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  1. This! My first major match, many moons ago, was A8 and I wound up being squadded with this gawky kid named JJ, who no one knew at the time. I listened to his cadences and tried to emulate the timing. Needless to say, I failed miserably.
  2. Gave it a try last week and it worked great (after the comp end of the barrel spending a night in a Hoppes bottle). Only thing is my comp is nice and glossy and my slide, not so much. Regardless, I'll take it.
  3. Great, thanks! Sounds as though my open gun will be getting the same treatment as my AR15 BCG's. A brush and hour long soak in Hoppes, followed by some hot, tiny bubbles.
  4. Anyone put PVD coated parts in their cleaner? My Open gun is ionbond coated and I'd like to throw my barrel in my US cleaner. I hate cleaning comps.
  5. Got that t-shirt in my first 3 Gun match. Launched three rounds through a wall before someone pointed out what I was doing.
  6. Thanks to all for the clarification. Safety is always a good thing, so I'll stop cursing at every snow fence wall I encounter. Throws off my transitions anyway.
  7. Having taken 2009 through 2018 (and most of 2019 / all of 2020) off from the sport (and paying zero attention to it), it's been interesting to see what's changed and what hasn't, both in the sport itself and equipment race. One of the most significant I've hit on is how stages are designed and constructed. Specifically, with few exceptions, walls appear to be universally built with snow fencing, instead of plywood or another opaque material. They've become simple boundaries, with the vision barrier component removed, which creates a different dynamic when shooting a stage. I've also noticed there's a lot more backing up and such that we previously avoided like the plague. I'm guessing that bit was added to spice up stages, now that you could see targets at a position long before you reached the appropriate port? TLDR - Was there a conscious decision to make all the walls out of snow fencing?
  8. Back in the day, all we had was corncob and we liked it! (old man voice activated) As noted, one errant piece of cob dropping out of a primer pocket would clog the feeder tube. Now that I'm reloading again, I remain good with corncob for a few reasons. To me, tumbling time is free; start the machine and go about my business. So an improvement there isn't meaningful. Brass comes out nice and clean, using corncob and some polish, like Brasso or whatever else I happen to have on hand. Checking each case for cob in the flash hole seems like it consume less time than depriming everything up front. Since I'm doing this casually this time around, dropping money on a new process that doesn't resolve a current issue or make me more attractive to the opposite sex isn't worth it. Has anyone benchmarked time involved with each of these two activities?
  9. $1,134 to replace the slide on my Pro Sx a year and a half ago (including a mild warranty discount)
  10. I've had two squibs over the years and both made just enough of a 'pfft' to get my attention and investigate further. Some make more noise and others not so much, so YMMV. Your being new, I'd suggest you take the time to slow down and see what pops out of the gun when you clear it. Complete cartridge, no biggie. Empty case, danger Will Robinson. If this is occurring more than once every 2-3k rounds (picking an arbitrary number), I suggest spending some time on identifying the root cause versus how to clear.
  11. If you have a cover letter, you have a control number; it's in the subject line of the email with your cover letter. You did your part. If it were me, I'd give it until 30 days, then email the expert and check in. I'm actually surprised the experts didn't respond. They've always gotten back to me within 24 hours. Things are bonkers now, plus WV probably got a ton of snow, so I'd give them a few days to respond. Assuming you re-downloaded the cover letter to ensure it wasn't a computer glitch on your end.
  12. Mine has two in the front at 11 and 1 o'clock and two at 9 o'clock. The ones at 9 are for my top off mag and LAMR. I prefer having the mag pouches vs throwing mags in my pockets, plus I had extras, after switching mag pouch brands. I also have a magnet on a belt clip at 10 o'clock, as a trial. None of the matches I've shot here have had table starts, at this point.
  13. L10 was created back in 1994, when manufacturing hi cap mags became prohibited. Many folks had existing Limited guns, with hi cap mags, but those just getting into Limited were handicapped with their 10 rounders. L10 was the fix for that. Interestingly, the law allowed you to repair existing hi caps mags and I heard some rather sad stories of those shooters who'd run over theirs with a lawnmower (90's version of a boating accident) and would have to buy all new components. Such tragedy...
  14. After a decade long hiatus, I bought a used Brazos Pro Sx to being shooting again, and it came with whatever Bob puts on his guns. At first, I wondered what sort of pansy needed this goofy add on. Didn't have those crutches in my day; we shot our Open guns like real men (said in a grumpy old man voice). With a half a season under my belt, I think I like it, but can't say it's made a significant improvement to stability, etc.
  15. Covid prevented me from competing last year, so I spent most of my time playing with / building AR's and Form 1 suppressors. Suppressed AR's get super dirty, super quick, so I bought an ultrasonic unit to clean BCG's. A bit of a traditional solvent splash (Hoppes) and a toothbrush, followed by a 15 minute buzz works well and saves me a ton of time. Also nice for cleaning suppressor baffles. TBH, I never even considered using the ultrasonic on my handguns, except perhaps for an annual or semiannual full cleanse, when I completely disassemble the gun. A good cleaning will strip any lubricant you've carefully placed on the fire control group and would need to be replenished, which is tough without taking the gun apart. The other exception would be an Open gun barrel...I hate cleaning gobs of powder fouling out of comps.
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