. What I did was put a speck of instant glue in the pocket before the new primer is pushed in the reloader. It added a bit more time to the already slow process. Tested them and everything went ok including the media spacers, w/c gave a beautiful flat and even crimp. Also, With this quite anemic load it surprises me it fed 100% reliable in my sx3 coz Ive been reading in shotgun section here how game guns are finicky with target/light loads. And I know by feel of its recoil this is way below target loads. Guess Im just lucky with my SX3. Agsin thanks for the inputs guys.
  15. Thanks everyone for the inputs. Im climbing bit by bit out of the pit I dug myself into. Bill drills from varying distances help a lot in letting my subconscious reprogram itself.