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Name these planes

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Living near the Air Force Academy means lots of neat planes fly over. The big jet was for a funeral this week i think, the other two sets were practicing flyovers for tomorrows football game I think. So what are they?

If any of you photographers want to give me some tips on how I can get better photos, or post process these better I'd like that as I'm not very happy with the results. These were shot with a Nikon D80 and a 18-200mm Nikkor lens.




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F-20's have a single large tail pipe where T-38's have two nozzles. Very similar and hard to tell apart from this angle but I'm pretty sure these are 38's. My dad was a 38 IP for a number of years so I'm pretty familiar w/ them from all the photos etc. around the house.

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Hi there,

The first one is the C-17 Globemaster III. That puppy has been paying for my shooting the last 7 years


The second is the T-38


(How do you know if it is a F-20? If it is flying, it is NOT an F-20. There is only one left and it is in a museum)

I still think the T-38 is one of the slickest looking a/c around...

The third is T-6A JPATS Texan II / Harvard II. That aircraft is the new primary trainer for the Air Firce and Navy. It is a Beechcraft/Raytheon build of an aircraft based on the Pilatus PC-9 airframe.



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Northrop T38 Talon: it's a twin-seater supersonic advanced trainer, which later on gave birth to F5 Freedom Fighter.

F20 Tigershark was a late attempt to enhance the F5 to compete for a single-engine, low cost fighter whose destiny has been doomed by the enormous success of F-16.

Not sure about the last ones, turboprop trainers, but it looks like it could be a derivative of the Swiss Pilatus PC9, the one that won the JPATS bid for a basic-advanced trainer for USAF. I could be wrong on the Pilatus model, not sure if it was PC9, PC11 or any newer model.

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when did the B2 go over..

The B2 flew over the academy a little after 11, he was circling town for a bit before that. There were also a couple Chinooks and a couple Hueys flying around too. I'm thinking the Academy must be having formations/marching going on.

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If it is on a Saturday, it's for the home football games.

Expect that the fly-bys will dwindle down to nothing for the spring semester, since there's no football.

Parades? Yeah, maybe every now and then there will be fly-bys at the parades.

The fly-bys will pick back up again come Dead Week in May and then culminate with the Thunderbirds doing a demo at graduation which is always the first Wednesday after Memorial Day.

Every now and then there will be random fly-bys as kind of a morale booster there, but they are random and unannounced.

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So why today (monday) would there be a B2, two hueys, two chinooks in the morning. Then a C5 at 4pm?

With a C-5 having < 50% mission availability, it was probably "on time" <_<

An Air Force maintainer once told me that if there six C5s at an airbase, and four of them were on jacks, that meant that there were only four sets of jacks.

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It was Commandant's Challenge weekend at the Zoo. That's why they had so many fly-bys.

What exactly Commandant's Challenge weekend includes, I have no idea.

Supposedly, they were going to get some V-22 Osprey's in there but supposedly one went up in flames recently so they grounded the whole fleet until the investigation is completed.

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