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  1. Is 5.56 brass interchangeable with .223?
  2. I like the idea of doing the prepping and loading by batch separately. Thats a handy way of breaking down a complicated chore. By d way I read somewhere here some are using rifle primers on .38 super major and magnum loads. But pistol primer on .223 loads is not possible for safety sake, right? I know its dumb to ask this but just want to be sure.
  3. Thank you! Just what I was looking for! The processing stages. I have saved lots of .223 shells in my previous shootings and others' who are not into reloading so brass prep is where Im a bit concerned about. That primer swaging tool, is it bought separately? So my intended tools are good to go? I forgot to mention my locality is not in US so most supplies are restricted. But I can have options a bit more than the minimum I will need.
  4. Hi guys, Trying to wet my feet on this new endeavor. I plan or say intend to reload .223 (only) for my personal consumption in 3g games. The way I see it as of today It wont be high volume unlike pistol ammo. My reloadin experience is exclusively on pistol cals. in my old 550b. with .38, 357, .40, 9, .38sup. I have a Lee single stage that I used soley for push-thru resizing my .40 shells years ago and now sitting idly on the bench. My idea is to make my set up as simple as can be as this is my very first time in reloading a rifle cartridge. This is more of learning than anything else So I intend to get Dillon dies for resizing, decapping, etc. For case trimming, Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer. I will set up the dies in 550b and the trimmer in the single stage press. If a separate tool head is needed in the 550 for other stages of reloading it will be ok with me. The Lee trimmer looks very attractive to me in price and function as there are very few parts to set up or worry about. My key word for now is simplicity in set up and function so I can focus more on the technical requirements. I dont want to frustrate myself this early that I might give up. My sole source of this idea is the 'net so I take it with lots of grains of salts. Will this work as my starter set up?
  5. Could be as simple as your hand touching or interfering the slide inadvertently. Had those jams sprung up on me lately in my 2011s. Thought it was the gun. Changed to another gun and experienced the same problem. I could swear it was not my hand coz my grip was pretty tested and solid for a long time. But a hundred rounds of high speed shooting on close targets revealed it was my shooting thumb intermittently and very lightly pressing on the slide.
  6. I havent tried this feature on my ced7000 but read the manual that it has. Maybe you can google its manual of instructions if you dont have the hard copy.
  7. Finished my very first real 3 gun match with the Predator. It performed flawlessly.
  8. Just finished 6 stages 3gun and 5 stages shotgun matches. My SX3 ran without any hiccup. Now, lots of things that need to learn and practice... its now a software issue.
  9. To update and somewhat put closure to this thread. After almost a year of waiting, no 1301 arrived. Got SX3 and moved on. Having a blast with it. Light and nimble to handle. Except for one issue on reliability which I think been resolved to date, everything is going great. Everything discussed here applied to the sx3. Installed arredondo speed chute, taccom +9 tube extn, taccom load assist, easyhit reddot, matchsaverz. Now learning and enjoying the gun for 3g. Thanks everyone.
  10. Update. Shot over a hundred factory 223 rounds in my Sig m400 Predator. So far met my minimum requirements: reliable and accurate. Added bonus, clean light trigger at 3# range. All out of the box. Extremely pleased. Put Aimpoint micro and Supercomp brake. Thats all and I can focus on learning 3gun shooting skills.
  11. Thanks Tony. Thats another thing added to my to-do list. Great forum. Great members-posters-shooters!
  12. Thanks guys. Bit off topic but related. How accurate are slugs in terms of groupings from 25 - 50y or so? Is it capable of 100y accuracy? Birdshots are only within 30-40y, so I expect the same for slugs. At least to my limited knowledge.
  13. Yeah Im using dot sight and patterned my birdshot on it. Im curious as to some claims here that zero on slugs = zero on birdshot w/c in my observations is off. Wondering if Im wrong or what.
  14. Ive read here that they zero their guns in slug and say the birdshot pattern hits same poi. How come?
  15. Think you described it more accurately than I did. The bolt wont move a bit forward or aft and it happens when gun is hot. After cooling down about a few seconds later I could move the bolt and clear the jam and shoot again as if nothing happened. I stripped the bolt more than a few times to look for binding mark(s). Saw nothing unusual. My latest and last remedy was lube the bolt, carrier and locking notch in the barrel extension more than my usual minimalist way. I also change my lube into one that stays in place even when hot and lots of mechanical movements. (My previous one, a synthetic auto engine oil, wont do that much as I noticed when cleaning my guns) Seemed to solve the problem. Shot the sx3 for more than a hundred in practice and local 3gn match without any issues so far. Hope its really all ok now as Im gearing for my first real 3gn match next week. Thanks everyone! Will keep you updated.