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Have you heard the rumor yet?

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So when are the press releases going to be well... released to the press?

I looked on the website already, and there ain't anything there yet.

Oh, hey, I know where I could look.

Nope, sorry, no news there either.





I have been speculating. I think I have a good idea of which one it is.

I think I have a really good handle on which one it is NOT.

If it does turn out to be the one I think it is NOT, then I'll be like this guy:


I don't think it has any thing to do with the Supremes possibly ruling on Tuesday, but I do have to wonder if that could affect it later on.

Hmmn... this one really has me stumped.

What say you?

EZ Bagger wrote:

No, it was already started, he's just making sure everyone knows about it.

Was it discussed about in a thread already?

You got a link to it?

I mean I don't want to do a jib/jab... Murray kinda thing going on with my duplicate thread.

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Yeah, have you heard the rumor yet?

What rumor it is exactly I don't know.... we might end up moving this to the humor forum before it's all over.

Who the heck told YOU about it????


I was told (by a highly regarded source) to keep quiet about it for at least a little longer. :devil:

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