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  1. Bullets only...no powder, primers, or cases.
  2. The used Pro Sx I recently purchased had a Brazos thumb rest installed on it and my initial reaction was 'what is this newfangled device?' and 'it feels a bit like cheating'. In my day.... Anyway, the more I shoot this gun, the more I'm adapting to and appreciating the device. It feels like it makes for a more stable shooting platform and perhaps helps limit muzzle rise a bit. Wouldn't have gotten one on my own, but am happy that it's on the gun.
  3. What's the consensus on the most economical way to ship bullets, these days? When I did it, the USPS had just amended their 'if it fits, it ships' to include a weight limit, so looking for suggestions. Thanks
  4. To close the loop on my post, I shot my (second) first match yesterday. In some ways, it felt as though I'd never left the sport, so it was easy to drop back into the typical squad banter and comradery. Because of my lack of practice, my shooting improved throughout the course of the day (thankfully). My ability to make a plan, then not have it vanish on the beep, will require some work. There were was one awesome stage, a bunch of 'meh' ones, and a few I'd rather not talk about. My performance met my expectations, because I had none. Maintaining my commitment to be more casual, this time, may be under jeopardy, since I've already signed up for matches for the next two weekends.
  5. Why does anyone come to Kansas? Work or family. My reason was the former; company made me a nice offer and I thought 'eh, how backward could it be? The country's mostly homogenized at this point.' Wrong.
  6. Oh, I have no intention of attempting to go full bore on my second, first match. My goal is to remain safe, have fun, and don't do anything supremely dumb.
  7. After over a decade away from the sport, and actually shooting a gun half a dozen times in that decade, I'm shooting a match this coming weekend. Saturday was the first time I've shot at an IPSC target in a decade. Even that was a bit unstructured, because I went with a colleague and his wife to their club. Couldn't exactly tell them to bugger off while I did drills all afternoon. Since my acquisition of a new to me Pro Sx, I've been building my dry fire routine back up and I noticed, to my surprise, there are a few skills that came back quite quickly. I guess the decade I spent in the sport developed some solid muscle memory. What dry firing couldn't (re) condition me for was the proper trigger feel for follow up shots. How far to allow the trigger finger to come forward after the shot breaks. So, I wound up slapping the trigger and my first few strings consisted of one alpha, then C's and D's. After reminding myself to only shoot as fast as I could see, my hit improved dramatically, without much loss in speed. The other little thing I noticed is that even though I promised myself my return would be a casual one, I found myself saying 'what do you mean there's only one match per month to shoot here?'
  8. Returning to competition, after ten years away, has been enjoyable (although I still haven't shot my second first match). While I sold all my guns, I held onto my Open rig (belt, mag pouches, holster, etc.) and found myself in a bit of a conundrum; but a good kind. I'm now 50 pounds lighter than I was when I hung it up, in 2008. As a result, the location of everything on my belt is a bit out of kilter. Left in place, my main mag pouches are practically in a great position for backups. So, I've had to rethink where I want everything to be on my belt and do lots of dry fire testing. I feel like my front pouches are too crowded, but overall, I'm liking the challenge because of its origin. Cheers
  9. I've always favored red tinted lenses for Open. It seems to mute the background a bit and highlights the dot. Good, bad, who knows... Just a personal preference.
  10. There's a USPSA group west of RVA, that started up 2013'ish. Still a bit of a haul, but should be well under 2 hours each way.
  11. Label maker always worked fine for me on mags. Vertical on the spine stayed in place the whole time I was shooting Open (first go around).
  12. My burnout came after spending pretty much every day, between April and October, doing something IPSC related and not having an M on my classification card. Walked away after the 2008 season, sold most of my gear, and never missed it. None of the social / leisure activities I've since been involved in are available, since I relocated to Kansas, so I decided to start competing again. I think I'll escape burnout, this time around, because I'm competing as something to do as opposed to it being a passion. Sometimes, apathy can be a useful sentiment.
  13. Nice to know I'm not missing anything, Rigger. I was genuinely interested to learn what I'd missed in the last decade. Happy I won't have to yell at someone to get off my lawn.
  14. When I stopped shooting / reloading a decade ago, wet tumbling wasn't around. I used a tumbler with corn cob media and some polish to clean the cases before reloading them. In order to remove the case lube, after loading, I had a second tumbler with media that I'd dump a couple of teaspoons of mineral spirits into; tumble for 15 minutes and you're good to go. That process worked great and I'm using the same setup, now that I'm shooting / reloading again. Forgive me if I'm beginning to sound like an old, set in my ways, codger, but wet tumbling sounds like a lot of effort to fix a problem I didn't know I had. Can someone enlighten me, please?
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