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  1. I sent my 650 back for a refurb with a check...got it back with a bunch of upgraded/new parts along with my check. The note said something like...Warranty Work...No charge. They even paid for the shipping back. I felt guilty so I got on their website and ordered a bunch of other stuff. Dillon rocks.
  2. Notice I started this thread 7 years ago. Def take the sights off.
  3. Nice...what about my buddy's open gun that he has been waiting for forever??
  4. Since when does Phoenix Trinity make finished guns?
  5. FWIW...I have a buddy who paid for an open gun well over a year ago (I think it's close to two years)...he still has not received the gun. He contacted PT several times. Last I heard he asked for his money back. I worked on another PT gun that had the whole corner of the feed ramp buzzed off. It left a gap between the frame and the feed ramp. The gun was a special order with the owner's name engraved, etc, etc. I was working on the gun because it would not feed .40sw ammo. I checked the chamber with a go/no-go gage and found the chamber was short. Additionally, when I ran my finish reamer into it the first time, I found the bottom of the chamber was not straight and parallel. The only thing I can figure on that was that a dull finish reamer was used. D
  6. Yeah, mystery solved. Let us know what the smith says when you confront him on it. ....Like I said, I would be concerned/wonder about the tip of the disconnector getting beat up running across that hole all the time.
  7. ...and I'd be concerned about the disconnector getting hung up on that hole.
  8. Does the gun have a bomar type rear sight? Take the firing pin out and see if you see the bottom of the screw that holds down the rear sight blade. If you do...the hole is a mistake...the guy drilling the hole for the sight went too far. ...actually, you would just see the hole continuing and see the end of the screw.
  9. If it was to fix a crack...that is one weird crack. Never seen a crack run horizontally on the side and never seen one start in the middle. Usually they start on the edge.
  10. I've fitted many AFTECs over the years with very little problems. However, I recently had a .45 AFTEC that I could not get tension on. Called Derek. He said to bend the AFTEC a little. He TXT'ed me these pictures below. It only required one or two light hits.
  11. Don't put words in my mouth. I said I don't care about the out of towners. I NEVER said I didn't care about the sport. I am a Life member and Master in two divisions. I definitely care about the sport......but think about this, what does it matter if I don't have a match to shoot at? If I don't have a match to shoot, who cares what the rules are. If there isn't a match to shoot, isn't the whole issue a moot point? Damn right it is.
  12. So if I understand this correctly, All the out of town do-gooders would like us to dissolve our USPSA affiliation and tell 50+ USPSA shooters every month to go take a hike or play IDPA or some other lame shooting sport, just because the people that run our gun range won't allow non-members to shoot more than 3 times? I'm sorry..but I don't give a flying eff about the out of towners. I care about the 50+ local shooters that, despite the stupid gun range rules, decided to ban together and form a USPSA club. I care about the dedicated people like Jeff, Bruce, Gene, Joel, and many others that have kept our USPSA match going for so many years despite it being a thankless job. What matters is that we HAVE a match. The cowboy shooters don't like us and would like us gone. The rifle guys don't like us and would like us gone. The old farts that use the range as a place to hang out would like us gone. And on a bigger front, the neighbors that live adjacent to the club are constantly trying to shut us down. The anti-gunners trying to shut us down. And idiots that show up and vandalize things that get blammed on us are threatening to shut us down. And now our OWN USPSA brothers are saying we need to be shut down. If we get shut down...if we lose our USPSA affiliation, I'm blaming it directly on people like Sarge and MarkCo. And I hope you sleep better at night knowing that you screwed fellow USPSA shooters.
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