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  1. Scout, I was just joking about the ethylist thing ... ... the standard slogan you will choose will be fine for me, I don't have a preference for one over the other. Concerning the shipping, well it all depends on how long will it take for the polo tov be produced and if you will happen to meet someone going to the world shoot in Bali. My teammate Silvia Bussi will be officiating that match, and if you can have the shirt delivered to her, she'll bring it back for me in Italy.
  2. Scout, I'd gladly order a polo with my real name, but will you be accepting overseas orders? What kind of payment form? BTW, 1911 ethylist will work better for me ...
  3. I had to take piccies right when it was completed and still unused ... now it looks quite different ...
  4. You will understand it in a few years ... when you'll have kids ... there's no place (and I mean NO PLACE) in your house a child won't have access ... BTW they're not movies, they're computer games.
  5. Oh well, after a lot of work, I've been able to upgrade my reloading room to the following: It's basically a vaulted room carved out in the basement, where I've placed my reloading room and home laboratory, as well as PC station.
  6. Thanks Jay, does the following help? Singlestack_2006.pdf Singlestack_2007.pdf Note, last year I didn't finish the match, 3 stages left but I had to leave the range ... And, BTW, I shot the same singlestack gun in Standard division (Limited, for you USPSA guys) in 1998 and 1999 ... OTOH, I fall short of requirement #3, since I've been swinging my primary Lightsaber (SVI .40" caliber) in Standard division, not Production.
  7. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away ...
  8. John, I'm speechless ... I cannot even imagine the nightmare you shall be living right now ... Stay strong ... have your family with you, supporting each other ... you'll be in my prayers.
  9. Rocket, nice blaster, really, but I loved your previous avatar ... Oh, and, BTW, nice hole ...
  10. I can swear I subscribed the very first day BE came out with this thread, but since then I didn't receive any such mail ... Just to be sure, I signed again today.
  11. I just ran into the same problem. I have posted a thread in the "Recommended Resources" forum, where I regularly update the shooting ranges databases for N. and S. America, and Europe. I am no longer able to edit the original post to add new ranges, or deleting old attachments as well; all I can do is to add a new post with new files, but can't delete old ones.
  12. Erik, looks like you're borrowing ideas from my last posted setup... Or, maybe great minds think alike? Now you only need to learn how to match colors (e.g.lamp and old press, stereo and new press...)
  13. I've been looking for something similar here in Italy, but to no avail. Anybody wishing to post a link to a good on-line source for this kind of knobs (possibly giving me a hint on what's the Dillon bolt type and #, since I only know metric ones)? Thanks!
  14. I'm using the 650 for loading .40" for competition purposes, the pro-1000 is for loading .45", 9x21mm, .357" M for recreational use.
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