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  1. I use them in my .38spl loads, I have found with the small powder charges and large case capacity they give me much more uniform velocities. I am not talking about +P loads either, just standard pressure practice ammo.
  2. Stones, when I was a boy we couldn't afford stones, if we wanted to get stoned we had to grow our own.......... stones......
  3. Good stuff! Brian, you misspelled Knob! Now if I can start catching my own errors as easily.
  4. gunsablazin

    What is it?

    Zen is for people who don't understand Taoism.
  5. I need to get some pics, I own 5 1911's that meet all criteria, and I have NEVER competed with a double stack anything or one of those plastic abominatitions!
  6. I have a Lyman turbo tumbler that has worked for many years, when it does die I can safely say I got my moneys worth out of it. I will replace it at that time with a Dillon, you can't beat their service.
  7. gunsablazin

    Which one?

    Knockers FMJ or Hollow points hollow points Umbrella or poncho
  8. Does any body out there remember a shooter named David Manning? He shot at Second Chance in the late 80's. When I first started shooting matches in 86 I shot with him some and was always amazed at his ability. On top of being a fine shooter he was a character like no other. Robin
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